New free OS 6 theme from Ninja Themes - SEIS!

By Michael Hepples on 17 Aug 2010 08:55 am EDT

If you're in the market for an OS6 theme,Make sure you check this little bit of hotness out. Using the layout and icons we have seen so much of lately, Ninja has taken it to a slick new level with SEIS. A bottom dock of mini icons holds 10 user-defined apps, and the top corners of the banner bar hold two additional slots for your applications of choice.The homescreen also includes a hidden today with 8 entries, and the rest of the theme has been skinned to flow throughout. One of the best free OS 6 themes I have seen to date, it's a great sample of Ninja's skills, hitting the right marks without going overboard. Sadly, it's only for 480x360 devices running 5.0, but if you are only of the lucky ones with a supported device, hit the link below to find the OTA link on his site.



I have been using this theme for a week now and it is one of my favorites paid or not.


Def downloading this 1


It's a pretty nice theme, however it's not for me, as I don't like the size of the icons & text, as well as the missing shortcut for the 0 button to go to profiles that I have on my current theme. Also my weather icon doesn't work well with it, so I'm sticking with Berry Fresh until I find something that appeals to me more.


I can not figure out how to change the two top icons on the home screen.


you need to change the 11th and 12th icon...


If the icons on the home screen were bigger it would be a better theme. Ten icons across is to much.


Works well on my tour. I like it.


Nice theme and super fast...Best free theme I've ever downloaded free or paid


Hey thanks for this, looks great.


very nice and professional looking theme. A bit too many icons in the homescreen, making the icons very small.


no love for the 85xx series?? :(


Free themes are much appreciated as I'm on a corporate account and my only chance to do anything on my Tour is if it's free. I loaded this theme this morning and here I am three hours later and I changed back to my Precision_Zen theme I have been using for almost a year. I love the calender and mailbox views on the home screen and the additional buttons but I think 10 in a row is just to many. It makes the icons small and hard for me to see. It also changed how the icons look (my BOLT icon no longer resembles a bolt) and I dislike how the text size is so small when receiving a call. Thanks for the freebie though. I can tell from the above comments that it is perfect for some which is great. Keep it up!


sure would be nice for bigger icons and text for us blind people


Theme loaded well and looks great.


I love how the theme looks and functions, but the text and icons are way! too small.. Could we get an 8 icon version, or possibly 6 to make the text and icons bigger?


why do ninja only make 1 version for the 9700,9600,8900 5.0


come on guys takes 10 mins to port this for the 9000 and then 30mins to make it again for 8500!


Awesome! I love this theme. Really simple and minimalist + it looks great!!! Thanks for sharing guys!

Using on my 8900 from Rogers with whacky OS :)


Great Theme, will be using it as my everyday theme!

Weather icon is a tad small and one less icon on the bottom would be be able to make the bottom icons a bit bigger.


is there any way you could just make it with 6 icons across like a standard theme and 3G back next to the signal bars??


Pls make this theme for the Storm series!


Tried link and cant install on 9700 running 5.0. Error 907 bad COD.


In fact, I have a couple of them loaded on there, but usually only use for a day or so before defaulting back to the Zen theme. But this theme I really like. Best one so far. I like it so much, I'm choosing to believe that it had nothing to do with my BB freezing up yesterday.

Very nice theme.


ninja themes are always awesome. love this one, love tiny icons, if the icons are too tiny or font too small then don't download it. common sense. and I do believe I recognize whose phone those are screenshots of based on the group icon....lulz. thanks ninjy for rockin it again.


awesome free theme!



Nice theme. Only thing that's preventing it from being great is the icon size. :( Aside from that it's still....nice oh and it's free. Thanks. :)


Wud Luv 2 Try This Theme Any Way U Can Make An Curve 8530 Version? That Wud Be Great


Need help finding the OTA link for this theme