Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink FREE by BGD now available for your BlackBerry 9900, 9930, & 9981

Sharp!Ice for the BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Alicia Erlich on 5 Aug 2012 03:52 pm EDT

When it comes to themes and BlackBerry 7, I truly admire all of the hard working developers who take the time to painstakingly create designs using the workaround so that theme addicts like me don't suffer through withdrawal. This week another noted developer tossed their name into the ring by releasing their very first OS 7 theme.

If you've been following the front page, no doubt BerryGlowDesigns is a name that sounds familiar. Time and time again they've released beautiful and creative designs that blend crisp and clear graphics, lovely backgrounds, and style in a fresh package for you to enjoy. BGD let us know that they are proud to present their popular free versions of Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink to those who own the BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 and Porsche 9981.

While this may be a tray theme, all of the elements of the original remain intact. It still features beautiful blue or pink gradients, skinned battery and signal meters, custom focus icons, slight graphic improvements to the home screen, is wallpaper friendly, and offers a low file size.

Many of you have waited patiently for BGD to start coding BlackBerry 7 themes and I'm sure they have more designs waiting in the wings to be released in the near future. Be sure to check out these two FREE themes in BlackBerry App World using the links below. Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink are compatible with BlackBerry 8520/30, 8900/10/80, 9100/05, 9300/30, 9500/20/30/50, 9630/50/70, 9700/80/88, 9800 and 9900/30/81.

Which device would you like to see BGD should support next for OS 7? Let us know in the comments below.

More information / download Sharp!Ice FREE
More information / download Sharp!Pink FREE

Reader comments

Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink FREE by BGD now available for your BlackBerry 9900, 9930, & 9981


The P9981? Who's that kid who won Kevin's in that giveaway contest......maybe he can report back on how well this theme works on that phone?

I installed it then when I went to activate it on my Sprint 9930 it told me there was an error. But it still activated and seems to be working just fine. :)
Looks great I really like it. Thanks to the Dev and to CrackBerry for the post.
* BlackBerry by choice *

Can't appreciate it so much that you had to post that twice? Just don't download it, delete it and be on your way.

This theme looks very nice but there's still the same issue that has caused me to delete ALL OS 7 themes I've downloaded so far. And that is, everything looks nice until you go into your email or messages and the fonts are HUGE. Now to me, fonts that big on this beautiful hi res screen are just wrong, I just can't put up with it. Why is this, is it impossible to have smaller fonts here?

may i know what you used to make the theme? i wanna make my own. i tried to download the blackberry theme studio 6.0 but it is not capable of making OS7 themes.

thank you.

btw, i like the theme. its very simple.