CrackBerry Contest: Share your Ten Thousand Reasons to Believe and you could win a BlackBerry 10 device!

Alec Saunders loves developers!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Oct 2012 02:45 pm EDT

Tweet out your reason to believe and also leave it here as a comment for your chance to win. More than one reason to believe? Enter up to 10 times! Full details below...

Research In Motion is committed to developers. BlackBerry 10 is on the horizon and RIM is doing all they can to get as many apps as possible ready for the new OS and devices so they are in BlackBerry App World at launch. To help spread the word and give developers some incentive for preparing their apps, RIM has launched the $10k Developer Commitment, they've hosted BlackBerry 10 Jams all across the globe, they've handed out BlackBerry Dev Alphas, and so much more. During his presentation last week at the BlackBerry Jam keynote, RIM's VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders presented a new campaign called Ten Thousand Reasons to Believe.

"If you're looking for reasons to believe in BlackBerry 10 and your future with BlackBerry, look no further than what you and your peers have accomplished. You're doing amazing things with BlackBerry 10, and I want you to help us spread the word. Help us get to ten thousand. Tell us your reasons to believe. Tweet it. Use the #BB10Believe Twitter hash tag to share your story. Share those stories with us, and we'll share them with the world."  

To show CrackBerry Nation's support of RIM and all you developers out there, as well as everyone that is sitting and waiting for BlackBerry 10 to release, we want to help spread the word with your 10k reasons to believe. And by participating you'll have the chance to win a BlackBerry 10 phone.

How to Enter:  

Step 1. Send a tweet with your reason to believe and make sure you include the #BB10Believe twitter hash tag

Step 2. After you've sent your tweet, copy and paste it back into the comments of this post along with your Twitter name. See the example I left in the first comment.

Step 3. More than one reason to believe? You can enter up to TEN times. That's right. Normally we say one comment per contest entry, but not in this case. In the spirit of the Ten, you can enter ten times. You can send out ten tweets, and copy and paste each one here into a separate comment. Don't go past ten though!

Once we hit 10k reasons (contest comments to this post), we'll pick a winner who will receive an IOU for a BlackBerry 10 device!  The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone (whenever it's released), any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Share your Ten Thousand Reasons to Believe and you could win a BlackBerry 10 device!



@masteryono - I believe in BlackBerry10 because it looks the most advanced and user-friendly mobile OS #BB10Believe

@suziplumz: #BB10Believe because Canadians are true to their word and don't give up without a fight! GIVE"ER!!!

@prismviews - For the new looking older features and upcoming apps showcased in BBJAM a thumbs up & we have started to believe #BB10Believe

@prismviews - absolutely love the BB10 Calendar & the Hub showing events..BB is gonna showing the joy of having the simple things tht we want #BB10Believe

@pvelumani - #bb10believe RIM always rocks, #bb10,FLOW,hub, QNX , BBM, TRUE Multi tasking, Security and lot lot

(@edu3110) tweeted at 6:33pm - 1 Oct 12:
I believe in BlackBerry 10 because is going to change the game! #bb10believe

BB10's web browser looks great and it's word suggestion is better than any other OS I've seen so far. #bb10believe

@jameystarett - I believe because management seems to be more involved with the bb communities #BB10Believe

@JCabak - I believe in BB10 because as a developer I feel huge support from @BlackBerryDev and others independent devs #bb10belive

@jameystarett - I believe because people like @asaunders has been putting himself out there to make things happen! #BB10Believe

#BB10Believe BB10 seems almost desktop lke without having to close my other programs and still have them running in real time

@paulguanco @crackberrykevin RIM changed the smartphone world in 2003. Come 2013, RIM will change it again. #BB10Believe

Craig Ashcroft, BlackBerry Bold 9790

Craig Ashcroft ‏@craig_ashy @CrackBerry There are 10 Thousands reasons to #BB10Believe but ONE to possess a BlackBerry..... What's your reason going to be?

@horhe316: I believe in #bb10 coz all the people behind it are hardworking, innovative,and they possesses the spirit of awesomeness!#bb10believe

The videos of the BB10 os looks fluid and simple. For sure will enjoy the new products as much as my current bb #BB10Believe


I believe in BlackBerry 10 because everything in it was thought of to make it easier and save space #BB10Believe


I believe in BlackBerry 10 because of how it will interact with our everyday life and be integrated FROM WITHIN #BB10Believe


I believe in BlackBerry 10 because what RIM does is make a product that works and not a product to just wow you enough to buy #BB10Believe


I believe in BlackBerry 10 because BlackBerry/RIM innovates and isn't there to CONTROL and brainwash #BB10Believe


I believe in BlackBerry 10 because of how BB7 is geared towards ME and how I want communication and that's what RIM knows! #BB10Believe


I believe in BlackBerry 10 because of where the QNX system is used and how stable it needs to be #BB10Believe


I believe in BlackBerry 10 because of peek and the Invocation Framework #BB10Believe

@sudendeathxe I believe in a phone that isn't designed for purchasing apps but for LIVING. #BB10Believe

PS-eta on campfire chat client is three to four months (want to make this a good app)

I Believe Since All The Other Smartphones Are Stocking Up On Condoms.....BB10 Is Going To FCUK 'Em All.....Like A Boss!!!!! #bb10believe

Innovation,Social Responsibility,Fair Play,Dignity,Suave,Drive,Dedication,Security,Accountability,Dependability,Enough Said! #bb10believe

had the pearl, bold and now the torch and they can take a beatting... my bold survived tree planting #BB10Believe

Because the company that brought the world the best keyboard on a phone is about to bring the world the best smartphone ever! #BB10Believe

Harsh Jhaveri ‏@harsh_jhaveri
I believe in BlackBerry 10 because @crackberrykevin has used it. And he says that it rocks. #bb10believe @CrackBerry

because i thought RIMM was on the slippery slope to extinction and that made me real sad.
but BB Jam Americas made me believe again. THANKS TOR for a great keynote.

#BB10Believe Mobile Fusion makes security for business and freedom for users a lot easier. Now you have separate areas on one device.

@Hav_Sr - I believe in BB's entire platform, especially from a business standpoint. This new technology, which seems to be richer, cleaner, more effective and user friendly than any other system, makes for undoubted success. I NEED it yesterday.

@jameystarett - I believe because Thorstein revitalized a company that was losing its customer base #BB10Believe

@tweetwithgaurav I believe in BlackBerry 10 because it is much more than a phone and it beats iSheep and Driods hands down any day #BB10believe

It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up again. BB10 is getting RIM back up! #BB10Believe

Watch with awe and amazement at how quickly an engineer will become totally annoyed by inefficiency.
BB 10 is efficiency ;) #BB10Believe

Success breeds success. Developers will help shape this into the best platform. BB 10 FTW! #BB10Believe

@roryboy - I love that the latest #BB10 beta on my DevAlpha impresses some of my die hard apple friends. Good sign! #BB10Believe

@dallypeppe: Like Moses from on high, “The 10” will command a revitalized RIM following to the promised land of smartphone milk and honey #BB10Believe

@pvelumani - #bb10believe RIM always rocks, #bb10,FLOW,hub,QNX, BBM, TRUE Multi tasking, Security and lot lot lot

@pvelumani I #bb10believe ,can't be disappointed to creat/porting our apps #BB10 platform C/C++,HTML5,Adobe,JAVA Android Runtime what else?

@lyco88 - I've only been a BB user for a couple of years, but with it I've turned ideas into achievements! Let's do even better with BB10 #BB10Believe

@petike126 - I belive in BlackBerry 10 because RIM still rocks and it's about to rock the world again! #bb10believe

The invocation framework is going to help streamline app development and resource management. That's my 10th example why I #BB10Believe.

@cmscritic Blackberry 10 is going to be the result of an amazing reinvention of Canada's darling tech company, RIM. That's what I believe. #BB10Believe

@HoseaTheRocksta Since my first 8320 I've been sold on @BlackBerry and been selling others on it ever since. RIM is the future, a bright one :) #BB10Believe

1- I believe in BB10 because @crackberrykevin has good taste and knows his stuff. #BB10Believe

7- I believe in BB10 as the Integration and Functionality will stay whole and satisfy my Crack needs. #bb10believe

8- I believe in BB10 because of its openness. It will allow developers to be free to spread their wings. #bb10believe

9- I believe in BB10 because RIM proved that they haven't given up and are still fighting. Can only get stronger #bb10believe #Longhaul

10-By choice- I believe in BB10 cuz of its strong OS Architecture & Security that will allow Efficiency & Productivity #winning #bb10believe

I have tried ios and android, but blackberry has the best email and instant messaging services.#BB10Believe

@y0ungandblessed - I believe in Blackberry 10 because it will help advance society's knowledge of using technology in the work force! #bb10believe

@PawitTim - I believe in Blackberry 10 because it comes from "outside the box" thinking, and it rocks. #bb10believe

@TheMarco: I believe in BB10 because I see a amazing team of people with a kick ass product. They will succeed, or die trying. Inspiring! #bb10believe


I believe in bb10 cause my bold 9650 is showing its age and the Samsung galaxy 3 is too fragile for me and #bb10believe


I believe in bb10 cause I love my playbook and it doesn't have the developer support yet #bb10believe

‏@gunjigaon - the flow, the peek, the app dev support, the gustures, the speed, the future of mibile computing, its all 'bb10' i just love #bb10believe

Taylor White‏@lynn3300

Blackberry was the first...and I believe they will be in the game until the end! #BB10Believe

Rim won't go its making its stand. You fixed the past now your building the Future supper phone QNX software on BB10 great things to come....

#BB10Believe I believe in blackberry 10 cuz it's perfectly perfect in all the way & it's the best smartphone ever, can't wait to have one!

#BB10Believe I believe in blackberry 10 cuz it's perfectly perfect in all the way & it's the best smartphone ever, can't wait to have one!

@crazylegshinch - I'm going to be first in line on launch day to pick up my new BB10 phone. Then I will show it off to the world #BB10Believe

@crazylegshinch - I know that the apps I use everyday will be available at launch, ready for me to put to great use #BB10Believe

@crazylegshinch - I feel like building an app for BB10 is so easy that I could probably do it myself with little experience #BB10Believe

@crazylegshinch - The wait will be worth it when the all touch BB10 launches. It'll prove that good things come to those who wait #BB10Believe

@crazylegshinch - With BB10 on my playbook and on my phone, we will see portable computing happen in ways we never expected. #BB10Believe

@uryaus - I believe in BlackBerry 10 because I know the integration with physical keyboard and the touch would be so awesome! #bb10believe

In a world mostly dominated but iOS and Android. I believe blackberry 10 will stand out, blackberrry has always made reliable phones and software. This would catch the eyes of many and benifit the company :)

scrapbrick: How can you not believe in BB10? From the recesses of a canadian dream to a global icon. Rock'n hardware and glistening os. #BB10Believe

9100, 8310, 9000, 8220, 9700, 9800, 9810, 9860, 9900. #BB10 will be number 10. #fitting @BlackBerry #BB10Believe

@alexgirto - I believe in BlackBerry 10 because when it comes out I will have helped create it. #bb10believe

@HonestGolfer - iPhone5? Nope, Android OS? Nope, Microsoft OS? Nope. I'm waiting for the BB10 in early 13 for the new & improved best biz phone #BB10BELIEVE

#BB10Believe RIM is one 1/2 tech company's who's staff use their products holistically! (unlike Google's senior executive staff member)

#BB10Believe BlackBerry appeals to a wide demographics range because BlackBerry is private and social by design.

#BB10Believe RIM care's deeply about security and personal information I choose what, where and with whom my personal information!

#BB10Believe RIM will not sell my personal information - not selling it to the highest bidder! This isn't and never has been a game for RIM.

#BB10Believe Mihalis "Mike" Lazaridis The 51yr-old still owns 29.7 million shares in RIM, which are worth about $214 million! Down, not

#BB10Believe Regardless of iOS/Android, BB provides that balance of power/efficiency I've yet to experience elsewhere. 10mths l8r I miss BB

#BB10Believe Costs/Effort/Expertise & listening 2 their steadfast developers & putting MONEY where their mouth is!!

RIM has years of research regarding NFC! So much so that Rogers Wireless & MasterCard are partnering for mobile payment in Canada!

#BB10Believe I'll get my BB10 device on launch day. I shun device exclusivity; RIM has my confidence, carriers has to earn theirs!

#BB10Believe I've so much confidence in RIM & BB10 I've purchased 5 shares and will keep them until 1 Qtr after launch of BB10 devices.

#BB10Believe Once U go BLACK-Berry you Never Go Back! Y? Cause the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice! The BlackBerry 10 juice that is!

RIM, since this quarterly earnings announcement has demonstrated and shown that ALL departments are doing EVERYTHING right - I digress about that music video though.

Where I work, we've seen astronomical costs rise using iOS ... I'm not playing! I'm talking $6000 (on Rogers Wireless no doubt) for an iPad roaming 1wk in Italy, and the following wk in France! How about USA roaming for $5000 ... however this was using video conferencing on iPad and saves $10's of thousands of dollars vs chartered plane flights; and was critically necessary. Now think about 40-60 users that travel and multiply this and you have a considerable bill total at end of year!

Some things RIM needs yet to do or at least communicate that they're already doing this:

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!! Too often (BB4/5/6/7) before that documentation is weeks if not up to 2 mths lacking after an OS launch. RIM needs to get documentation on BB10 devices and data routing before launch that is publicly available! BB10 is a very sensitive launch and many corporations and IT staff will be trialing devices and firmware ... where documentation on resolution issues (known issues) is critical.

I'd LOVE to see the USB connection be USB2 & USB3 compatible for incredibly FAST media transfer ... but not necessary since NFC/WiFi fills that void. USB Host would be surpreme though.

I'll also be picking up a PlayBook 64GB this fall just to reconnect with BlackBerry. My skills of dropped incredibly lately due to my affliction for iOS which is draining.


Get into bed with publishing company's work an alternative to education for interactive learning!! Use your expertise in social yet private communications where students can share ideas/ideals, quiz one-another & prepare for tests/exams without plagiarizing.

I eagerly await my L-Series device.

NOTE: I left RIM just about a year ago because of the stagnation from OS6 to OS7 and the long haul I noticed with QNX at the core. Now that their moving at breakneck pace I see new value in RIM.

Blackberry started the whole mobile email thing. It will be there till the end. BB10 is the next step, and it will be awesome

@Rootbrian_ #BB10Believe. Because the iphone is an iflop to me. Nothing compares ever so productively to BlackBerry. You can try and imitate it, but no.

@rootbrian_ #BB10Believe My 9900 will be much better when it has a bb10 buddy to compliment, pair up with it and my playbook. Nothing beats BB BRIDGE!

@rootbrian_ #BB10Believe. Pumping out page long posts and e-mails, I could never do it on any other platform as efficiently than on my QWERTY blackberry

@rootbrian #BB10Believe BlackBerry OS 1, 2,3.x, 4.x, 5, 6, 7 & 7.1 are robust java operating systems. Blackberry 10 is going to be even better!

BB10Believe I believe in BlackBerry 10 because I am focused on productivity, and BB10 was a good Platform.I never lost my trust in Blackberry no problems no half eaten fruits.
I am pleased come on BB10.

@ysmaelpaez - I believe in BlackBerry 10 because it has the seal of approval from the Crackberry team. #bb10believe

@ysmaelpaez - I believe in BlackBerry 10 because it is how a phone should be. Communication on top of everything else. #bb10believe

#BB10Believe cause its the best thing you can ever get, system to communication to apps. To me, nothing is ever going to beat it.

@Andy4Life I #BB10Believe because there are 80 Million subscribers that also believe. Can't wait till BB10 gets released next year!!

WinningJane: I #bb10believe (believe in bb10) as I want to see Canadian companies succeed .. Plus I like the interface :)

@USMC_Lauer - I believe in BB10 because I'm a diehard fan who loves getting a new piece of BB hardware #BB10Believe

Revy's Reason # 6

I know that if this Van was a BlackBerry, I wouldn't be sitting here trying to charge this thing in the arctic cold. #BB10Believe

@pkb0yz #BB10Believe I can keep in touch with family and friends from overseas through BBM! BB FTW

@marlianno - #BlackBerry is the best smartphone (not an "entertainment" phone) that I've ever use... let's bring the new experience #BB10Believe :)

I don't have a "the Twitter" account...but here it is anyway..

Sometimes, Leaders have to stand alone. Even if it's away from all the cool kids.

or maybe just...

Standing alone away from where the crowd is something leaders do when they have to.


#BB10Believe-Dark Horses, Developer Commitment, RIM Investment in DEV Community, Android Runtime, Boring IOS & Android users want change.


BB 10 can run most of Android app it will enable users to make easy switch from iOS and Android #BB10Believe


#BB10Believe Rocks with DEV community by JAM and Alpha testing devices and second is existing commitment of Enterprises will continue

#BB10Blend Blending My Work Life With My Person Life.. Not Missing A Moment In Life... #BB10Believe

@ParkerShak: I believe in #BlackBerry10 because it will keep my family connected with playbook & phone #bb10believe

@ParkerShak: I believe in #BlackBerry10 because it is completely new and different from all the others #bb10believe

@ParkerShak: I believe in #BlackBerry10 because BB listens to want we want and is giving it to us #bb10believe

@ParkerShak: I believe in #BlackBerry10 because everyone loves a good come back story #bb10believe

@ParkerShak: I believe in #BlackBerry10 because it helps me get more done in less time #bb10believe

@ParkerShak: I believe in #BlackBerry10 because it's the only phone that satisfies my wife's needs #bb10believe

@ParkerShak: I believe in #BlackBerry10 because it's so easy an iphone user can do it #bb10believe

@ParkerShak: I believe in #BlackBerry10 because it is the future of mobile computing #bb10believe

@freebb1008: #BB10Believe believe in BlackBerry for the innovation, design and quality. Why else would others copy and compare.

@timjwhitcombe: @CrackBerry I believe in BB10 because the little taste we have of the OS through QNX on the PlayBook pushes @BlackBerry forward #BB10Believe

Mihai ‏@CollapsedxD
#BB10Believe BB10 with touchscreen & qwerty for both business and entertainment. That'll be awesome.

@tw3001 - I've used the BB10 SDK and the Dev Alpha and I can see the potential of BB10. #bb10believe

@kushk27 - Because it combines the goodness of every other Smartphone out there and Blackberry in an unimaginable way #BB10Believe

@THEJonBryan - I believe there are still people out there that prefer productivity over pretentiousness #BB10Believe

@THEJonBryan - I believe because I pay attention and research my phones and Mobile OS options #BB10Believe

"it wasn't about making something that looked radically different but about making something that worked radically better." #BB10Believe

‏@kanishkablack N9 never let me down, so as #devalpha, Both are rock solid stability, After N9 , BB10 is my next device. More over #QNX rocks #BB10Believe

Because it was born of the same mind that launched the Perimeter Institute and loves - and supports - pure theoretical research #BB10Believe