SHAPE Services Releases Free Ad-Supported IM+ Lite for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2010 01:36 pm EST

IM+ Lite

SHAPE Services announced today that they are making available a free version of their popular IM+ client for BlackBerry. The new IM+ Lite will be ad-supported, but will offer most of the same features of the paid client. Users will be able to access MSN, Yahoo!, Gtalk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, Facebook, Myspace, Skype and Twitter. The trimmed down version will allow you to get a feel for the more full-feature paid application. I think this is a good idea on the part of SHAPE since their standard app is a bit on the pricey side at $39.95. Hit up the link below to check out IM+ Lite.

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SHAPE Services Releases Free Ad-Supported IM+ Lite for BlackBerry


I just installed it. Works just like their + version. The add is displayed in the top section. Very small, and doesn't disturb functions. Similar to the way Score mobile displays ads.

+1 ads are hardly noticeable. Finally free Facebook chat on my 9700!

Anyone know how battery life is when leaving IM+ running in the background?

i haven't downloaded the lite version but i've been using the 7 day trial for about 5 days now and there is a barely noticeable battery drain. however, it is about 10 times less of a battery drain than beejive was on my 8530.

also, this is awesome that they came out with a lite version when i was just about to finish my trial.

i installed the messenger. it works nice, the adds are not so big. :)
anyway, i prefere the standard yahoo messenger, since is the only one that i use. is more limpid.

AHHHH why couldn't this have come like two months ago when i paid the $39.99 for the full version. Doesn't look like this supports the PUSH functionality though. That is a big bonus for me, but probably not $39.99 worth :).

no push features? hmm, well i dont have that now but will give it a go cuz palringo sux

wow 1.1 mb is pretty hefty for the size...might wait until i get my 9700 now

I still prefer Beejive...

and go and check their web site, iM+: Instant Messaging for iPhone/iPod is just -----------4.99$,----------------

some body can tell me what this means:
39.95/4.99= ?

my beejive trial JUST ended last night. Was gonna buy the license but had qualms about the battery drain. Gonna give this a shot.

There is a note at the bottom of the download page that says " Lite version is ad-based and does not offer IMPush/Stay online and Speech Recognition functionality." Does this mean that I have to keep IM+ opened on the screen to stay online?

I installed last night on my Bold 9000 with The Services list won't expand properly. Trying to view the services causes a lot of blank space that's hard to navigate. (Sounds wierd, but that's my best description.). The contacts list seems to work ok. Hope this can be fixed. I would never pay $40 for software with bugs like this.

Works perfectly on my Bold 9000 with I was sick of waiting for the Nimbuzz and Palringo people to get their act together. I will stick with this!

I loaded this up on my wife's Bold. She's still on .411 and it works just fine. So I've found 2 application incompatabilities "unique" to .509: this and software (e.g. Quickpull) that restart the BB. (With both QP and QL, a security warning pops up, so an unattended, scheduled reboot still needs user interaction to complete.)

Beejive was a battery hog and did not include skype...though it was a prettier interface.

I loaded this onto my 8330 os4.3 and have only one niggly request..pls pls have an icon show up in the display to indicate an im+ msg!! (tho ymmv with other os)..

thanks a bunch shape..!

No button to proceed with setup....Btw, what does this mean "does not offer IMPush/Stay online" - I understand what this would mean on iPhone as iPhone is a single task device but on a blackberry? So I won't get any alert if this app is running in the background?