ShopCrackBerry now accepting Bitcoin!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Dec 2013 12:43 pm EST

We've had a lot of demand from users to begin accepting Bitcoin at ShopCrackBerry, and today I'm happy to announce that support is here! Just in time for the holidays, Bitcoin users can now checkout with the digital currency at ShopCrackBerry and our other Mobile Nations stores including ShopAndroid, the iMore Store and Windows Phone Central Store.

To kick off the Bitcoin support, we've even extended our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale to run a full week. That means until this Friday, December 6th at midnight PST tonight, you can save 25% on ALL orders using coupon code CYBER13.

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Using Bitcoin Checkout at ShopCrackBerry

After selecting items to purchase, simply visit your cart. On the cart page there is a Pay with Bitcoin button. Look for the button below your checkout Total. Simply click the Pay with Bitcoin button and follow the instructions on the pages that follow. 

CrackBerry Loves Bitcoin!


Woah. What's all this Bitcoin stuff about?

Bitcoin is making lots of headlines these days, and it can be a confusing concept to grasp at first until you read up on it and it "clicks". Long story short, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online financial network and a digital currency (that also goes by the name Bitcoin). There's no middle man with Bitcoin. Instead, Bitcoin payments are sent over the network directly from sender to receiver and the management of the transactions is carried out by the collectively by the network. The infographic below provides a good walk through (more info on Wikipedia and

Bitcoin infographic
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Why support Bitcoin?

That's an easy one. We love technology, we love our users and we love choice. Nobody quite knows where Bitcoin will go, but it has a real community movement behind it and we have customers asking for it, so we're happy to support it and be part of the story as it continues to evolve!

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ShopCrackBerry now accepting Bitcoin!


So I can use fake money to buy goods and services? There goes my money printing scheme!

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Funny to read the mix of comments ^^^... anybody who says "pyramid scheme" I don't think has quite done the research yet as to how it works. I get that right now while the currency value is going up rapidly that you could get that sense of pyramid (people who bought currency a while back have seen it grow a LOT, making it seem like if you get in late that you're lower down in the mix). But that would be like saying every publicly traded stock on the stock market is a pyramid too. That exchange rate to offline currency should settle down - then any notion of that goes away, and you're just left with a really solid peer to peer payment system.

Yes, not Ponzi, but bubble. Some bit of stability is a necessary component of a widely used currency - no reason for anybody to give their bitcoins to CB when it keeps going up at a ridiculous rate in cash value. Interesting to see the future of this currency.

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But that is the point, with the volatility that exists in Bitcoin, it can in no way be considered a currency. What is the intrinsic value of Bitcoin? Nobody knows, which is why it is quite silly that anyone would accept it as a form of payment for goods as it adds unnecessary volatility and uncertainty to a business model. It may not be a "pyramid scheme" in the true sense of the term, but it does without question meet the definition of the "greater fool theory". It may absolutely be a solid peer to peer payment system, but with the volatility that currently exists it does not. So with all due respect, anybody who is currently jumping into the fray and accepting it as a form of payment, is doing it more to be part of what might be a breakthrough technology as opposed to for legitimate business purposes (i.e. it is not a must have like providing people the option to pay with a credit card).

Valid points. However, we lock in the US dollar equivalent at the time of sale, and it gets deposited to our bank account, so no exchange risk.

Well said. I first thought BB is stupid to ride on this bubble. After a second thought. I think BB is smart. is not well known, this news makes shopblackberry more popular. Most of the things sold are low cost including the Z10 phones. BB's risk is near 0. It definitely helps spread regardless the bubble continues to grow or bursts tomorrow.

I would say it does have characteristics of a pyramid. Bitcoins are "mined", i.e. you use a computer to work through a computation. These computations were simpler in the early days, so it was faster to mine one of these coins. So like in a pyramid, you benefit if you got in on it early on.

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I believe the intent was to mimic a scarce good, i.e. ore. The more gold you pull out of the ground, the harder (and therefore the more resources you have to expend) it is to mine more gold. This makes sense.

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Like the gold standard, this has the benefit of preventing the instantaneous "printing" of an arbitrary amount of new currency, but that's about the only way in which it makes sense. A currency supply should be regulated to maintain stable prices (more or less), not to deliberately maintain a constant state of deflation which transfers wealth to currency holders in return for doing nothing, or a constant state of inflation that steals from them.

Be careful to quickly trade the bit coin to hard currency at the point of Sale. That way you won't be subject to fluctuations of the FCM. good luck.

BlackBerry Z10.

Surprised they aren't locking down your accounts. I have just been getting into Bitcoin and have come across many articles where financial institutions are shutting down accounts as they see Bitcoin as competition. But still I like the idea! Good way to increase crackberry/blackberry exposure, while turn a profit as the value of Bitcoin continues to rise.

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Kevin, be careful. News
Million-dollar robbery rocks Bitcoin exchange
Latest BTC security breach affects major European exchange, which shuts down personal wallet service

By Jon Gold, Network World
November 25, 2013 04:26 PM ET

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Because sending cold hard cash to someone halfway around the world makes sense.

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Works well while Bitcoin is on the way up, what happens the day someone buys $1000 worth of stuff then Bitcoin crashes? Not sure I'd like to take the chance to be left holding the bag

There's a risk with everything to do about money.

Just look at what happened/happens when stock markets crash.

What does the stock market have to do with currency? Also, currencies fluctuate by small amounts on a monthly/yearly basis. Stable currencies (US$, CDN$ etc) don't double in the span of a week

That's nice, but the problem is your prices to Canadians are greatly inflated to the prices you are offering to the USA. In most cases it's cheaper to buy directly in Canada elsewhere

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You can send a fraction of a Bitcoin (up to 8 decimal places). For a $10 item you would send ~0.01 BTC, for example.

Bit coin is far too volatile to be a currency. Early adopters of bit coin have made out like bandits. The average Joe who jumps in now is going to get burnt. Online stores jumping on this bandwagon are just making the problem worse. In the end governments will never allow these electronic currencies to become mainstream. There are how many of them now? Close to 40 I believe. How can you argue that this is legitimate when almost anyone can create their own currency with almost no barriers to enter the market. Dislike

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

There is a market for that risk. BitPay, for instance, does instant conversions to the merchant's currency of choice and BTC prices are automatically calculated at the time of checkout from the various exchange rates. Try buying something with Bitcoin; it is a very smooth process.

Well, after a second thought, BB wants to give out phones for free anyway. Using bitcoin for BB has 0 risk for BB. It just rides the bubble to make the shopblackberry site more popular. When the bitcoin bubble bursts BB won't get hurt.

Any effort to make shopblackberry more popular is good. BB should sell phones to end users directly. In the end this will help carriers as well.

The article is about thé CrackBerry shop, and the other Mobile Nation websites.

Not the official

Great news.

It is really surprising to read all of the uninformed & negative comments. I think it illustrates that people who understand & use bitcoin right now are still early adopters who are way ahead of the curve, even compared to a tech-literate croud of people!

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Welcome to the new normal. Finally Americans is starting to embrace the bitcoin. The e-currency that will crash the dollars.

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