Share on Flickr brings quick Flickr photo sharing to BlackBerry 10

If you need to upload photos to Flickr, this is the app to have hands down

By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2013 08:06 pm EDT


Although BlackBerry 10 is deeply integrated with several different services such as Twitter, Dropbox, Box and Evernote, one that was not included is Flickr. To help address that concern, a new app called Share on Flickr has been released and is currently being offered in BlackBerry World for free. Share on Flickr is a very simple native app that essentially taps into the BlackBerry 10 sharing mechanism and works with the Flickr API to offer direct photo uploads to Flickr from the BlackBerry 10 photo gallery or any other app that offers simple photo sharing capabilities.

Share on Flickr is lightweight coming in at only 120kb and only requires that you login and authorize it to allow access to your Flickr account. Once logged in and authorized, any photos you share to Flickr can have a title, a description and in addition to all of that, you can also set the visibility preferences for the photo as well. You know, in case you wish to keep things private or only for friends and family.

Ultimately, there's not a lot to the app but it does exactly what it says it will do, it's native, works fantastically and best of all, it's free! If you're needing to upload photos to Flickr, this is the app to have hands down.

Download Share on Flickr from BlackBerry World

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Share on Flickr brings quick Flickr photo sharing to BlackBerry 10


Hmm. I have the android app side loaded but I haven't tested it at all. I'll probably get this and decide which to keep.

Posted via CB10

Gregory can you post or send me a tweet @newportironman or pin# 3319C306 how the Android port works. My Q10 gets here this week and I like Flickr. Miss the old BB program on the legacy platform which allowed tagging etc.

No you shouldnt need to have this running. It plugs into the share functionality of the OS. I do believe it will launch the app though when you chose to do it anyways. When I get home I will try it, seems like a useful app.

I recall there was a Flickr app on BBOS when I got my first Blackberry, but it was unfortunately discontinued at some point. Happy to see a new option that integrates in BB10's native capabilities. A real, direct-from-Flickr app is something I'm hoping to see come to BB10. Android, iPhone, and even Windows Phone have their equivalents.

Just installed and ran it and my phone is frozen in the 'pre-launch' screen (the black one with a faint "BlackBerry 10" logo in the center).

Swipe up doesn't exit/minimize the app. What else is there I can do? Help!


EDIT: Broke out of that by holding the "Voice commands" shortcut between the volume buttons, but the phone is acting weirdly still (eg: can't open new apps, or close runnings ones, or launch camera, or open BBM messages, etc). I _really_, _really_ want to avoid rebooting the phone because I believe in the stability of QNX and hope it can recover here...

EDIT: Rebooted. :(