Contest: Share how you use BlackBerry Messenger and enter to win up to $5,000

Share how you BBM!
By Adam Zeis on 15 Jun 2010 01:00 pm EDT

BlackBerry Messenger in Times Square - thanks to Marcus A. for sending this in!

Let face it, we all use BlackBerry Messenger every day (if you don't you should be). Right now a great contest is going on by the folks at RIM and all you have to do is let the world know how you use BBM. If you live in the US or Canada, you can win one of many prizes (including the $5,000 grand prize) just by submitting a photo or video telling how you use BlackBerry Messenger. Don't use "maxing out my contact list" as your entry - Kevin already has that one covered. The contest is going on now and runs through July 13th. Prizes include a $5,000 grand prize, two $1,000 prizes as well as some cool schwag for another 25 winners. While you're at it, why not make up a video and enter our CrackBerry Idol contest? You could be the next CrackBerry writer and that's way better than winning $5,000 (submission deadline is tonight at midnight). I'm sure there are plenty of you that can come up with some pretty sweet ideas, so get going and submit your entries via the link below.

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Contest: Share how you use BlackBerry Messenger and enter to win up to $5,000


I have no friends with a blackberry, if I did then I would text them. So it is a huge waste of my time and space on my phone. Not only this but i already have AIM and AIM lets me talk to users on other phones. So I upgrade to the version on Blackberry App World so that I can uninstall it from my Tour and save space on my phone.

BBM rocks for group chats and saving money on text messages. Granted a lot of people have unlimited texts these days, but BBM lets me keep in touch w/ a circle of friends that I wouldn't talk to much otherwise. Brought together by our blackberries you could say. A great part of BBM is that when I'm visiting relatives where the data signal is unavailable, I can still keep up via wifi.

And Aim? Seriously? *PUKE* I'm never installing AIM on anything with a cpu ever again. Have been aim-free for years now and proud of it. Good riddance.

Also run google chat which works .... ok. Good enough. If it had a group chat like BBM does, I'd be set.

No not really AIM.
But really, text messages!!!
or get this, I call my family and if I don't have service I use a regular phone, OMG!!!!
But seriously, AIM is much better then BBM and has more features, including talking to people without a blackberry.
Unlimited text 4 life!

I like to start in the morning using it to make my toast. Then I use its incredible abilities to remote start my car before I head out. Then I use the built-in Head Up Display setting while driving to work to check the latest news and catch up on all the latest tech stories. Once I arrive at work, I use it to again to remote start my office computer and makee a nice hot cup of coffee.

Also, at times I use it to send, oh, I don't know, MESSAGES TO OTHER BBM USERS!

Use it to ask for opinions from my peers when I have a rough case, specially when it comes to read images from x-rays, etc.

All of my family and friends have BB so it makes it easyier for us to communicate with BBM. The group chat is perfect instead of calling multiple people.

I use bbm to talk to my fellow blackberry users, I only have four black berry contacts, but that it how i talk to those four people. I like it because it send messages quicker than text, i like the fact that it tells you when they have read the message. It has a few other feature that text messaging does not.

BBM = My life..I'm on it 24/7 to communicate to parents and family while away @ skool and on the run.

Use it to message our lass to get her knickers off, but seeing as this is US/CAN only, waste of time entering

Concur. Tell the world how you use BBM, but unless you'r in North America, You can *&^@ off winning anything. Im so sick of competitions like this.

I agree with the fact that it is ridiculous that a globally supplying company who sell a globally usable device, designed to use the global internet, will only allow two countries to enter.

I use bbm to set up dates I solicit off of craigs list. Also to set up a night out at the local stripclub with some guy friends. I use it to do all of my dirt. Really.

I Love BBM probably the most convenient and useful app that I have ever had.I have a had Blackberry since 2005 and back then nobody had one...when the Berry explosion happened I proudly added many of my friends and pretty much will not change phone because of this app alone.

My primary use for BBM is to receive orders from my wife aka central command throughout the day. Sometimes I get lucky and am able to see the messages without opening up the chat. Without that little R next to the check mark, central command thinks that I haven't read the orders yet. This allows for strategic procrastination.

It's funny that some people are reply here and not actually following the instructions to comment on the contest site LOLZ!

I am going to comment here because BBM never really has been or will be essential to me and I don't use it much. Texting will always be the universal link between mobile phone device. Also most of us are at a computer at some point, if not all day so any other messenger service that you can have logged in on both mobile device and computer is much more efficient.

I use BBM to just talk to my friends, and it saves on my texting bill. Also, sometimes I use the 'Broadcast Message...' feature to help promote my friend's band whenever they have a show.

I have loved the BBM. I have been on a BlackBerry for a year and a half. I love it. The Messenger has connected me with a circle of BlackBerry friends that I have never met but talk to on a daily basis now for over 18 months due to messenger. They have become my virtual family. I love it! Thank you RIM for the BBM and I thank the Lord for the new friends HE has given me because of it!!

Blackberry Messenger has to be one of the only reasons I still have a blackberry. Also, the keyboard is like heaven to type on. But I'll admit I LOVE BBM because it helps you stay instantly connected to your friends and family, well at least the ones with blackberries. Also, I love the fact that you can tell whether it sent and whether the person read it or not, which I can't even explain how many times it has saved me. Plus, it's basically unlimited text messaging as long as you have a data plan which is great for me because I don't have unlimited text messaging. Overall, if regular texting was organized like BBM I would be really happy because BBM is perfect text messaging.

Hey I use my bb to make plans for my days....I also use it to write my reports and do spreadsheets...I check the news and follow up on the fifa scores....I surf the net a lot when I'm at work or school...I am always on my blackberry 24/7 :P can't live without one

I use my blackberry messenger to keep in contact with everyone, I lost contact with my friend Lauren who lives in Victoria about 6 years ago and just last year we somehow managed to find each other, after she got a blackberry and we basically talk to each other every day. I also use the BBM more than i text message basically talking to my friends and family and planning events and meetings.

I use it to communicate with MTS customers in Canada since MTS started charging their customers for out-of-country texting. Now I need something for those without Blackberry.
MTS needs some srs competition.

I use BBM mostly to stay in touch with my boyfriend, we like the instant messaging better than the texts, especially when the texts and mix up so easily..

I work in a medical office, and when the Doctors order test such as echocardiograms or sleep studies I need to notify the techs their schedule. I can't call them because they may be in the middle of a scan ,so by sending them a message through BBM they get it and can respond with any questions without having to make a call. Also when one of the doctors wants to know the status of a sleep study, I contact the representative and have an instant answer. Key word INSTANT, I can't stress how important that is.

i use bbm for make a new friend, looking for girlfriend, meet my old friend, also for work...
n bbm group for making conversation with family, with friend, n the others...

To address Lars impression of SMS vs BBM (on Facebook), I would say the coolest aspect is also the fact you can take your pin # and others pin #'s and plug them into the person's vcard (aaddress card mae for each individual) and you use this like email nd you are not limited to x amount of chracters like text messaging is. It's faster than text as well. I ... See Moreactually use that more so than BBM. Anyone else use it this way as well? Also, you can open someone's contact and pin them with other peoples vcards attached and quickly populate a new Blackberry user with key contacts. SMS no can dooooo. Ironically I dont typically hear this as a selling feature from vendors and it definitely should be one. It's awesome from the perspective if your email is down you can still communicate via pin feature and get things done.

I use bbm to rap on the group that I made with other people. The group is called rap olympics. Everyone should join my group. 312CFC3E

Ah yes, keeping in touch with friends mostly, occasionally for work colleagues too. Great method for exchanging good humour asking a quick question, commenting on the sports event I'm watching.

I use my bbm to talk to everyone that i know who has a bb!! I LOVE IT!! My boyfriend insisted that i get a blackberry just so we could use this instead of using all his alotted texts! LOL.. I now use it to communicate with my boyfriend while he is working (hes a cop) so, when i send him a message, i see that its been delivered, and read... so i know if hes ignoring me or if hes busy! =) and with my dad, i use it to text him too! its much faster than texts because you dont have to wait for it to send, then wait wondering if they even read it yet.. especially when its an urgent message.. you can tell that they have read the message! =)
Several of my friends that are new to the BB world dont even know what it is or how to use it so i walk them thru it and next thing i know they are blowin up my bbm with messages!!!

I use bbm to keep in contact with family and friends. I am also part of a few groups. I really love that feature.

I just use it to chat with my friends and keep in touch with people that moved away. Its a pretty nice feature, but I wish they could expand to a computer and other platforms.

BBM is a wonderful communication tool that I use to keep in touch with my team as we go through the day. it is very quick and so easy to deliver messages back and forth as challenges pop up trough the day. It is also very useful to communicate with family and friends.