"Share On..." feature of BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 and PlayBook OS 2.0 demoed by Vivek Bhardwaj

By Michelle Haag on 7 Feb 2012 04:51 pm EST

I'm convinced that presentations never go 100% according to plan, regardless of what the presentation is about, and this morning's keynote at BlackBerry DevCon Europe 2012 was no exception to that. Vivek Bhardwaj, Head of Software Portfolio EMEA, experienced a glitch in his presentation while showing us some of the incredible new features that the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 and BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 will be capable of. Specifically, he was demoing "Open On…" which allows you to open a photo or other document from your BlackBerry to your PlayBook with one click. Vivek snapped a picture of the 2000 people in the audience but when he tried to open it on his PlayBook it didn't load as expected. Fortunately, RIM really wanted to share this feature with everyone, so after the keynote Vivek got back on stage and they filmed a follow up of the demo, which worked flawlessly. You can watch that video above.

I've seen several comments since the video was posted and even on Twitter this morning about his lack of preparedness for the presentation, which is downright silly. A person could practice something 100 times, then the 101st time it goes wrong, and that happens to be the time he's on stage. Instead of focusing on the glitch, let's focus on the innovative new features that the update will bring to our devices. "Open On…" is one of many new additions, and looks really useful for presentations and other situations and I look forward to trying it out later this month when the OS 2.0 updates are available.

Source: Inside BlackBerry Developer's Blog

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"Share On..." feature of BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 and PlayBook OS 2.0 demoed by Vivek Bhardwaj


Ah, poor fellow. With an audience composed entirely of empty seats. Still, a lovely feature, when it OS 2.0 debuts. Whenever that might be.

which is sad...you have a feature launching next year and you have a glitch, that's understandable; you have a feature launching in 2 weeks and its still so glitchy that you can't get through a simple demo smoothly...ummm, let's just say that I am worried

Its not a glitchly feature. If you watched the Heins keynote, the reason why it did not work the first time was because he stepped out of range of the tablet, in terms of Bluetooth, if he stayed closer to the PlayBook, the feature would have worked.

"A person could practice something 100 times, then the 101st time it goes wrong, and that happens to be the time he's on stage. Instead of focusing on the glitch, let's focus on the innovative new features that the update will bring to our devices."

Sorry but the GLITCH is going to be the focus... until OS 2.0 is actually release and seen to be glitch free. Do you really expect everyone to ignore the elephant in the room?

Mark from Nebraska...I think the features like this, they are bringing us with 2.0 will be very exciting indeed. Anyone who has ever done multiple PowerPoints has had a time like this...no fun.

Hi Mark,

Ty from RIM here. I’ve been lucky enough to go hands-on with PlayBook 2.0 here at the office, and I’ve seen some great demos showing off new apps and content, including support for the Android App Player and enhanced BlackBerry Bridge functionality. I’m as anxious for its release as you are!

But don’t take my word for it – check out the Twitter comments from some folks who had a chance to enjoy PlayBook 2.0 at CES: http://bbry.lv/wMILyw.

Ty, RIM Social Media Team

He did a great job presenting the first time, it's not his fault about what happpened. It's nice to see it was done again to show its functionality. Like Barredbard said, great feature. I can't wait for 2.0! Thanks for posting Michelle.

"it's not his fault about what happpened"

Actually it more than likely was his fault. Note the second time he tried he was a lot closer to the Playbook.

I can relate. I was preparing for a 12 mile ruck march when I was in the army and I made sure I broke in some inserts before I went on it. I prepared by actually going on a twelve mile ruck march and no problems. The day of the event it just did not work out. The inserts curled up in my boots and the entire march sucked big time. Stuff happens.

Still, I'm glad he got back on with the CrackBerry guys and showed this feature. It is pretty awesome and I'm ready for OS2.

For whatever reason BlackBerry has some harsh critics but I just see the awesome new stuff rolling out on the phones (BB Music, BB Traffic w/free voice navigation, BB Protect, etc.) and the Playbook (the e-mail, Open-on, BB Movies and other stuff are just awesome and very competitive) and just shrug my shoulders. Critics can say what they want the BlackBerry brand is the one for me and I've tried all the major competitors.

Good job BlackBerry! Keep it coming.

I suspect that the current attacks on RIM have a very simple cause. They are a non-Android, non-iOS, and non-US manufacturer that is still profitable, and they have a lot of patents. It is in the interests of both Apple and Google to bring them down, as this will result in more market share for them and the possibility of either acquisition or a fire sale of IP. If RIM goes, there is not a single phone operating system that is not ultimately US owned or controlled. This is presumably why Samsung works on Bada as life insurance- though it is still Linux based.

BB is being talked down, quite successfully. Nokia was locked out by carriers - until it got in bed with Microsoft. Without being paranoid, this looks like a mixture of protectionism and a lot of astroturfing.

Im glad he did this.Its a very cool feature that needed to be shown off. 2.0 final will not be glitch free I'm sure, but at least we will all be in the same ball park, using all the features contributing our preferences and experiences. Thats the way it should be.

Ah demo software! I just had to show demo software from 20 different developers with 5 different versions of software connecting to 3 different servers! I feel his pain.

If a bug in an app occurs only 1/1000ths of the time, it is always the case that the one time you need the app to flawlessly execute is the 1/1000th time.

In the end did it not work? ppl are getting really stupid now, if his pen dropped it would be an issue. Silly idiots.

Good on him to get up on stage and do it again. Media and harsh critics are having a field day with this one, but let's concentrate on the actual product and DevCon! Bring on MWC and OS2.0!

Appears that it works great. Walked out of bluetooth range on the first attempt and thats probably a contributing factor.

People are gonna rage when I update my FB and Twitter when OS2 releases. It'll say something like "Today, my tablet beats the snot out of yours"

Anyone know if Open On will work with music as well? Would be awesome if you could stream music to your PlayBook. would actually be like having a music gateway included with a PlayBook. If that was the case all of these features make me want to have an extra PlayBook that I always have plugged into my TV and entertainment center.

There's an app that does something similar called JeeoSuite for BB and JeeoPlayer for PB, but thats only for when they're on the same wifi network.

This is such an awesome feature. If I wanted to share a picture with my family on my 50inch TV, all I have to do is plug in my PlayBook using the HDMI cable. Then 'Open On' the pics from my 9900 to the PB and voila, instant family sharing goodness. No Apple TV or anything required.

grreyes24 did ask if we could do the same with music. That would be awesome too!

The MOST IMPORTANT point I see at the moment.

The youtube video is NOT a public video, "This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it."

Right now, view count is at 374...What the point of having this if nobody can view it?!

Glitches happen!... And so will the criticism... This feature is great and if it does muck up on me during a presentation, I'll just reference Vijek's video.

To put the "mistake" into perspective, for those of you who watched the 2010 Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics, you may have noticed that there was a mistake, at the end of the ceremonies, when one of the pillars did not rise representing the cauldron for the Olympic Flame. This, despite hundreds of hours spent in rehearsal and multi-million dollar budgets being thrown at the event. And guess what happened - the sun still rose the next day.

Naturally, as good Vancouverites and Canadians, we changed our closing ceremonies to incorporate the mistake in order to laugh at it.

The moral of this anecdote - lighten up people. The world has not come to an end. I wish I could see some of you give a presentation in front of hundreds of people and see how well you could do.

Poor guy. The demo god was unkind to you. After watching the video of the failed demo a few times, it looks like the picture actually showed up!! However, the picture is messed up - only the top portion of the picture showed up and the rest is scrambled - could it be that the bluetooth transmission went wonky because all the wifi signals? Do BT and WiFi share the same spectrum on the 2.4 GHZ band? I suspect that RIM didn't expect this feature to be used in an auditorium filled with super active wifi hotspots..

2000 people watching plus the CEO infront of you, of course with all that excitement he forgot move a bit too far from bluetooth range. he did well. his prepared and did a good job and a good follow up.

Bravo... it has a success rate of 50%...atleast that is much better than RIM's success rate of providing what they promised in time for the playbook.
No wonder RIM has so many harsh critics.

Stuff happens during presentations, even ones that have been practised dozens of times.

Remember when Matias Duarte (Google) was trying to demo Face Unlock on Ice Cream Sandwich and it didnt work?

And I recall an Apple keynote where things didnt go as planned due to the lack of available (or slow) wifi at the convention center.

Cant wait for 2.0 to drop so I can try out these new features!

I agree that it would've been nice to see something new we haven't already seen from CES (hopefully there's still more), but I suppose the presentation was catered more towards people who aren't as familiar with BB PBs and OS 2.0?

I'm glad Vivek was given a second chance. That's a classy move on RIM's part. I'm sure he will sleep a little better tonight.

No big deal, this kinda thing happens. I remember this happened to Bill Gates once and his response was: guess we got bugs to work out.

I feel his pain. Tech never works the way it's supposed when I really need it. The 9930 BB maps and navigation work flawlessly when I'm alone but as soon as my boss needed directions, I started getting all kinds of wrong addresses.

Now I see demos of opening a link and photo from Bold to Playbook, does it also work to open a video? Sometimes I've filmed video on my Bold and I'd like to view it on a bigger screen.

Nonsense hatin' on the guy about the glitch. However, that is one excellent feature. Cell phone screens - even iphone screens - are too damn small!!! I'll be using this a lot.

"Instead of focusing on the glitch, let's focus on the innovative new features that the update will bring to our devices."

Since when is it the job of the Moderators to tell people what they can and can't discuss?

Because some people solely focused on this one error and then preceded to use that, given their perverted logic, as "proof" that OS 2.0 is just a pipe-dream; that RIM is useless; and/or that RIM is incapable of doing anything right. In short, they saw this one glitch as an opportunity to launch a personal attack on RIM, its presentation, and the keynote speakers, with a few even going so far as to call for the firing of the individual in question.

Given that we are all dealing with technology which, from time to time, doesn't always work as it is supposed to, the reaction was overblown and uncalled for.

In my opinion, the moderators were not telling people what they can say or can discuss; rather, they were saying that if you want to complain about something, then you had better actually have something to complain about. And this certainly wasn't it.

i watched it again, and i counted that he took about 8 or 9 steps from the podium to where he stood to take the picture. it didnt seem like he really went that far away to loose the BT signal. But then that characteristic lock symbol appeared, which he made disappear quickly enough, but he couldn't recover the actual photo despite screwing around with it for a few minutes with Mr. Heins looking over his shoulder. Poor guy...

I remember Steve Jobs blameing his wifi signal more than once for an on stage misshap. Nobody jumped on him.

Not many people are comfortable speaking in front of groups large or small. And to people who know your product or topic. When doing demo's of software or equipment hardware these things can and do happen. This is a none issue about what happened.....the fact that he came back and did it should be good enough for the masses. ;-) We all know now that there is a distance limitation for this action.

Anyway... I hope this will also work on videos! If this is possible, I will love my 9900 and Playbook even more! Because I like watch movies/TV shows.

stuff happens... but perhaps it would have been more logical to do the re run before every one left and could have explained what went wrong the first time.

Thats what Jobs did when his key note had issues. Wifi issue or not they explained and re ran in front of the crowd.

May be they can show today. Sleep well Vivek, not your fault. I am sure it would all go well , once its released and a couple of hot fixes later

Vivek is in very distinguished company. Gates, Jobs and numerous IBM execs, all have suffered a similar event. Good comeback, not a quitter, everybody wants you to win.
Anyone who has worked on major events knows that the chances of a tech hitch are directly proportional to the size of the audience.
In fact I attended a 10,000 attendee event with a million bucks of Audio/video events techies all running around with headsets, directors chairs, masses of sound management technology and I just new that when the big guy got up there, the mike would be dead. It was.

If this happened in an APPLE presentation or to Steve Jobs, the APPLE faithful would be making a joke of it and passing it off as one of those things that happen at presentations. But the RIM faithful try to pick holes and openly blame an individual.

It's a none issue, just a glitch.

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Wow, now I have to hurry up and get a 64gb Playbook to load up with movies. It will be my 'Media Box in living room.