Shadowgun for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.0

Shadowgun for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 1 Oct 2012 10:07 pm EDT

If you managed to grab Shadowgun for the BlackBerry PlayBook late last night when it was released, you'll want to go ahead and grab the latest update which is now appearing BlackBerry App World. At launch, some folks saw that the game was running a little bit slower than it should have been and the graphics were not as good as expected.

While there is no change log to accompany this v1.0 update, a quick run through of the game looks to of have improved upon some of those issues. If you're not seeing the update as of yet or are getting errors trying to download it, sit tight it's there and will filter out soon enough. Also, drop us some comments if you're seeing improvements with this release.

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Reader comments

Shadowgun for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.0


Sweet game. Havent felt this kind of excitement since RIM gave us Asphalt 6 for free. Thanks RIM.
Tablets are incredible

Massive improvement. Textures are improved and high definition and gameplay is much smoother. Splash Page is not a black screen. I am liking this game a lot but two things bug me. The controls are hard to look and aim and shoot all at once and you have no idea how much life you actually have except for the blood that enroaches on your view when you get shot a lot. There is some tearing when you move and look at times, it views through his head and neck. I know that sounds strange but when it happens you will see what I mean.

This is a great game thus far.

I don't get it. I must be special. I didn't see any of these issues last night or today while playing, everything looked as it should. I can't be the only one.

Bla1ze what's the 2.1 beta build up too???

I got it, and was impressed with how quickly they got the update out. It was horrible but it's much better now.

All those people who left 1 star reviews for this game on appworld are dicks. Obviously there was going to be an update as the game was v0.35

This sucks as I can't download it as it's "not supported by your current device profile" Any ideas? I'm living in the Middle East, and I was able to download their other games :(

Was disappointing last night when I downloaded this.
Graphics was way worse than 9mm. But can't complain for a free game.
Turns out it was still in Beta (v0.xx) and now is the real deal!

This game surprised me with how fun it is. It borrows heavily from Gears of War, so if you're a fan of that game you'll enjoy this. You can't beat free!

I can definitely see a huge improvement with the graphics and play of the game now with this update! Pretty good game and it's free!!

When i started my game I could not view the opening sequence. I could hear it but not see it. The game played very well though.

Everyone but me hates BlackBerry at my work.

Nice game. Good they pushed the 1.x as soon as they noticed.

This is definitely a treat from RIM and UNION! Thanks guys!

Not supported on my device, maybe you guys in North America and Europe have some other version of the PlayBook or Union and BlackBerry has some problems in bringing this to the Middle East.

This Discrimination by RIM is so frustrating. Can somebody "Kevin" please explain why are we in the Middle East being left out?

we need a VIDEO review already ! i tried showing someone this game and there wasnt a single video on youtube of it running on the playbook.

so tired of looking and trying to bypass all the shit to get this game heard/read all reviews and i cant get it can someone pls extract the file and put it up for download i saw 1 person trying but not sure if it has been done already.... (in the middle east)

Still can't get past that sentry drone, I'm sure there's something simple I'm missing, but I miss the days of shooters when everything could be solved by doing enough damage.

We need team crackberry to boost the ratings back up. Idiots just don't understand apps anymore. A good one is ruined by trolled ratings. :(