Sez Miss London: "Show Me the BlackBerry"

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Apr 2009 04:45 pm EDT

The tune above was posted to youtube just yesterday. According to the description:

The UK's No1 female comedian pokes fun at the new Blackberry craze with this funky house summer anthem. Look out for the heavy Show Me The Blackberry dance/skank, it will be all over the clubs!!!  

Take a listen. So whaddya think? Coming to a club near you? Or would you rather be dancing to Tunde's rendition of Hit Me On My BlackBerry? Sound off in the comments!

[ via MiBlackBerry ]

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Reader comments

Sez Miss London: "Show Me the BlackBerry"


All I can day it WTF.

That was booty! Crap like this does not help our case against other devices. I do applaude the time and effort, but damn!

Never heard of this "UK's No1 female comedian." I'm from the UK and the number one is certainly not her. That vid is a crime against hearing, taste and bandwidth abuse

Agreed, never heard of her.

She's a wannabe-talentless-no-hoper it seems.

There should be some sort of law to prevent people writing junk like that.

Being from the UK I know about funky house and that was not it! The beat was wrong, the lyrics were terrible and is was very tacky. Not happy this found its way to crackberry, puts the UK *cough* London in a really bad light.

Haven't heard the other song but I bet anything its a lot better than this poor effort.

The whole thing was obcene!! If I was one of those instruments they thought they were using, I would melt myself and be transformed into a Nash Rambler.

Haha, not a great video but the tunes are growing on me. "Samsung, forget out it...LG forget about....iPhone forget about me the Blackberry"......LOL