Share Web pages between your PC and BlackBerry with Home to Phone

By ObiGeorge on 2 Sep 2010 08:53 am EDT

I have been testing Home to Phone for the past couple weeks, and have to say it is one of the most useful BlackBerry applications I have come across. Like Android's Chrome to Phone, Home to Phone lets you share web pages to and from your BlackBerry device and desktop browser (Firefox plugin, Chrome beta, or Windows application).

Setting up Home to Phone is simple and easy. It can be done in about 5 minutes. After installing the BlackBerry Home to Phone application, you will need to install the Firefox plugin on your PC. Once both are installed, you will have to set a passcode for authorization on both the device, and the plugin.

Once you are all setup, the fun begins. Remember, Home to Phone allows you to share web pages from both PC to BlackBerry, and BlackBerry to PC. When sending a web page from your PC, the page automatically opens on your BlackBerry, and is almost instant. Another great feature is the ability to send phone numbers, which arrive in your inbox and are clickable, quickly connecting the call.

Overall, Home to Phone is one of the best BlackBerry applications I have used. I use it dozens of times per day and it works without any bugs whatsoever. Personally, throughout my busy day, there are countless situations where this comes in handy. The application is available on all BlackBerry models running OS 5 and up, but really shines on the new BlackBerry 6 webkit browser. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry App Store for the introductary price of $2.99.

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Share Web pages between your PC and BlackBerry with Home to Phone


I've just installed a qr code generator for the browser, and use my bb to scan that code using the built in qr reader in bbm (scan group barcode).

very good idea. can't believe i never thought about doing that. you sir deserve a cookie :P

thanks. just found a new/better way to load up pages on my phone in a quick way for FREE

How is that possibly better? Home to Phone allows for single click access to open your browser for you instantly. Messing around with creating QR codes and dealing with the slow BlackBerry camera is what this app is meant to avoid. Sure, there are other ways to do the same thing, but I (and Google, since they pushed Chrome to Phone) so hard believe this is the best way. Try it out yourself for free and see which you prefer.

very cool to see something like this come to the bb, but i won't be paying money for it. unless a free alternative comes along, i'll just shorten the url i'm at on my computer then load it on the bb manually.

Is not the fact That we can Manually enter urls on are BB."anyOne can do that,..
this APP ,,,..send,..2.99$?
send,,..!come on,.well worth it for the time and efforts of Epic Applications Team, Is all about the conveniences'

I definitely understand the concern, but consider all the work we had to do to get this running for you guys as well as the dependence on Push Service which costs money if you reach enough usage. I also have to run a web service forever to allow people to continue to send links--that stuff just isn't free. Chrome to Phone was able to offer it free since Google subsidized it for its own platform. I can't imagine Home to Phone being able to run for free unless I receive a huge donation or get bought by RIM. Please try to take into consideration how much time and effort goes into these apps.

as you have every right to charge for this app, i was just simply saying that there are alternative ways to achieve similar tasks with other methods. great job on this app. hope it's a huge success, as it should be. bb is lacking in great apps like this.

I'm going to BB app world now to buy it. I've been wanting something like this. Will it allow me to sync my BB browser with my Chrome or FireFox PC browsers?

Ignore the idiots who complain that something isn't free or that there's another way to do it for free...sure there is, but it's a hassle with the QR Code route.

I like your product. I just hope that if I have problems with this app on my Torch that you guys will be here for us and second, I hope that RIM does buy you out for a pretty penny and make this a standard feature on the WebKit browser (or the old browser, too).

Good job EpicDraws

I fail to see where is this useful, what's wrong with copying and pasting the link in an email or bbm? I call it a solution to a problem that never existed. Unless you're to lazy/important and you wanna ask your secretary to do all that for you, lol

I agree,

While it would be neat to see this in action, I don't see any real world need for it. Probably one of those apps I'd use once and say..."wow that was kinda cool". Then never open it again.

Absolutely, I might use it 'dozens of times a day' if I was reviewing it, but I don't see how it is useful. Each to there own I guess, apart from mentioning big names like 'firefox' and 'chrome' to make it sound more impressive than what it is then other than that I just don't get it.

Do you really think we are "mentioning big names to make it sound bigger than it is?" How else do I mention that I took a long time to integrate with popular products like Firefox and Chrome? Sure, you can deal with opening your email program, copying a link, sending the email, then opening it and clicking on the link, OR you can just press a single button with Home to Phone and have the link open instantly on your device. I personally think the second one is much, much easier, and doesn't dirty my inbox with a bunch of random links I only care to read once.

I know at first it seems like there isn't much use for an app like this but I've been wanting to see one for a while now. Even more so now that I have the Torch. Here is a sample use case of why it's not just for the "lazy."

I do consulting to pay for my blackberry addiction, say I get a call from a client with an emergency that requires an onsite visit. While they're explaining the issue to me on the phone I realized I'm stumpped so I turn to google to save my a**. I find a few results that look promising, the problem is you have to read the pages and go a few links in to the page to get to the solution. I then realize the client can't provide all the information I'd need to be sure which fix will work.

With this program I could send those deep link page urls to my phone and then easily pull them up at the client site to match their exact problem with the proper solution.

Another instance is you're at work and while surfing you see some news articles or posts that you'd like to read but don't have the time to devote to it right now. You know you have lunch in 30min so you send them to the phone as you come across them and read them while out grabbing a bite to eat.

I realize all this can be done with email but if there is a delay between when you "find" each link now you're sending multiple emails to your phone. I already have enough email to sort through on my device, this type of system essentially becomes a holding cell for links you'd like to read on your device at a later point. I used to do the QR code thing as well, but then I had to bookmark it to save it for later. Otherwise I was then reading something on my phone even though I was at my PC.

Besides the fact that these are 2 very specific scenarios 98% of people would never have to worry about. Just pop open notepad and copy/paste the links from the browser, then email it. It's one email not multiple. And you could even write down beside the links small descriptions. I'm not convinced this is any better than that. And honestly after watching that video, who in the world would want to send a number to their phone like that, it's faster to just look at the screen and type it in. Don't give me the what if you don't have your phone with you. We're BB users we always have our phones.

Slant, this app is really designed for power users, and not everyone may see the value in it until they try. Before you continue to try to discredit others scenarios, install the app and give it a try for yourself. It is free to try. What you say is correct, you can surely deal with emails and all that, but I prefer to have it instantly launch links without any effort. As for the numbers, I just don't agree with you. Here is how I use it, and I think this is pretty common: I am looking for a restaurant and search on Google Maps. Once I find one, I just highlight the number, right click and go Send to Phone. From there I click once and it dials--why would I want to bother with reading off and entering a 10 digit number which is error prone when I can just click? And of course I use it when I have my phone in my hand already, but it also would clearly work if your phone was in another room or something like that.

As it develops, you'll find a plethora of possibilities...

Suppose you're surfing from your desktop and find a review of an app you'd like to give a look. Simply send the link to the app to your device and it'll automatically begin the install from app world.

You happen to be sitting at your desk reading your mail and you stumble across a phone number for somebody you decide you wish to call, or are visiting a company's support page and they have their customer service line posted, simply click on the phone number and your phone automatically dials the number.

While reading email from your desktop, and a client sends you an address for an upcoming appointment, send that address to your phone. Then your phone automatically fires up bbmaps/google maps and stores the navigation/turn-by-turn directions to be instantly available when you leave for said appointment.

The possibilities are endless.

Again your defining very specific scenarios that just barely ever happen. And really...don't you have email setup on your phone? Can't you just go use the information straight from the emails on the phone.

Maybe later on they may put in something useful. But for now I'm filing this under Novelty.

Actually, I only named a few instances, there are many more. Sure, I could email to the phone. That would entail composing the mail, sending the mail, opening the mail on my phone, and then selecting what I want to do from the information in that mail. Whereas it would have been much simpler to just one click send the info to my phone and it's all done instantly.

And no, they don't "barely ever happen". Everything I've listed above, I have done numerous times with Fox to Phone over the past couple weeks. Some of us use smartphones as something more than a consumer/luxury device.

I think you misunderstood me. Your scenarios are talking about extracting information from emails on your desktop. If your phone is setup properly you receive those same emails on the phone. Theres no email creation etc. just go open the email on the phone and copy/paste.

P.S. this application doesn't open the maps app or anything like that it simply opens a website or sends you a notification of a number you can dial. Which is why I state maybe in the future they will add useful features.

As for your consumer/luxury comment I assume you're trying to say you want to do things as fast and efficient as possible (And I don't). But I'll bet you anything side by side I could look at the screen and dial a number faster than you could use this to dial the same number. So maybe it's you that is looking for the fancy novelty consumer/luxury device.

I, along with many others, think those things are really useful. The App World scenario he described also works--browse the App World on their website, and send a link and it opens instantly into the App World app. We are still working on this app, and based on user feedback will expand it to support even more scenarios. Slant, I think you have made it clear you aren't interested in this app, but I don't understand the need to try to discredit other's uses.

We're having an argumentative discussion on whether or not this application is useful. And now you're chiming in with obvious bias considering you made the application. Not only that but you're attacking me saying you don't understand my trying to discredit other users who at the same time I might add...are trying to do the same to me. But I understand not commenting on their attempts to do so as you're biased. My final statement of right now this application offers no conceivable features that would make you more productive. In the future maybe. I think release should have been held off until the application had some real features.

This is one of the most useful apps, I've been wishing for, ever since I saw it work on android. $2.99 is actually pretty cheap compared to its usefulness. Unlike slant, I don't have the time to click, click, copy, paste, click, send, click, save... Sure I COULD do it, but if its affordable (which it is) I will definitely pay for it (which I am). Keep up the good work devs.

We had this issue for about 20 minutes after launch (late last night), but corrected it. Are you still seeing this problem?

Why is it all these kinda apps are free on android and iPhone but are pay apps on blackberry? Its killllllllllling the vibe star! Lame!!

It is free on Android since Google wrote it and therefore subsidized it to try to better their platform. Until RIM wants to buy it from me, I still have to pay to run my web service and the site for it, neither of which are free.

At least 3 or 4 times a week I'm reading an article or web page at lunchtime and either I don't have the time to finish or the print is to small so I copy the address then email it to myself so I can look at it on the desktop when I get home. Yes it is do-able I do it all the time, but its a pain in the a$$. Now for $2.99 one click and its on the way! This is a great idea and well worth the cost of 2 cups of coffee.

Maybe you haven't discovered the shortcut P in your browser that brings out the page address with the option to copy it or send it via pretty much every way you want, emai, sms, pin, messenger contact, group message, yahoo, gtalk, facebook, twitter

$2.99 is a bit much IMO for any app but that's just me.

But I do have to say this is pretty cool for such a simple thing.

Now I wish it could send a google maps page to my google maps app on my phone. But you can get the short url from google maps and open it in new tab and then send but...

i tried everything ..but this app didnt work for me...said i had to try a different page on my berry and on my browser said it would send me a link in blackberry app world to buy it after i had already purchased it. Anyone have any suggestions on why its not working for me?

Using FireFox, I can receive pages from my Torch. However, I have had no luck sending pages from my PC to the BlackBerry. Any tips or suggestions? I've sent an email to support and haven't heard back yet.

I emailed them too.I just got a stock reply saying blah blah ur 3.00 bucks is gone and u didnt get a app that worked.

I have ten million email accounts, thats why i have a bb, and when i want to open something on my computer on on my berry i just msg the link via msn, like i always have msn open on my computer, so when i get home there is a msn convo will all the links i ned to review.

phone home app= 2.99
gmail account and msn = free

app= fail

Used this for a while then it stopped working, you cannot re-download it without paying again.

Ttheir customer service is completely useless, they asked me to send my pin number just over a week ago, still waiting for a reply