ShopCrackBerry Update: The BlackBerry Z10 Charging Bundle is back in stock!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 May 2013 02:28 pm EDT

Hallelujah, the Battery Charger Bundle for the BlackBerry Z10 is back in stock at ShopCrackBerry! For the BlackBerry Z10 this has proven to be one of those must-have accessories, to the point where the demand vastly outstripped supply. 

The good news is that all backorders are shipping out the door today, and there is actually in store stock once again. If you haven't ordered a Battery Charger Bundle for your Z10 yet, today is the day to do it! If you're not sure what the Battery Charging Bundle is all about, be sure to check out the video above and read this review for more details. It really is handy little accessory - you always have a spare battery for your Z10 with you, and it can act as a charger for your Z10 or any other phone with a microUSB connection while on the go.

While you're picking up your Charger Bundle, be sure to grab one of these bad boys as well for your Z10. That way you can take advantage of the offer for free shipping on orders over $50.

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Reader comments

ShopCrackBerry Update: The BlackBerry Z10 Charging Bundle is back in stock!


Hi Kevin,
Where can I get the Battery Charger alone (without the spare battery). I have already bought a spare battery, but I would like to use it with this Battery Charger.

Thank you.

Ordered along with the Seidio Surface Case and a BB Leather Pocket Pouch a few days back, and was given an expected ship date of early next week. I was OK with that.

VOILA! in my email this morning - "Your order has shipped"

Thanks CrackBerry store.

Same here!!! I ordered the same things except the leather case. I just read the Crunk case article too! If that was published a day sooner I would have added the bundle of those too!

Posted via CB10

I have one and it's great and so fast to charge my Z10. ********* must have thanks CB

Posted via CB10

I do a lot of travelling for business and I find the Charging Bundle indispensable. Often I find myself either unable to charge my phone and a battery swap is needed, or I find my power getting low while on the phone or in a BBM conversation and I can't swap batteries, just plug the unit in and the problem's solved with out interrupting the connection. Genius!

Love my battery bundle. Charge one, use the other, then swap and repeat!! Always have a full battery.

Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10

I was just about to buy this when I noticed the 50$ shipping charge to France! Sorry but you need to revise this ASAP!


Got an e-mail today that mine shipped out - YIPPEE!!! Now will have 3 batteries for my Z, a cradle charger for my bedside desk & the bundle for the office desk....I'm set for now!

$34.98 on Amazon free shipping with Prime service. Also saw they had charger with no battery awhile back not sure about now.

Posted via CB10

I keep my Z10 in an Otterbox, so I find it very convenient to just plug it in for a quick charge on the go, instead of going through the hassle of stripping the case off all the time.

Posted via CB10

Love it!
Now I will not have to worry about running out of juice when on the road.
I like the idea of parallel loading the backup battery pack without having to open the Z10 back and rebooting.
Lucky, I placed my order a couple of weeks ago so that I will have mine early next week.

Best little accessory ever!!!

I carry mine with me whenever I'm going to be away from a charging opportunity for most of the day.

I'm here in Turkey right now and they use different electrical plugs so charging opportunities are even more limited unless I also bring the plug adapter. The spare battery has been a real trooper. Yesterday strolling through Istanbul, snapping pics and reading maps online and sending photos home, by mid afternoon, my Z10 battery was down to 10%. I just connected the spare battery pack inside my jacket pocket and left it there. An hour later it was already in to 65%... and I was back in business!


Posted via CB10

Ordered in the first go round. Of course it was back ordered. So been waiting a while. I was happy to receive my shipped email yesterday.

Posted via CB10

Bought this at retail at first availability, then the BB10 point release update comes out, now I hardly use the thing.

If you are often away room a charging source all day, it's handy, but if you top up your charge during the day and plug it in for overnight full charge, you can save yourself $50 by skipping this. It's micro USB so it can be used for other devices too, but... $50.

Got it yesterday so sweet! Have a otter case wish it could some how have a pocket in back to hold it. But it's sweet otherwise

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