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CrackBerry Contest: Share your Ten Thousand Reasons to Believe and you could win a BlackBerry 10 device!

Alec Saunders loves developers!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Oct 2012 02:45 pm EDT

Tweet out your reason to believe and also leave it here as a comment for your chance to win. More than one reason to believe? Enter up to 10 times! Full details below...

Research In Motion is committed to developers. BlackBerry 10 is on the horizon and RIM is doing all they can to get as many apps as possible ready for the new OS and devices so they are in BlackBerry App World at launch. To help spread the word and give developers some incentive for preparing their apps, RIM has launched the $10k Developer Commitment, they've hosted BlackBerry 10 Jams all across the globe, they've handed out BlackBerry Dev Alphas, and so much more. During his presentation last week at the BlackBerry Jam keynote, RIM's VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders presented a new campaign called Ten Thousand Reasons to Believe.

"If you're looking for reasons to believe in BlackBerry 10 and your future with BlackBerry, look no further than what you and your peers have accomplished. You're doing amazing things with BlackBerry 10, and I want you to help us spread the word. Help us get to ten thousand. Tell us your reasons to believe. Tweet it. Use the #BB10Believe Twitter hash tag to share your story. Share those stories with us, and we'll share them with the world."  

To show CrackBerry Nation's support of RIM and all you developers out there, as well as everyone that is sitting and waiting for BlackBerry 10 to release, we want to help spread the word with your 10k reasons to believe. And by participating you'll have the chance to win a BlackBerry 10 phone.

How to Enter:  

Step 1. Send a tweet with your reason to believe and make sure you include the #BB10Believe twitter hash tag

Step 2. After you've sent your tweet, copy and paste it back into the comments of this post along with your Twitter name. See the example I left in the first comment.

Step 3. More than one reason to believe? You can enter up to TEN times. That's right. Normally we say one comment per contest entry, but not in this case. In the spirit of the Ten, you can enter ten times. You can send out ten tweets, and copy and paste each one here into a separate comment. Don't go past ten though!

Once we hit 10k reasons (contest comments to this post), we'll pick a winner who will receive an IOU for a BlackBerry 10 device!  The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone (whenever it's released), any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Share your Ten Thousand Reasons to Believe and you could win a BlackBerry 10 device!


@iammannyj - I am Manny J ‏@iammannyj
Believe in persistence, believe in ideas, believe in know-how, believe in vision, believe in the freedom to create. Just #BB10Believe !!!


I believe in BlackBerry 10 because I'm ready for a smart phone that isn't half stupid. #bb10believe

@Richard_Jacobs- @crackberrykevin @CrackBerry I believe in blackberry 10 because Kevin wouldn't grow a mop like that for "just another phone" #bb10believe

@mortenlindstrom #BB10 with its invocation framework changes everything- combined with all the tools and open source - It rocks! #BB10believe

@djrender_: I believe in blackberry 10 because I've never seen a cooler way to navigate on a device #PeekIsTheWay #bb10believe

@dekkerdan : " @crackberrykevin I believe because @CrackBerry ses so, minaswell have played with the phones myself at this point #bb10believe "

@thatMikeguyOtt: I #BB10Believe as #RIM has amazing developers working day and night creating magic. We have seen enough to know BB10 will be a game changer!

I believe in blackberry 10 because it will set the new standard for smartphones. #BB10Believe

@jusCHIP_: i believe in Blackberry 10 because it's what Jesus would do and Chuck Norris would want me to #bb10believe

blackberry. believe.

@TXjedi I believe in blackberry 10 because I'm too busy for the in-and-out paradigm. I need to always be in! #BB10Believe


#BB10Believe i believe in bb10 because u can just take it and leave with its functionality and ease ;)

@mcguire_michael: @BlackBerry has always offered the best in data compression. That counts as unlimited data plans disappear. #BB10Believe

jusCHIP_: i believe in blackberry 10 because with it i can become a developer and make something beneficial for the digital frontier #bb10believe

blackberry. believe.

The best and most productive phone on the market can only get better! BlackBerry 10 in 2013! #BB10Believe

I am honored that Sir Alec Saunders and a couple of others had RT my tweet last couple of days before this contest begun. Here's my entry and its a killa! as mention by Sir Alec.

RT @horhe316: I believe in BlackBerry 10 cos it's not just a smartphone, not an iPhone or an iClone, it's a SuperPhone! #bb10believe"

@TXjedi I believe in Blackberry 10 because it's time to rethink what "smartphone" means. #BB10Believe

@mcguire_michael: @BlackBerry doesn't put customers on a feature drip-system. Updates are free and regular so the contract dies before the phone. #BB10Believe

@spyritwriter #BB10believe I believe in blackberry10 because I believe that true excellence comes when no one believes in you more than you do.

@Migale78 : I believe in BB10 because this new OS will rules the world of mobility! RIMPIRE always strikes back!!! #BB10believe

@mcguire_michael: @BlackBerry's new platform will allow for actual multi-tasking. No more back, back, back, back, back, back, open. #BB10Believe

1. I believe in blackberry 10 because I am a developer for blackberry 10 and I know we will succeed! #BB10Believe

@mcguire_michael: The new @BlackBerry phones will pair the design appeal of the iPhone with the functionality RIM has always been known for. #BB10Believe

@ksean007 Unlike icandy the world will finally see the beauty of what a mobile should really be #BB10Believe

@Mike_mags 4.2" screen 1280x768 Display 8 MP SnapDragon S4 Chipset PLUS BLACKBERRY 10 what else do you need? #BB10Believe

@ksean007 Unlike icandy the world will finally see the beauty of what a mobile should really be #BB10Believe

Crackberry Newbie

@robins535: RIM is stepping up 2 bring innovation back 2 smartphones & making fun productivity tools, not jus productivity tools 4 fun. #BB10Believe

Lovin' my 32G PB and tolerating my Torch til BB10

Crackberry Newbie

@robins535: Waiting 4 BB10 as I believe this will b a tool 4 busy folks 2 gain max efficiency-#ultimatefunctionality #BB10Believe

Lovin' my 32G PB and tolerating my Torch til BB10

@CarFan_5801. I believe in @BlackBerry BB10 because RIM still believes the physical qwerty keyboard is still important and viable. I do too. #BB10Believe

@Mike_mags Just watching the @Blackberry #Jams demonstrating #BB10 cant wait to use the #Flow to #PeekIntoTheFuture #BB10Believe

@mike_mags People always ask me when im going to switch to iPhone. #TheresBetterOutThere #ISheep #Baaa #BB10Believe

@fotosbyfola Killer BB10 OS, Video chat integration into BBM..So many reasons to believe! #bb10believe

BB 10...Boldly taking over!

@nigelbrown peek and flow, I like to be ontop of my messages, and not have to launch a single app for a single purpose... #bb10believe

I believe #BB10Believe that it will be the most innovative smartphone to hit the market in years. #canadalove 2013

@mcguire_michael: There is no messaging solution that compares to #BBM. It only gets better on @BlackBerry's new platform. #BB10Believe

Rajat Bhargava ‏@bhrgvr

Hub, flow, peek, time shift photo, NFC, removable battery, two phone models to choose from, belief in RIM to deliver... #BB10Believe

@mcguire_michael: My @BlackBerry is partly to credit for the success of my long-distance relationship. I can't give up on them. #BB10Believe


isheep ..ANdumb...WINsuck...move over BB10 Taking over..lol #bb10believe

BB 10...Boldly taking over!

@mike_mags can someone tell me what apple has INNOVATED since the iPhone 2? #SameShitDifferentScreen. Cannot wait for my new phone #BB10Believe

@Alex_HYZ - BB10 will be the only phone i'll ever need, for both communication, and entertainment. #BB10Believe

Hype, devs, flow, integration, bbm, camera, html5, apps, bb, keyboard
All key words for #bb10 #bb10believe

If not for my PING to @AgentBlackBerry, he would've missed the first NY Mets No-Hitter. BBM gets MUCH better in BB10. #bb10believe.

Rajat Bhargava ‏@bhrgvr

Hub, flow, peek, time shift photo, NFC, removable battery, two phone models to choose from, belief in RIM to deliver... #BB10Believe

@mcguire_michael: I can't wait to have a phone that saves me even more time each time I pick it up. That's the new @BlackBerry. #BB10Believe

@mike_mags The only reason apple has market share is ADVERTISING. No NFC, Just added 4GLTE #OLDTECH #LikeAPheonixSheRises #BB10Believe

batrad @crackberrykevin nothing better than a @Blackberry, it just keeps on working #BB10Believe #BlackberryForLife


#BB10Believe i believe because of all the 10k reasons that we will see and use when bb10 is released

#bb10believe because its not only a phone, a platform but a revolutionary way of working and living, perfect mix of work and fun tool&toys

@mike_mags A phone shouldn't be about instagram, drawsomething or even angry birds it should be about Power, Efficiency, and Functionality #BB10Believe

Don't know the 1st thing about #Blackberry10 but I like the current platform. So as long as they don't screw it up I'm good. #bb10believe

@mike_mags Last One #TenReasonsWhyBB10IsBetter True One Handed Device Operation Yes you read that right. #BB10Believe


#BB10Believe because I don't want to compropise between productivity and entertainment. I want my cake and eat it too. With BB10...I'll do just that!!!


Choices... Chances... Changes... Creative... #bb10believe

The Last Choice
The Last Chance
The Beginning of Changes
The Beginning of Creativity.
Believe in BB10.

@superfly_fr I believe in #BB10 because I saw its birth and you can call my name ... Fairy grandfather ! :) that's not all rational, I guess #BB10Believe

(this, of course is a CB special edition -yet real- one ;-)

@nigelbrown I want standards, micro usb / hdmi, dlna, bluetooth, nfc etc, not new proprietary peripherals #BB10Believe

Blackberry 10 will succeed because of the amount of effort and marketing placed in it. #BB10Believe @_dariu_

@bigassbitchin Reason two: awesome BlackBerry devcons inspiring devs into action all around the world #BB10Believe

@wwjdmarco #bb10belive I believe in blackberry 10 because it is the world's most secure platform for governments, large corporations, small businesses and for my

@rjkolo I believe in BlackBerry 10 because it is time to take back the smartphone market. #bb10believe

From @SFOttawa - @CrackBerry I believe in #Blackberry10 because I've seen it, used it, touched it, love it.

@BlaineBadiuk I believe in BlackBerry 10 becouse it is the only mobile platfrom that is built on multitaksing, and being productive. #BB10Believe

@LuongBryan I believe in Blackberry 10 because my Pearl was the most reliable phone. Ever. #bb10believe

@siddhartha_c : #BB10Believe : I believe because its safe, secure, fluid and fast - it just flows man! @CrackBerry

@Blaq_Kee - I believe in BB10 devices because BBM 10 allows me to stay in contact with my fiancée living in London, UK. #BB10Believe

@LuongBryan I believe in Blackberry 10 because I am one of the 80 million Blackberry people #bb10believe

I believe in BlackBerry 10 because the flow of the Rimpire is strong in this one #BB10Believe

#bb10beleive I believe blackberry 10 will be awesome, this is my only tweet or what ever.


I hope I used twitter right, I only signed up for this contest

@siddhartha_c: #BB10Believe : I believe in @BlackBerry 10 RIM have innovated not once but many times over - and this is how a smartphone looks like ;)

@acegi1983 - I believe in BlackBerry 10 because I'm a BlackBerry user by choice and I'm proud of it #bb10believe

I believe in blackberry 10 because RIM skipped 2 years worth of OS to give us future tech #BB10Believe

@BooFA1010: The Blackberry 10 will be a very innovative phone. I believe it will change the way people look at how we use our phones... #BB10Believe

@LuongBryan I believe in Blackberry 10 because of the state of the art multi-language typing system! #bb10believe

@Nediaj0 - I believe in Blackberry 10 because of a 10 min demo that was on some next level shyte! Believe that! #BB10Believe

@FrankCaputo4 After waiting in line at Verizon for the storm being let down, then loving my Bold 9650 and now my Bold 9930, I believe because that keyboard with new software will blow everything else out of the water.

@Simon_Costello: I believe in Blackberry 10 because RIM are working with users and developers to deliver an OUTSTANDING OS and handsets. #BB10Believe

@Jawbone220 - I believe in BlackBerry 10 because RIM has shown absolutely amazing innovation with their new OS. Peek = dual screens! #bb10believe

@Simon_Costello: I believe in Blackberry 10 because it is delivering a next level user experience which allows for greater flow and usability. #BB10Believe

I believe blackberry 10 will be the best ever made operating system on a mobile phone, it will be untouchable. Blackberry along with team working on BB10 truly understand the need of business client and average users. BB10 will put blackberry back on top because they truly the best for security and simplicity. Save the best for last, I can hardly wait for it to be release. #BB10BELIEVE

@12streetglide: I belive in BB10 as it is going to be unstopable, from the previews seen so far 10Kudos for the entire RIM Team #bb10belive

@Simon_Costello: I believe in Blackberry 10 as the new handset design while retaining QWERTY keyboard will have a modern and stylish design. #BB10Believe

@Simon_Costello: I believe in Blackberry 10 because it is awesome and I love my Blackberry device and can't wait to use the new model. #BB10Believe

@siddhartha_c : #BB10Believe : I believe in @BlackBerry because it is the first phone that multi-tasks (and not just as a gimmick).

I believe in BlackBerry 10 because you can easily switch from Facebook to home screen before your mom can see what you're doing #BB10Believe

I've forgotten how many posts I've had so far...My BB is the most suitable piece of technology ever and BB10 will make it that much better

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

@sharpehenry - I believe on BB10 because apple limits iphone's potential and Google ditched my old android's software updates left with GB. #bb10believe


@CrackBerry I Believe Because it's BB10 Gangnam Style! #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I Believe Because I can't help myself #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I Believe Because Cascades looks sick! #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I Believe Because it's true multitasking #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I Believe Because my Storm 2 keeps putting out the Lightning! #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I Believe Because of BlackBerry By Choice #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I Believe Because it puts the Crack in CrackBerry! #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I Believe Because it's do or die. git r done time! #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I believe Because swipe is where it's at #BB10Believe
@CrackBerry I Believe Beacause BB10 is BA! #BB10Believe

#BB10Believe I believe in BB10 because not even Chuck Norris could break through its security!