Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink themes updated to v2.0, brings new features and UI improvements!

Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink
By Alicia Erlich on 25 Apr 2012 09:00 am EDT

It's been a busy year so far for BerryGlowDesigns. First, they celebrate their 1-year anniversary, then they design an awesome CrackBerry PlayBook wallpaper and matching 99xx wallpaper, and now to thank everyone for their support they've gone and updated their popular Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink themes to v2.0. As such, the functionality is more intuitive on the premium versions, the UI's on both the free and premium versions were given a facelift, and minor glitches were corrected. What it boils down to is that BGD has revamped, rebuilt, and redesigned these elegant and beautiful creations to make them better than before.  

These themes offer semi-transparent menu screens, glossy banners and icon focuses, light blue or pink gradients, smooth transitioning screens, and OS7 icons. More importantly, they come with a small footprint so as not to take up too much device memory. The dock and built-in weather slot can be hidden allowing for a more wallpaper friendly screen. The updated features in v2.0 include:

Sharp!Ice / Sharp!Pink Free update

  • Stylish new wallpapers on home/menu/call screens
  • Skinned battery, signal and wifi meters
  • Faster, smoother screen transitions
  • Fixed minor display bugs
  • Kept low file size
  • Added compatibility for BlackBerry Pearl models.

Sharp!Ice / Sharp!Pink Premium update

  • More intuitive home screen functionality (icons dock can now be hidden/shown by clicking on a glossy on-screen toggle arrow)
  • Improved trackpad navigation on home screen
  • Stylish new wallpapers on home/menu/call screens
  • Skinned battery, signal and wifi meters
  • Faster, smoother screen transitions
  • Fixed minor display bugs
  • Kept low file size!
  • Added compatibility for BlackBerry® Pearl models. 
  • NOTE: the home screen weather slot is fixed (cannot be hidden) on BlackBerry Pearl models.

Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink are normally $2.99 in BlackBerry App World but for a limited time BerryGlowDesigns is sponsoring a special promotion bringing the price down to $.99! They are compatible with BlackBerry 8520/30, 8900/10/80, 9100/05, 9300/30, 9500/20/30/50, 9630/50/70, 9700/80/88, and 9800 running OS5 and OS6 (These themes are not OS7 compatible). The FREE versions with reduced features still offer the same unique style and design of the originals.

Check out Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink Free and Premium versions in BlackBerry App World



Darn!! Not for the 9900


Disappointed BGD has not stepped into the unknown and rocked us OS 7 users.


Just bought Sharp!ice it for my 9800. I didn't realize the advantage of a custom theme like this. It resembles the playbook theme and icons, but with one page to worry about.The home screen isn't perfect, but it works! I hated having pages of nothing, such as frequent, media, downloads, etc. This is much cleaner, I like and will continue to use it. However; I am looking forward to an update, lol.


-It shows one accessible icons on the background screen, which are not customizable, and random.
-The section for the top icons on the main screen isn't popping back up, and I could only see the icons by pushing the bb button to show them all. (Had to soft reboot to fix this).
-The touch screen works fine, but moving up and around the screen with the track pad doesnt hover where you want it to, although you're actually moving.
-Hard or Soft reboot didn't make any difference. Home screen is still a little buggy.
-When you click on the arrow to hide the 4 top icons, you're no longer hovered on it to unhide them and need to scroll or touch to it again.
-Once you phone is booted up, you need to push the bb button to Sharp!Ice to start working.
-If you're hovered over an icon, and you click bb, and go to the Options, it shows a empty 'Home Screen Preferences' screen, that quickly dissapears.
-It doesn't hover the clock when you're there, but a small box to the top left of it.
-It doesn't work properly in landscape mode.
-There is no clickable notification bar!

P.S. Why does Appworld not let you find stuff unless you type the full name? You can't find Sharp!ice, by searching for 'Sharp!' or TuneIn Radio by searching for 'Tune In'? You have to type in the full name! Is that a Appworld issue or developer keyword search issue?


^^^ not many bugs then lol