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ShakeItUp Lets You SMS, Email and Play Music by Shaking Your Storm - 100 Free Copies

By ObiGeorge on 11 Nov 2009 08:37 pm EST

ShakeItUp is a brand new application just released by mblware, makers of such apps as BlackBook, mblVault, and mblStats. After install simply shake your Storm or Storm 2 to bring up the ShakeItUp main menu. From here you can choose to create a SMS, email or play a random song from your sd card. While the song is playing you can go ahead and use your device as normal and shake again at anytime to shuffle your songs. I really like this app but want to see better customization with your shake options. Having the ability to select your own apps to add to the shake list would be great, or at least add other messaging apps and the browser. ShakeItUp is compatible with OS 4.7 and 5.0 and is available for $3.99 via the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest: We have 100 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

Topics: Video Contests

Reader comments

ShakeItUp Lets You SMS, Email and Play Music by Shaking Your Storm - 100 Free Copies


I will probably end up dropping my phone showing all my friends. But this app is worth it. Amazing idea !!

pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!!pick me !!!! =D

Man i would love to get this app i have this app so far fancy shake and its great. This would be a great add on for me.

I would like to win this app to check it out. Looks interesting and maybe fun. Would be great when listening to music to easily switch a song.

i loved having this feature on my sony ericsson walkmans in my pre berry days would be awesome getting it again

I comment on every single contest and I NEVER WIN!!!! This looks like a really cool app and I'm a poor college student! PLEASE HOOK ME UP!!!

Sweet app! I've wanted something I can shake to shuffle my tunes. Sickness! I also look forward to the advancements this app will have in the future

I wanna see this app at work on my new Storm 2, so as the famous verse goes of the Shake song

"Shake Shake Shake Your Storm A, Shake it all night long!"

Please let me try this app- plus I'm a brand new member of Crackberry.com!


If I will be given a chance to win this application, for sure my wife will love this unique application for her storm! Thanks in advance!

Shake her apart then!
I hope I don't break some thing with all this shaking.
whole lot of shakin going on!

I never win anything but this app looks really cool so here I go again, I'll try not to keep my hopes up...

Looks like something cool to have to mix things up a little, and who knows, maybe they will add in the shaking to find a random app/game to add to the shake it up random fun. Like designating a folder, like the game folder, to find something besides sms, songs, etc. to shake and pick randomly. It's all good to me.

This is a very nice app I would love to have it. It would go great with my urbanspoon shake app.