Shift by Elecite - A hot premium theme for your BlackBerry

Shift by Elecite
By Michelle Haag on 14 Mar 2011 10:18 am EDT
If you are familiar with themes from developer Elecite, you know they stand for quality and originality. Each of their themes are handcrafted for superior function and style. Shift is one of Elecite's newest themes, and it is packed full of awesome features spread across 3 panels and 3 pages so you may never need to see your app screen again to find what you're looking for.

The first panel displays your 5 top icons, 4 popular standard icons, a weather slot (for BlackBerry Storm and Torch devices) and a Today preview so you won't even have to open your messages and calendar apps to view their contents. Panel #2 makes viewing Media extremely enjoyable. 5 icons get you to all of your Pics, Music and more instantly with customizable icons when you need them. On top of that, the Utilities Panel brings up all of your apps, quick notes and calculator. A bonus dock with 6 customizable icons allow you to make this tab extremely personal.

Overall Shift is a beautiful theme and once you get used to the layout I think it's a theme that will add a lot of efficiency to your device. Elecite also has a pretty good customer service department. If you have trouble with your theme after purchase, contact them and they will do all they can to be sure you're satisfied. Shift is available for $6.99 in BlackBerry App World and is compatible with BlackBerry 8900, 95xx, 96xx, 9700, and 9800 (OS 4.6 to 5.0 except the Torch).

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Shift by Elecite - A hot premium theme for your BlackBerry


yeah a bit unfair because its newer device but only ppl to blame are Rim for not realising official theme builder without all the bugs :(

Great one but still, elecite hasn't ported much of their themes (that I know of yet I might be wrong) to my lovely 8520 :P

Why advertise a theme that is not OS 6 compatible, except on the Torch? Most BB's are now OS 6. Please let us know when they get in gear and make them compatible. My 9700 OS 6 would like that theme.

Michelle, thanx for putting this up!

Guys, Shift OS 6 support is coming to Elecite and App World in a matter of days. So anywhere between today and tomorrow, we'll have the additional devices included :)


Looks interesting but bringing up the main block of icons does not tell you what the icon is without having to actually choose that application and when I go into the media screen it locks up my whole device so something is wrong. Rebooted three times and it still locks up. I have a brand new phone with very little installed at this time also. Screen fonts are also very tiny. I guess I am the first to be very disappointed. I want a refund.

Layout is nice buy navigation with the trackpad is kind clumsy. Only up and down trackpad scrolls will move the cursor position making navigation in the menu panels and icon buttons frustrating. I was expecting more out of this theme for being $6.99... Kinda disappointed

I believe this is actually an issue with the theme builder for OS6, not the theme itself. I have seen this issue with many different themes by different developers so we need to look at the common point and that is that the OS6 theme builder is still having a few issues. Please don't blame the Elecite team, or any other developer for that matter, for something they cannot control. While I don't think $7.00 is too much for a theme, I have stopped buying until RIM fixes these issues and the developers can re-issue their themes with proper functionality in OS6. While this theme looks great, and I will buy it in the future, I will wait for RIM to respond with a better builder.

Well I paid for this theme last night, but have still to receive it. The support hasn't gotten back to me yet. I sure hope I don't have to wait 48hrs to receive my $7 theme. Which is the most I have ever paid.

Hey, glad I am not the only one. It has been 24hrs for me now and still no theme but they have my $. I better get a reply by tomorrow. This is ridiculous to wait this long for a download link. And the worst thing is I would really like this theme, it looks great. Not sure I will ever bother again with Elecite after this experience. I even went on their "live chat" twice and could not even get a response from there either :(

Well it took 2 days and several messages on their website with no response. The only way I got my theme was to PM them through Crackberry. I would have thought they might have offered a discount or free theme or something for all the hassle but nothing. Customer service is seriously lacking.