Share pictures of your first BlackBerry with us!

Old BlackBerry's
By Jared DiPane on 31 Jul 2012 03:57 pm EDT

Your BlackBerry addiction started somewhere, and we want to know where. Odds are that through the years you have changed BlackBerry smartphones like socks, leaving behind the old faithful for the new shiny one. My journey has included just about every single model that ever hit Verizon Wireless since the BlackBerry 8703e. The amazing people in the forums are usually here to discuss issues, help you solve things that are going on and inform us of new apps, but every now and then we get some unique ideas.

Forums user ajst222 came up with the idea for everyone to share their first BlackBerry device with the rest of the CrackBerry community, and the idea is quite fantastic. So, what was your first BlackBerry? Be sure to hop into the forums and share your pictures with the community, so we can all know just where your addiction began.

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Share pictures of your first BlackBerry with us!


Hey! same here. Mine was a Sprint Red Curve 8330, used it from June 2009 to the release date of the Sprint Bold 9930 August 21st 2011. What color was your's...and hiw namy times, even though you had clean fingers, did you have to clean the trackball? for me, at least once every 2 weeks. LOL I acutally sold it about 3 weeks after my Bold 9930, I put it on craigslist and still had the original box, accessories and even threw in a car charger for the gal. she bought it because i kept it in almost mint condiction, $50.00 :)

My first BB was also the Curve 8330,Silver on Verizon.Actually it's my current phone since I'm in the process of selling my HTC Rezound. What a great performing device,still. I especially liked the fact that you could replace the trackball on the 83xx series Curves(as well as the 81xx series Pearls)by just popping out the trackball assembly and switching out for the new one.Done in 2 minutes.Unlike the 8900 & 9000 where you had to dismantle the body to get to the trackball. The Curve 83xx series was a real winner for RIM and they would have been far better off by just adding upgrades to it instead of the hideously cheap 85xx and 93xx Curves.

Just because RIM is laying off 3000 people in August is no reason to get worried. The RIMPIRE will strike back!!!

Playbook, the one and only

First one I used was a 7100 at work.
First one I owned was my beloved Pearl 8120.
My current Bold is my first non-SureType phone.

(sorry, no pix, but you can guess what they looked like)

Deju vue of a thread let alone an article....frown.

We need some proper news / articles. I guess the iphone / android side of this MB site gets new updates of new stuff about them often.

My Blackberry Evolution Timeline:

Pearl 8110>>> Curve 8330>>>> Storm 9500 (for like a month...shit phone)>>>> Bold 9000>>>> Tour 9630>>>> Bold 9700>>>> Bold 9900 (present)>>>> Playbook Tablet

I will most likely stick with the Bold series and Blackberry till the ship sinks... LOYALTY!!

I do that in every post I write. ;)

(in the forum: Device(s): current 9900+PB32 [R.I.P. 9000 (Bold! broke), 8300 (in use), 8700 (sold), 7230 (vitrine), 6230(sold)])

850 in the year 2000 (never activated) I should have it somewhere in my storage. I was 17 at the time and I used to work for a canadian company named LeChateau stores here in 34st in New York. My next real (activated) device from RIM was the 8330 with Sprint then the 9630 and 9650 with Sprint then the 9780 with T-Mo and now the 9900 with T-Mo.

My first phone was the 8830. I thought it was the greatest device ever made. I just couldn't charge it anymore thus I went to a Storm, then Storm 2 and now I'm on the 9930.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Where'd my Blacberry addiction begin? WIth my Playbook. I bought a Samsing galaxy tab in April 2011 and by November 2011 it was obsolete and slow...big mistake. I gave it to my wife and she loved it at first, then complained how it was slow and wouldnt run new Android apps.

Decided to buy myself a Blackberry Playbook for Christmas 2012 as I heard it had a screaming fast processor. Thats when I become addicted.

Android has a problem. They have had 5 new OS in the past 18 months and force you to buy a new tablet with each one. Playbook on the other hand is still screaming fast after 18 months. Nice thing is Playbook gives you a free new OS every year rather than forcing you to buy a whole new tablet. Sorry Samsung...Playbook wins, you lose!!!

Playbook, the one and only

I had the one second from the left, forgot the model number. also had the Storm and Storm 2, now a 9810... but man I haven't seen the iconic 'blue'berry in the while!

my first device was the 8900 curve since i was at RIM and a new employee at the time it was my first device next went to the 9630 tour than to the 8520 curve and finally when OS 6 was out for awhile got to use the 9800 torch. Sadly after I lost my job had a huge addiction to wanting to be back with my bb all my bbm contacts and my backup files where there and now i own a 9900 bold and cant wait for bb10 still undecided on touch or kb version tho. o Also the proud owner of a PB comboed with my 9900 is an amazing deal.

How about going back to the began where I deployed hundreds of the original email pager models RIM 850 with MS Outlook, PIN based messaging, and 1 double AA batteries. Loved that thing and the scroll wheel. The VPs got the bigger screened pager models.

So I have/owned – need to get a family portrait like shown with this article

RIM 850
RIM 7200 Nextel (no color)
RIM 7250 Nextel (with color) and keyboard so good you could almost type with gloves on it.
RIM Bold 9930 (finally had to off my 7250 after 7years of service in 2012 for the Bridge software to Playbook tablet)
RIM Playbook.

How about you do something useful like trying to solve the "media processor is busy" problem that plagues these phones when using a bluetooth headset or plugging an auxiliary cable into the headset jack? Seems a bit more functional to Blackberry life than this topic.

It's a bug with OS 7/7.1. Clean out the clutter, I did that and it works. Don't run a streaming radio thing while playing other media, that causes it. Haven't had that issue in or

I went in and charged up the ole Nextel i7520 see if the old boy would still crank up! Silly me of course it did this thing was a tank of a phone. Funny looking back at that old washed out screen how happy I was to get it at the time. Had 4 email accounts, AIM, an MLB app, a very basic browser, and the track wheel that everyone could use without looking! I think this is the phone I had the longest when I look back I kept it till the 8820 came out on AT&T then got 9000, 9700, 9800 and 9810 on launch day or close so I didn't keep phones like I did with this one. This was a great phone (only one back then that would get full bars inside the house), and the PTT was great way to save money.

As a newbie my list of device are quite short.
8830 Verizon
9650 verizon
Holding out for BB 10
Oh, and I'm NOT on VERIZON.

My history of addiction doesn't go that far back. It started in 2010 with the curve 3G, followed by another Curve 3G, a Torch 9800 (for very little time), a white Bold 9780 and my current Bold 9780 in black.

I found my first blackberry at school... Pearl 8100 since then its all blackberry for me...
Pearl 8100 on T-Mobile
Storm 9530 on T-Mobile
Bold 9700 on T-Mobile
Torch 9850 on T-Mobile (current phone)
Playbook 16GB
Currently waiting for BB10

8130 TELUS CDMA (donated)
9700 TELUS HSPA (given to band member)
9900 WINDmobile (current, forever carrier!)
Playbook 16GB.

My journey began when I purchased an iphone on ebay within the first few months (before they were available in Canada) of it being released. Upon realizing that this "smartphone" could not send pictures and my Motorola flip phone could, I ditched that brick and pucked up a 8900. Now this is what a smartphone was all about; ability to send pictures, multitask, instant messaging, I was hooked. I then upgraded to a 9700, it was an 8900 on steroids for me. The wife recieved the 8900 as I wanted to keep it in the family. The wife upgraded to the 9900 a few days after it was available and I am rockin a 9810 after the delay of BB10 was announced. The journey is not over as I plan on getting a BB10 phone when they arrive. Definitely BlackBerrybychoice (is it weird that BlackBerrybychoice was in the playbook dictionary, when it was the first time I used it?). I also purchased a 32gb playbook on launch day and am very pleased with my purchase.

My first blackberry was the Bold 9000, a curve 9300, a bold 9700 and now a bold 9900. Plus my sweet Playbook 64GB - yeah baby

Blackberry by Choice!

my first BlackBerry was Huron 8820 and 8700g. Then I moved into Storm 9500, Odin 9550, then tried 7730, 7100g, then moved to Onyx 9700, Tour 2 9650, Pearl 3G 9105. I also tried KickStart 9220. Before Monza nowadays, I used Apollo 9360. PlayBook 16GB was in my hand also...

My first BlackBerry was a Sprint Curve 8330. I had a Nextel i950 for like three years, then decided to just have a LAN line. Then in 2007, My daughter was 16, and the cell phone frenzy was begining, and she always wanted the "Latest" device, so she gave me her Samsung flip phone she got in 2005, and bought herself a Samsung Instinct 30. So after about a year and a half of using her getting outdated Samsung flip, I went to Best Buy and really not knowing what was the best device for me (Since it'd been over three and a half years since my beautiful Nextel i950) My daughter kept telling me "You have to get the Instinct!'s the best!" so I tried it out and hated the touchscreen, also tried out the just released Palm Pre, didn't like it, Until the very understanding Best Buy saleman ask me very basic questions of what "I" was looking for in a device, so he recommended the Sprint Curve 8330 (it had already been out over a year and was priced at $49.99) I took his advice and fell in love with the qwerty keyboard and appreance of the sweet Red Curve. My only cons where like many, had to clean the trackball at least once every 2 weeks (even like I did, wash my hands to make sure it stayed dirt free) and the lousy brower, but eveything else was terrific about the device, in fact so nice, at the time, ISprint was still doing thier Preimium members getting yearly upgrades and I passed a whole year (the Bold 9650 did not impress me) I waited and used it on my current and BEST BLACKBERRY device yet made, the Bold 9930. Now MY biggest concern is, will RIM have the OS10 Qwerty that can rival in almost every aspect of the fast emerging Samsung? or by the time of my upgrade, the iphone 6 newly designed? I just remember from 2006-2009 the dominace RIM had in the smartphone just kinda feel looking at at 1020 RCA Victrola and knowing how once it WAS KING!

Oh, the nostalgia! I have a soft spot in my heart for old Blackberrys since my first BB was a 957 Internet Edition that I got way back in 2001. And used all the way until December of 2008 (yes, 2008) when I picked up my current BB, a Storm 9530. I still think that 957 was in many ways the best Blackberry ever made. One handed operation with the thumb wheel, easy to read monochrome LCD screen with that wonderful greenish backlight, glorious keyboard, no phone to annoy the user and weeks of battery life. Plus, Mobitex on Rogers could get a signal damn near anywhere, from in the middle of nowhere to a concrete basement downtown. My 957 still sits on the desk in my bedroom in its charging cradle. Silver screen bezel worn down to black, cracks in the case, most of the letters worn off the keys, seeing the red charging light still makes me smile.

8310, and currently using Curve 8350i (Nextel) for work. and Bold 9930 paired to my Playbook (64GB)

my first Blackberry was a silver 8330 curve on Verizon and now carry a bold 9930 and look at all the new phones on the market and none of them are as good as my 9930.

Come now... that's a lie and you know it lol. I'm a huge BB fan and even I wouldn't speak so loosely. For what do, the phone is the best. Email, keyboard... its a much needed tool business wise. But to say its the BEST phone on the market?!... far from it. The browser is one to two years behind most. Blackberry's technology has been behind since early 08'. With what goes into making a phone these days (apps, camera, battery life and overall functionality) Blackberries are a far cry from being "Best on the market". Even BB10 wont be what we expect. its late to the market as it is and wont have anything new for people OUTSIDE the BB world. For BB fans and users, BB10 will be a huge upgrade... but for the mass, BB10 SHOULD HAVE BEEN what BB7 or even BB5 was promising to offer. This is their ONE and final shot...I for one (as a fan) hope they have A LOT more in store then what i've seen so far.

My first blackberry was a purple 8530 from Sprint. I loved that thing. I put a purple incipio silicrylic case on it. Looked soooo good.

Sorry I don't have a picture to share.

Well my list of Blackberrys... Torch 9810 --- Playbook 64GB

Well im young and this is my first smartphone