Can you eat all the ducks with Shark Dash for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 24 Aug 2013 01:01 pm EDT

Once again Gameloft have brought another beauty to BlackBerry 10 - this time with Shark Dash. This one has been around for a while but for some reason I only discovered it this week. If you don't want to get addicted to a great game stop reading now. Shark Dash has many of the same qualities seen in some of the most popular games on mobile platforms. Plus, with it being available for all BlackBerry 10 devices everyone's a winner. 

The game is set in a bathtub and you play Sharkee who on each level must gobble up the ducks. As most of them are not actually in the water you'll need to catapult Sharkee towards them - done in a similar fashion to with Angry Birds. This one is a real challenge though as there are many obstacles that will stand in your way, so as you progress and the levels get more complicated it can be trial and error until you master it. 

At the end of each level you'll be rewarded with up to three stars. One for if you collect all the coins in the bathtub, one for getting all the ducks and finally, one for completing with the allocated number of shots allowed. 

Once you start the game you'll be given instructions over the first few levels to get you used to the different items you need to utilize - such as rubber rings to jump through, speed pipes and sponges you can bump into to dislodge the ducks. 

There are a couple of things you need to be careful of. First up is making sure that Sharkee doesn't leave the bathtub and also that he doesn't get stuck out of the water. Being a shark he needs to be in the water to breath. Secondly is the number of shots you get on each level. These are shown as indicators on the baths plug. Use too many shots and the plug will drain the bath - ending the game. 

The graphics, sound and game play are all top class with Shark Dash. If you have a spare buck to spend this will be the best way to do it today - trust me. 

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Can you eat all the ducks with Shark Dash for BlackBerry 10


Had it after I got my phone the moment it was released. But yeah definitely it's a good one...

Posted via ZCB10

Ko. It's just a trial. Made me buy the full version though. A really good game.

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

Please stop posting awesome game reviews! I am wasting way too many (real) coins on them :) :)

Posted via CB10

Please do NOT confuse games with apps. They are two different commodities. A game is a functional time waste while an app is something that utilises the phones ability to assist your daily habits.

Posted via CB10

Unless you're using the actual definition of "app" and not the definition implicit on App World. BB may draw a distinction in their store for marketing/presentation purposes, but the real definition is that an app is any program that will run on a particular OS. So all games are apps, by the real-world definition -- and I see no reason for a CB staff writer to observe BB's language permutations. So hah! My pedantry defeats your pedantry! (Last sentence to be read in a Hong Kong kung fu movie English language dub accent.)

That said, there is merit to your meaning beyond the error in your calling out an error: When people decry the dearth of apps on the platform, they are almost never referring to games; you are correct. (Exception cases as in back when we didn't have Angry Birds, e.g.)

Haha so in the end after your rant you agree :D lol. Nice. Well I define app not as a game but as an application :) a game by that definition is not an application. Ahhh life is life

Posted via CB10

Ok so it's a new title in the catalogue but we're hardly pushing the boundaries of sophisticated mobile gaming here are we?

It's kind of interesting how the advent of touch screen control has in some respects led to a somewhat backwards simplification of mobile games due to the compromises of game control using a touch screen.

I like the simplification. I'm guessing a lot of other people do too based on how much mobile gaming has eaten into psp and ds sales. I hate modern console gaming because it's just too damn complicated for a casual gamer like me. They aren't even fun anymore.