ShopCrackBerry Update: BlackBerry Z10 Cradle, Charging Bundle, and Q10 accessories galore!

BlackBerry Q10 Accessories
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Apr 2013 11:31 am EDT

With the BlackBerry Q10 set to hit Canada tomorrow, I caught up with our ShopCrackBerry E-Commerce Team this morning to check that all systems are a go and to get an update on how things are coming along on the accessories front with the Z10 (I know a bunch of you are waiting on your Z10 Charging Bundles to ship!).

BlackBerry Q10 Cases and Accessories

Turns out eager soon to be BlackBerry Q10 owners are not waiting for their phones before purchasing their accessories. We're already bringing into stock BlackBerry Q10 cases and accessories (other items already up for pre-order) and they're moving fast. 

If you're in Canada and getting your Q10 this week, be sure to check out the selection in our Canada store. Order now!

BlackBerry Q10 Cases and Accessories (Canada store)
BlackBerry Q10 Cases and Accessories (USA / Global)

Mobi Products Z10 Charging Cradle Back in Stock


BlackBerry Z10 Charging Cradle

While we still wait for BlackBerry to officially release their OEM Desktop Charging Stand, the Mobi Products Charging Cradle has been really popular with Z10 owners.

This one was out of stock, but we just got in a fresh supply. If you want it, you can grab it now for $22.95.

Check out the Mobi Products Z10 Charging Cradle

Back Ordered Z10 Charging Bundles will Ship Next Week!

It was a year ago that we ran into some delays on getting the first shipment of the uber-popular BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook out the door. Heck, the waiting was so bad I made the trip to down to our main e-commerce facility so I could lend a hand in getting them out the door (see video above - it's awesome).

I thanked everybody for their patience then, and I'm thanking everybody again for their patience now when as it pertains to the Charging Bundle for the BlackBerry Z10. Demand on this one has been SUPER HIGH to the point where it caught everybody by surprise. The good news is that more bundles have been produced and we finally have confirmation on our big backorder coming through. As soon as they arrive next week they'll ship out the door (filled in order - those have been waiting the longest will get their bundle shipped first). Going ahead supply on this one should be much more steady, so any waiting should be minimal. It's a hot accessory and demand is a good problem to have, but I know waiting for anything sucks. Again, I think you for your patience.

And if you don't know what the Z10 Charging Bundle is about, you can check it out in the video below. It's a must-have!

For All your BlackBerry Accessory Needs

Thanks for all the support over the years! With over 2 million orders shipped to date, we're experts at e-commerce when it comes to getting cases and accessories for your mobile device. Occasionally we run into the odd hiccup (like the supply issue with the Z10 Charging Bundles), but our teams will always do their best and stay on top of it until we have it addressed! Thanks again for the patience - be sure to spread the ShopCrackBerry word!

For all your BlackBerry Accessory needs, visit!

Reader comments

ShopCrackBerry Update: BlackBerry Z10 Cradle, Charging Bundle, and Q10 accessories galore!


Hey Kev,
By any chance are you going to carry the BlackBerry USB 850mA Power Plug for Z10? I order the 750mA (white) last month, and to this very day I still get the message that says: "To charge your device faster, use the charger that came with this device. (ACK)"

So otterbox decides to make a commuter case for the Q10 and not the Z10, wtf man!

I gotta get myself a q10

How long has everyone been waiting for the Z10 bundle? I'm just over a month now just wondering when I can be expecting mine.

+1 Is ShopCrackBerry already talked pre-orders for the OEM charger? I didn't see it anywhere

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Not available for pre-order yet. Still waiting on BB.. it's all tied to a software update that enables landscape to work upon docking...

That makes me a saaaaad panda. I'm surprised this isn't going to be addressed in 10.1. I hope it isn't too many versions later before they sort it out.

I would buy the Mobi products one, but it just looks cheap. Oh well, I guess my Z10 case and battery charging bundle setup will have to work for a little while longer.

Ah okay, thanks for the reply. I'd take it without the landscape feature implemented but that's just me. Plus, the bedside mode display converts to landscape, but oh well.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

I've had my charging pack for the Z10 and I just wanted to let you guys know at work it slipped out of my sweater from about 20 feet in the air. The door, pack and battery flew apart from each other. I looked down in horror!! Anyway luckily the door snapped back into place and the battery pack works flawlessly!! Pack just suffered a very unnoticeable nick in one corner. Another well built (tough) product built by blackberry! Best accessory yet not only for functionality but also for its durability.

Posted via CB10

I'm ordering the Z10 Charging Bundle And the Battery Door for the White Z10 as soon as they come available. I've been waiting ever since the Verizon Launch.

Posted via my White Z10

Verizon has the door covers in stock, albeit with their 'pleasant' carrier branding to remind you of where you got it from. Lol but I'm assuming you're trying to avoid that.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

While shopping for a Z10 case, I couldn't find any written reviews, just star ratings. I thought maybe people were being lazy, so I submitted a written review last week. It hasn't shown up. I assume I am not the only one who doesn't see written reviews?

Couldn't see any written reviews either, I just figured everybody loved their cases, lol

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

I have had my Z10 charging bundle for a while now and it has totally came in handy when I needed to charge up my battery and no where near a power source. Thank you CrackBerry. Now today, I just ordered a bunch of QTEN accessories for my yet to purchase Q10 baby. But I am going to be prepared for when Telus has the white Q come available

Anyone know why other box isn't making a commuter for the z 10 but they are for the z10.

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

Fortunately I can speak autocorrect.

No idea why, but Otterbox has confirmed they didn't intend to make the Commuter for the Z10, despite making it for the Q10.

If you want it, instead of complaining here, I would urge you both to tweet and to email Otterbox and tell them you want a Commuter on your Z10.

This is how you CB10, son!

I'm an Otterbox Commuter fan too, so was disappointed to hear Otterbox wouldn't produce the Commuter for the Z. Good alternatives to the OB Commuter are the Ballistic SG and i-Blason Armadillo. I have and like both.

I have two from a ways back and ordered a couple more during the sale. Can't wait to get them! It's a great design.

Posted via CB10

I had placed my order back on March 6th and due to the authorization being so old, my order was cancelled. An email was sent to me and there was the phone number to call to setup a new order with ShopCackberry. I called and they were so nice to set it up with all the pre-existing conditions. They were VERY nice and everything was done in just a minute or two (had to get the CC out to verify).
Yay!! I Love ShopCrackberry!!!

Kevin, when are you going to get shopcrackberry across the pond into Europe. Many over here won't buy from you as the shipping is often more than the items wanted. You have mentioned this at one point.

Posted via CB10

Thank god. Placed my order for 2 battery charging bundles like 2 months ago. Glad to know we will finally be getting them.

Posted via CB10

I would like to see a charging cradle with a port for hdmi as well. Ideally, the back of the cradle would have a regular sized hdmi port (versus a micro hdmi like the z10) since most hdmi cables people have are regular sized.

Posted via CB10