Share your Story Maker videos and win cool prizes from CrackBerry!

By Michelle Haag on 20 Jun 2013 06:19 am EDT

You may recall we started a contest in the forums awhile back to help show off what Story Maker on BlackBerry 10 is capable of. We left the first contest pretty open, with no theme or real end date, and we got a ton of fantastic entries from CrackBerry members. We saw everything from pets to kids to vacations and cars! As promised, we've picked out a few of the entries and will be sending out some cool CrackBerry gifts to the members that submitted them. You can take a look below at those entries, and make sure you head over to the thread in the forums to see all the videos that were submitted.

With the close of one contest, another opens! That's right, it's time to show us your creative side and maybe get some CrackBerry goodies of your very own. This time around we're going to have a theme, just to make it more interesting. Since it's summer and people are likely starting to venture out after enduring the winter months, we want to see what you're up to! Whether it's a day at the park like the video above, or a picnic at the beach, hiking in the mountains, boating on the lake... wherever your days take you, we want to go too! For more details and to enter, head over to the thread at the link below!

Enter the Story Maker contest, round two!

Winners from Round One



Ishaq Omar








Congrats! If you see your name and video above, watch your email. We'll be in touch soon with info on claiming your prize. Everyone else, get creative and leave your videos in the forum thread for your shot at winning.

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Share your Story Maker videos and win cool prizes from CrackBerry!


I created a movie, but how can I send it to a friend? I tried emailing it,it was too large a file. It won't sync or copy to my computer with BlackBerry Link. any help is welcome. Thank you

Posted via CB10

Have you tried nfc? You can send whatever you want however big the file is... you can also upload it to youtube!

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

One day I hope to get it together,just not ready yet ,and still have to take many more pics.I find the camera amazing,one pic I took of a friend ,and used time shift,it got caught in between frames and he had 2 ears,on the same side.

I had something similar.
Took a photo of two women one was holding a baby the other not, after timeshift both were holding a baby :)

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Whoop! Hope I'm allowed to enter again, I love the taking pictures and film with my BlackBerry (especially since the software update) and the Story Maker app is brilliant to use.

Posted via CB10

To those who asked about sharing large videos. Put the file in the cloud (eg Box) then send a link to the file to your friend. Please be aware however, that a standard MP4 file - cannot be saved on iphone or iPad because the file type is not recognized. the files can be played however on those devices.

Posted via CB10

Another point, what about copyrights? Recently I made a movie with StoryMaker, but the song I added as background music was copyrighted. I figured that out after posting on Facebook and I immediately received a statement that it couldn't be posted.

What about CB's contest? Do you allow such materials? If so, they cannot be made public!

Finally I think StoryMaker is a nice app. I am used apple's version of that app, which is (particularly the phone version) much more detailed. I hope the guys at BlackBerry have some updates in place. Especially an update on the capability to select a specific part of a video. The current version is not precise enough.

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Mine has an obviously copyrighted song in it. YouTube notified me as soon as I uploaded it. All they had me do was acknowledge it and nothing has happened. I did not publicly list it on YouTube, though. Not sure if that has any bearing on the removal.

As for video editing with Story Maker, it does allow you to choose specific parts of a video. If you watch mine above, with the garder and bouquet toss, I was able to split those videos to use in different points of Story Maker. All within the app.

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When that promotion came out ,I cautioned people about that.I was a model ,actor ,way back when ,girls found me attractive ,HaHa!! they still do?anyway you must sign a waiver to not be able to sue the person taking the picture,and even then you could sue. .Beware when showing off your pictures$$$$$

@ Ooklah
About the copyrighted material, yes you're correct. As long as it is not publicly available (-i.e. only for yourself) it is okay. However in Facebook public availability can be changed when it is posted so I guess that's an issue. On CrackBerry, which is public, it is also an issue. I'm not saying you will get sued over it. But when you don't hold the copyrights - which I think most of the contest winners do - then the public accessibility on CrackBerry is questionable.

Also, I know it is possible to select specific parts from a movie, but it is not precise and should actually come with slow play and some extra options like pause, backward play, goto start. Come to think of it, slow motion would be an awesome addition to StoryMaker. Haven't seen that on a mobile device. I love to make movies on mobile devices, so I can think of so many cool additions. Just hope BlackBerry brings them before "the others do".

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I'm not worried about being sued. The worst that I think would happen is that the video would be removed. But I would be surprised if it didn't fall under fair use of the song.

I do hope they beef up Story Maker as well. I like it as is, but it would be nice to have more control over everything. They could even make an advanced mode that isn't set by default to keep the simplicity there for those that don't want anything more. Slow motion would be awesome. I never thought I'd be making videos on my phone and really had no interest in Story Maker before I actually got my Z10.

How do I change from a 3in1 picture to a single?
That's wired you see this small icons in the corner, but can't click on them.

I'm on a Q10 with


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Nobody looked at my Bobcats in Los Angeles video that was up loaded to a brand new youtube account. I take your contests with a grain of salt.

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