ShaoSoft discounts BlackBerry 10 apps for the New Year

By James Richardson on 31 Dec 2013 11:07 am EST

Now all the Christmas app sales seem to have died off it's time for a New Year sale - this time from ShaoSoft, who's kindly offering up to 50% off his BlackBerry 10 apps from today, New Years Eve, until January 7th. 

We've featured several of his applications throughout 2013 - such as Evolution Web Browser, Wallpaper Changer HD and Ultimate ScreenSaver which were all big hits. 

While we are on the subject, you may remember a wee while ago that Shao wrote a blog post for us explaining why he quit his day job to develop for BlackBerry 10 full time. If you missed it you can catch up here - it's a good read. 

Hit up the link below and grab yourself a New Years bargain. 

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Reader comments

ShaoSoft discounts BlackBerry 10 apps for the New Year


The speed seems better for me. But I mostly like: the bookmark feature, tabbed browsing and go forward/ go back gestures.

Another thing I like about his browser: The night mode, which works rather well and looks good on the Q10. Not only at night.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

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Great apps by this developer..but be aware..technical support is non existent. I tried contacting him on several occasions and to date no responses.

Posted via CB10

Evolution Browser is the only application bought from his catalogue quite a while ago. There have been some minor updates the last roughly four weeks, yet nothing major or really new important features.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

He only "updates" apps so that they will temporarily get a boost in the popular app ranking. No real improvements come with these so called "updates". Also he has deleted my 3 star review and have seen many other legitimate reviews being deleted as well.

Posted via CB10

Not in a while. Support used to be efficient early in then he was highlighted on and since then no support. The fame must have gone to his head. People like this need to be reminded that we the consumers are the ones who will keep supporting if and only if the support is outstanding.

Posted via CB10

I had a question about Evolution Browser and I never received a response either. I do like his apps though.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Same here, no reply. I do like the forward and back swipes but now just use the standard browser.

Posted from my Z30 via the CB app

That's my complaint with this. I was hoping wallpaper hd would be headless by now. A shame to miss this to make this app PERFECT

Posted via CB10

Ultimate screen saver - Aqua.. for a buck is a good deal and looks great on a playbook resting on dock.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 version10.2.1.176 on Verizon 4G network

I have had responses from him regarding Evolution Browser before. Not all of the time but, I have gotten responses. It's a decent app but I use the stock browser more often than not. I used to love his Leave It On app for BBOS phones, and was hoping he was going to bring it to BB10.

Posted via CB10

Well, the developer went "wild" in November 2012. Now it's over 1 year he is developing full time for BB10. I did not see so much activity from him neither on CB forum nor in BBWorld....

I would love to support the developer, that's why I bought Evolution Browser few months ago and it still brings promised AdBlocking feature what I'm valuing the most in a web-browser. Thank you for this.

But the rest of the apps..... excuse me it's not in par with the image of the "full-time BB10 developer". I do not need and I do not want any of these.... Even if they are offered for free... That's really shame.

Or go get a job.

We aren't your parents or family - why should we pay for your education? If you can't afford it, you haven't put in the effort you don't deserve it.

Posted via CB from my LE

I wouldn't recommend buying any of Shao's apps until he starts responding to questions and issues. I've been waiting on a fix for Wallpaper Changer HD but nothing for months. Actually it's never worked right.

Search the forums and you'll see.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. Shao has a thread about wallpaper changer where he was asked many questions and has been MIA for months. Funny thing is, he wrote an article for CB trashing the headless implementation by BlackBerry. This got people thinking that BlackBerry screwed it up. We'll guess what Shao, headless apps are alive and well and I see new one popping up on a regular basis. Just because he didn't k of how to implement them, he decided to blame BlackBerry. I personally won't ever purchase another app from him nor would I recommended anyone else. If things change and he supports the apps that's people have already paid for then my stance may change also.

Posted via CB10

I had been eyeing the Evolution browser for a while and finally decided to go for it. It's pretty great, especially with the built -in ad blocker. Much better than the BlackBerry browser.

I was going to buy one of his 99c flashlight apps too, but the purchase screen kept getting an error and wouldn't complete. Oh well.

Posted via my Q10, still on

I downloaded Wallpaper Changer HD today after reading this post... turned out I paid full price. What's my recourse?

Unfortunately I don't think there is much you can do. Shao has walked off with people's money and hasn't supported that app for months. He likely got featured on CB because of his relationship with the site and not because of his supposed sale or the quality of his apps and support.

Posted via CB10

Well that sucks. Crackberry should pull this article. It's a misleading sale. I'm not happy. And it's not working on my phone either.

Sorry to hear that man. I do agree with you. It's misleading and the app hasn't worked like it's supposed to for a very long time with absolutely no response from Shao. Many have asked him questions and he does not respond to the thread while posting elsewhere. Even a response of "I don't care anymore and I'm not updating anything ever so tough luck" is better than fully ignoring the people who supported him by paying for his apps.

Posted via CB10

What about it "James Richardson", you wrote the article praising the sale and nothing is on sale and they don't support their apps.


Posted by a proud NRA supporter

Don't waste your money. The developer has stopped support of the apps. But the 2 star review I made on his app never showed up on the review list which makes me thinking he stopped support but still monitors the review and delete all the negative ones so people still buy his apps based on reviews. I hope BlackBerry can do something and does not allow developers delete reviews.

Posted via CB10