Did you love Sharknado? Here are some other prime shark flicks you can watch on your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jul 2013 09:52 am EDT

The interwebs have been buzzing over Sharknado - a made for TV movie that premiered on SyFy last night. The premise of the film was about a tornado that hit Los Angeles, hurling hundreds of man-eating sharks into the city.

Sound legit, right?

With the star power of Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) and Tara Reid (American Pie) Sharknado was an unexpected Twitter hit ringing in nearly 5,000 Tweets per minute. 

I'll admit I didn't quite make it through the entire movie, but it was more than amusing for a while. I couldn't help but want to spread the shark love to the CrackBerry nation today however, so as it's Friday and some of you may be looking for some evening fun, here is a short list of some of my favorite shark movies available from BlackBerry World that are good for a few laughs. 

Good (and actually worth watching):


Not So Good (but worth a few laughs):

And of course my personal favorite shark movie of all time:


Do you have any other shark movies that are just too campy not to love? Let us know in the comments!

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Did you love Sharknado? Here are some other prime shark flicks you can watch on your BlackBerry


Deep Blue Sea as Mediocre!?!? Samuel L Jackson and sharks!! Need I say more? It's almost as good as Snakes on a Plane!

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YES!!!! .... a MILLION YESses!!!!

Make it ... "Sharknado ON A PLANE" ... for 2 Million YESses!!!

Agreed. Deep Blue Sea is actually awesome if you see it in the right mood. One of the great (deliberately) cheesy action movies of all time.

SHOULD have been on Comedy: I mean, the whole concept and mechanics of it aside, Tara Reid as the mother of a young 20-something guy (that she's NOT doing!!!) is just "off the scale" insane.


Serenity Now, SERENITY NOW!!!


X rated version: "Sharknado Does Dallas" ... 'cause, you know, plenty of water AND sharks in Central Texas ...

So glad you said Jersey Shore Shark Attack. Such a ridiculous movie, but it's pretty funny. It knows how insane the whole idea is.

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If that includes megaladon then yes I love that series. Also Deep Blue was far from mediocre.

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I can't believe he listed shark week as mediocre...anything that i can watch and not realize 4 hrs went by is GREAT in my book...I'm a little disappointed that they don't have it on the discovery app since i don't have the discovery channel.

i tuned in on the 'nado movie the last 20 mins,,, even the title looked too stupid to get me past it, but i figured i'd have to see what the finale looked like,,, there were 18 mins left when i changed the channel,,, that was THE stupidest thing i've seen on tv in a while,,, i'd almost watch glenn beck or fox news over that crap...

Best (in terms of campiest) shark movie in my opinion: Megaladon!

I'd you decide to give it a try (and can find it somewhere), make sure your brain cells are well deadened before you click play. Or, just fast forward to the last 10 minutes.

Lovin the Z STL100-3/

I will admit that I love all of the asylum produced shark movies, they are ridiculously bad but so entertaining. I think you forgot Two Headed Shark in that list though, Brooke Hogan AND Carmen Electra (who plays a doctor btw) in the same movie...

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