Share your favorite summer pics taken on your BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2014 12:14 pm EDT

It's summer and that means lots of activities, adventures, BBQ's, beaches and fun in the sun. It also means a lot of pics are going to taken and in the forums, andreydagr8 had a great of sharing some of the best pics you've taken over the summer with your BlackBerry smartphones.

Going on a sweet vacation? Take some pics while there and show us. Snapped some awesome pics at a event or concert? Let us see them! There's already quite a few from Canada Day appearing and with July 4th around the corner, it's a good time to take some cool pics and share them as well.

All the photos above were taken by CrackBerry forums members! Share yours, have some fun and a big shout out to andreydagr8 for kicking things off!

Share your favorite summer pics taken on your BlackBerry!

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Share your favorite summer pics taken on your BlackBerry!


Be prepared to spend at least an hour viewing this awesome thread. I can't have enough of it.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

Visiting Toronto 2 weeks ago taken with my Z30 from the 360 Restaurant, CN Tower

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If only the app would let me upload pics. Hm.... possible update feature???? *wink wink nudge nudge*

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I checked my permissions and I still don't see an option when posting. How do I add a photo to my post?

Via My z10 and CB10

I really like the z10 and z30 but the camera should barely be rated.. let alone underrated.

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Can't get a close up! I used to use my old BB's camera as a magnifying glass to zoom in/read some small print/markings. Can't do it with the Z30 (or Z10), but I CAN get as close as possible, snap a pic, then zoom in on the pic. Overall, I have no complaints, but would welcome a macro setting. If I need a close up picture, I should use a camera, not a phone.

I don't understand that at all, on my Z30 I take amazing closeup/macro shots. That camera is fantastic, I am always blown away by the quality. It seems especially good at close up shots. Weird that you do not have the same experience.

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I like my Canon T3i and all the lenses that are in the collection. That's what gives a great picture.

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whoopee! I jumped on this thread last night and I'm on Page 2. Everyone will see my beautiful picture of Kansas's Yellow Brick Road!

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

I take awesome pics with my Z10 camera I then fine tune them using the native edit tools and apps like effetica and filter box I even use Instagram filters for that added wow factor

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I gotta get out my digital camera. :D

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How about a comp for sharing wonderful winter photos for those of us in the southern hemisphere?

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It's winter here in the tropics, but our actual "useful" summer, because it's drier and cooler and the monsoon is gone...

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Maybe a hash tag suggestion would be good so we don't have to cross post pics. I routinely tag my IG photos with #BlackBerry and #Z30 as do others if you search the tags.

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Let's start a thread : Post your pictures that you take by accident every day with OS10
RedBerry Z10 #00167

I have so many my Z10 is full of those pictures :) and:
" Post the phone numbers of people you called by accident with OS10"

And no, it is not even funny, that sucks!
Please fix OS10 we are not in Kindergarden , BlackBerry.

When will actually the ten millionth post be added, and by whom?