It's swamp racing time as Shine Runner comes to BlackBerry 10

Shine Runner
By James Richardson on 1 Mar 2013 04:33 am EST

Another great game from Vector Unit has hit BlackBerry World overnight. Shine Runner has been around on other platforms for some time but now graces us BlackBerry 10 users. If you haven't heard of it before it's a fast packed flatboat game where your aim is to collect as many items and money as possible as you race through the swamps.

Handling your boat is super easy - it auto accelerates so all you need to do is use the two sides of the display to manoeuvre left and right - simple. (You can switch to tilt if you prefer from within the settings.) You can smash through a whole host of objects such as swamp huts and docks and you even get cops trying to pursue you in their own flatboats.

We already know that the existing Vector Unit games on Blackberry 10 are excellent  (Beach Buggy Blitz and Riptide GP), so why not go and grab this one. Shine Runner will set you back £0.75/$0.99 and it's a real beauty.

More information/Download Shine Runner for BlackBerry 10



Nice! Do you know if the game is an android port or ported natively?

Richard Devine

This was all I wanted after Riptide and Beach Buggy Blitz appeared. Three outstanding games from other platforms brought to BB10 in the right way :)


James - Why no video like has been the norm for game reviews lately? I am quite interested to see a) How this native game performs (mostly within menu's and set-up oddly enough) and b) the gameplay difference between "use the two sides of the display to manoeuvre left and right and ... switch to tilt if you prefer". I have not seen many (any?) games reviewed yet on the Z10 that utilize the accelerometer for steering/directing and would really like that opportunity. Thanks and keep the reviews coming. Note: I am not much of a gamer, hand-held (probably from being a BB owner for the last 10+years ha-ha) or otherwise, but I very much recognize how important it is to their overall success that BB continues to get big name games and with graphics/controls beyond reproach, because lord knows the US MSM is never short of nitpicky criticisms when they hear BB has done anything…