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ShopCrackBerry Update: BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboards *finally* starting to ship!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 May 2012 06:23 pm EDT

To all of the BlackBerry PlayBook owners out there who pre-ordered their BlackBerry Mini Keyboard from, I have good news...  we're finally receiving inventory and they are starting to ship! As we noted previously, the Mini Keyboard launch has been a little bit *weird* compared to other BlackBerry accessory rollouts, with suppliers being delayed on receiving inventory. 

When I got word that our first wave of shipments would arrive today, I dropped by Accessory HQ to welcome the PlayBook Mini Keyboards personally. As you'll see in the video, our awesome e-commerce team wasted no time in getting the orders processed and out the door. 

Take note - orders are being processed in the order that they were placed. If you weren't at the front of the line you may have to wait a little longer, as our first batch wasn't big enough to cover all backorders. But now that the inventory is finally flowing, it shouldn't take us too long to catch up. As for the first twenty five customers who have been waiting the longest, we have a special surprise for you. Watch the video to see what it is. :)

I want to thank all of our customers for their ongoing support and patience. We give it our all every single day to deliver the best services and experience possible, and appreciate your business!

Learn More and Buy the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard
Read CrackBerry's BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Review



Where's my non-bluetooth keyboard RIM =(


its too bad its not a lap dock + keyboard. Im not a big fan of the kickstand. u need a long flat surface for it


Kevin, how you do it, to be at so many places at the same time? I know you use your blackberry to teleport, but I suspect you use other tricks also. :) Rock and Roll.


is there an app for that?


Let me guess, the whole shipping department went to Orlando with him.


That explains the 25 U-Haul trucks outside the lobby of the Mariott World Center!


Got and Email mine ships Monday and delivered between Wen-Fri.


Great, now Depscribe can go and live his life in peace. Hoorah for all.


all kevin was missing from the factory shoot was a mexican, a leaf blower, an american flag, and a big teddy bear


Yeh, the kickstand sucks. waste of $110. Pairing is a pain in the a$$. Not too bad, but really, the stand-by time is good. Wish it was a clam-shell/lap-dock. No reason for it not to be except lack of planning and R&D.


Quit being a whining bitch. I have mine and its very good. I also have a hipstreet for my other. I like the size of the rim, standby is great, and as far as bt lag/hook up - get a grip. Why not complain that there is not a direct thought interface for the pb.


So for John is New York the state or City? I want a button


I also want a button Kevin! And if that's my design on the button, that's awesome that you gave one to Thorsten!


I got my confirmation it shipping at 3:34, a couple hours before this was posted. I am excited thinking I am John from Ny. It's not like John is a common name lol


Hey Kevin, when is my order ship? I ordered on March 16th, 2012 and name is Ryan Phen...


The status says Delivered.


Thanks Kev, I see both of mine shipped. Was gonna order more but already sold out. LOL


Man i wish i was john from new york!


That is a pretty impressive set-up you have there Kevin! Can you make a video of your daily activities and operations?


Lol John from NY, how conveniently ambiguous.

Kevin Michaluk

Honest to god, that package did go to a John in New York. For real.


hey kevin, where can i get a rimpire strikes back t shirt???

Kevin Michaluk

We're going to finally get our butts in gear and get on offering t-shirts soon. Stay tuned.


Just waiting for availability in the UK. Really can't wait to get my hands on one of these!


You guys do know that ShopCrackberry is in Florida don't ya along with the other Mobile Nations supplies.



Also I can't wait for mine... I almost cancelled my preorder a few times. I guess a month and a half delay for something from RIM should be expected, sadly


When will shopcrackberry start shipping to South Africa??

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!


shoulda gave the first 25, the same tshirt he's wearing in the video.

Kevin Michaluk

Agreed! If we would have had them made we would have. Stay tuned. We're working on upping our schwag bag :)


Kevin any thought on when will the status change from Out of Stock so we can place a new order for it?

Kevin Michaluk

Once we catch up on our back orders we'll change the status to In Stock.

That said, you can still order it today to get into the queue. Orders are filled in the order received, so the sooner you order the sooner you'll get it.

We still have a good chunk of backorders to fill, but now that inventory is flowing we should be able to catch up fairly soon. Our e-commerce team is really on top of it.



LOWER shipping rates cause are way too high. I am fom greece and i have to pay about 74$ for shipping and the price of keyboard is around 110$. I buy all the time electronic gadgets from u.s. and i know that shipping cost (through ups) is around 15-20$ dollars for shipping to greece...


Cool video to see the warehouse! I'll order something if I get a button!


Got mine at BBWC 2012!


I am John from New York. Just got it in my autographed box and pin :)