Setup Android player with Android Market on your PlayBook in 15 minutes or less

By HaTaX on 7 Aug 2011 12:20 am EDT

[This post comes to us courtesy of CrackBerry Forums member HaTaX who has been doing some awesome things with the Android Player on the BlackBerry PlayBook despite its current limitations]

This tutorial assumes you've already installed the Android player BAR file on your PlayBook. If you haven't done so yet, go find "" somewhere on the interwebs, and then check here for instructions on installing downloaded BAR files to your PlayBook

You also need to extract the contents of the "" to your PlayBook after the Android player has started for the first time. Extract these files to the file share on your PlayBook via the network file sharing feature. You should extract the 3 folders in the ZIP file to "\\PLAYBOOK\media\misc\android" where PLAYBOOK is the IP address of your PlayBook. Get the ZIP file to be extracted to your PlayBook here.

The key to getting this working 100% correctly is to be PATIENT! Don't try to move any faster then the video or you may get some weirdness or your downloads will sit at the "Starting Download..." message. If that happens, restart the PB and try again.

*This stuff is all experimental, if you decide to go through these steps it's at your own risk.*

Questions or problems? Drop by the Crackberry forums and we should be able to get you squared away.

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Setup Android player with Android Market on your PlayBook in 15 minutes or less


Thanks man! Hopefully some people out there can do a little more of what they'd like to on the PB with this. It's not perfect, but it's a great starting point and hopefully RIM can learn a little more about it's core customers by watching this all unfold. :)

Done. Thank Guys for making this happen. You guys turn PlayBook into real Tablet which RIM is failure to do since beginning. RIM should hired this guy with high pays seriously.

Why are people so dumb, this video shows that the PlayBook can run QNX and Android OS at the sametime and all you care about is if you can play Angry Birds? Duh, is Angry Birds on Android OS? YES it is, he just showed you that he had the Android App MarketPlace on his PlayBook, so yes it will be able too.

I won't download this until it's official, but I thing you made an EXCELLENT job man, you detailed every step. Very nice work.

This is great, thanks a lot man.. this is one big step forward for playbook users!
netflix doesn't seem to work though other than that its perfect.


Installed without an issue, the player works fine and I can access the Market.

BUT - nothing downloads. They just show in My Apps as Downloading, but nothing happens.

Any ideas please


Same with me They just show in My Apps as Downloading, but nothing happens. Installing always error, "insufficient storage available", my space 32 gb free

Same problem for me, I followed step by step but when it gets to installation is says "insufficient storage available", any fixes for this?

meh, I love my PB the way it is. All I got from this video is Android UI sucks and the Android keyboard sucks.

Nice job on the video but I'm waiting for RIM. Thanks for making me want to wait :)

Very cool. Got everything up and running but when I try to download an app the applications never does download. Instead it's stuck at "Starting download..."

Never mind. It just took something like 5 minutes. Everything's installed. Thanks!

App update: Darn! WSJ application does not work. Ditto on the Google Reader application--it froze and restarted the playbook.

I've tried it twice now, deleted the app player and reinstalled and still can't get an app installed. When I hit install, it downloads and like others I get insufficient storage message. I will play around with it and figure it out. I have 46 gb free on my playbook. :(

I hate to be the douche that points this out but theres a typo. "...move any faster then the video or you may get some weirdness..." it should read "....move any faster *thAn* the video or you may get some weirdness..."

That's what you get when you're working on the video at 2AM and have had beer keeping you company. :)

If that's the only one you found, I think I can live with that. Not worth a re-render and repost, even my AR has it's limits.

It's in the market if you search for "Kindle", this is one of the first applications I downloaded when I got Market working. Kindle works great in the player!

Thanks for the walkthrough, but none of the apps actually download. Any solution?

EDIT: It is working now after I opened gmail and set up my mail and got messages.

All done and installed... Impressive but not as nice as the playbook UI. If this was a honeycomb build, I would use it more.

Can a be made???

SOLUTION FOR "Insufficient Storage Available" ->
1. Instal AIR Browser
2. Go to ...\misc\android
3. Rename folder download with anythink
4. Create new folder and give it name download
5. try again....tadaaa....

I have tried three of the angry birds with no luck. If its internet connected it have an issue from what i have noticed...

HaTax...thank you so much for all you have done. I am working to produce as much as you and others have provided to us BB folkz.

For the Android OS to work it would have to have been adapted for the Playbooks device drivers.

Given RIM has pulled the download, my guess is it is far from complete. So while some hardware features may be available, I'd be very surprised if you can use the device fully in the way it was intended.

It is highly unlikely RIM will release Android in the format provided in the download. Published information suggested apps would need to be rebuilt for BlackBerry App World and would then run in an "Android Player", rather than on the Android OS.

It seems a bit odd that RIM would line the coffers of its competitors by allowing fully functioning downloads from Android Market.

So using the "leaked" Android download might not be wise if you want continued trouble free use of your device.

Actually most of the device drivers that are managed by the QNX kernel are mounted at standard device points (ie. /dev/sensors) and the Android player probes these device points at boot and uses them if possible. Really there's no device driver interaction between the Android player and the PB's QNX OS. If it's not mapped and available to QNX, it's not available to Android player.

RIM's method of deploying these apps WILL be through App World primarily as it would be silly of them to just hand revenue off to Google with no compensation to RIM. Also it ensures that the app performs and behaves properly under a virtualized Android environment.

Best part is, if you run into trouble with the leaked player, all you need to do is delete it and move on. :) (Deleting it properly requires a delete, reboot, and then delete the "ghost" icon once more) I've done some serious hacking with this player and the worst thing I've encountered was a lock up that required a "hold the power button" reset. Never once has it caused any of my native apps any problems.

Still, that being said, it's all at your own risk and choosing. Personally I like digging in and seeing what limits I can push my device to, others like to play it safe and wait for the final release. Whatever floats your boat!

Mr. K GOOGLE+ great got it working...i just hope that the player is faster at loading when it comes news works .....alot of things dont work still. but pretty cool 2 c the apps running....cant wait for the real thing

Great job!

Got Kindle, eBay, Wiki (but not Wiki Plus), Dropbox, and Jewels to all work.

No luck with Netflix, SlingPlayer, and Angrybirds and/Rio - all installed but would not play.

Anyone else having trouble getting the clock to display the correct time/timezone? Minor I know, but it really bugs me. I've gotten it to the correct time once by unchecking the Automatic box at the top of the Date & Time settings, closing the android player and rebooting. Doesn't always take.


I have follow all the steps as shown.
However, for some reason, I can not load the Android Player.
The window load up and closed itself after a few second.
Is there anyway to solve this problem?

Thank you very much.

Had that issue had to do a security wipe and reinstall everything. If you are running the new beta OS then no need to side load the player just the apps

Had that issue had to do a security wipe and reinstall everything. If you are running the new beta OS then no need to side load the player just the apps