Sexy Dice Now Available for Non Touch BlackBerry Devices

Sexy Dice Now Available for Non-Touchscreen BlackBerry Smartphones
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jun 2009 08:09 am EDT

When we first posted about Sexy Dice for the BlackBerry Storm the Borat photo got such a great response we just haddddd to use it again....

The headline tells the story here. Sexy Dice, which is currently the #2 selling game in the CrackBerry App Store, is now available for non-touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones. So those of you rocking a Curve, Bold, 8800, etc. running OS 4.5 or 4.6 can have some Sexy Time fun.  If you missed our first post on Sexy Dice, be sure to check it out

Keep in mind while the app offers normal dice and PG dice (pictured above), if you enable the adult mode option things get a little more... errr... ya know. So don't download if you take offense to those kinds of things. Sometimes you just have to laugh though.... our #1 selling game is about dealing drugs (BerryWars) and #2 is about bedroom fun. Talk about keeping the crack in CrackBerry :)

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Sexy Dice Now Available for Non Touch BlackBerry Devices


Trying to buy on the mobile site and when I enter "sexytime1" nothing changes in the price. Never bought anything before, and don't know if it shows the price change. Anyone else know or having this issue?

PLEASE stop putting this picture up! It's just creepy.
(By the way I bought the program earlier, and it's cool...

And why it is not compatible with the Flip AGAIN? I'm getting sick and tired that lots of apps what are available for all other devices are never made for the flip.