Setting Up Your BlackBerry Tour 9630 - Homescreen Basics

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jul 2009 05:10 pm EDT

Setting Up Your BlackBerry Tour 9630

So you just bought a new BlackBerry Tour, now what? You don't even know where to start. Your icons are a mess, you aren't sure what applications to download and you want to know how to "tweak" your new device. Well lets run over some of the basics and get everything up and running. We'll look at organizing all your application icons, settings your favorite apps, using folders and customizing wallpaper.

Getting Started

First off, you will probably want to organize your homescreen. You can do this by changing the wallpaper, moving and hiding icons and creating folders. When you first power on the device, your homescreen will look something like this:


You will see your message icons and all of the default applications (calendar, media, contacts etc.). By pressing the Menu key, your screen will expand to look like this:


Here you can see all of the other applications and folders. First off, let's decide what application you'll be using most and move them to the top.These six icons will show on your homescreen. I like to have the apps I access most like Messages, BlackBerry Messenger and my Browser. To move these to the top, highlight the icon, press the Menu key and select Move.


You will now be able to move the icon to the desired location. Drag the icon to the top row and press in the trackball to complete the move. Repeat this process until you have all of your icons in the order you like.

You may notice there are some applications that you won't be using. These icons can be hidden so they don't get in your way, however the applications will still be installed so you can use them if you need to. To hide an icon, highlight it, press the Menu key and select Hide.

Show All

The icon disappears from the screen and that's that. In order to get it back, simply press the Menu key and select Show All. Your hidden icons will appear faded. From here, you can run the application by clicking on the icon or Unhide the icon if you wish to bring it back to the homescreen. To unhide the icon, highlight it, press the Menu key and select Hide (notice Hide has a checkmark next to it to indicate the icon is hidden). This will bring the icon back to view. Press Menu and select Show All again to return to the normal view.

You may also choose to organize your applications in folders. Your device will have a few preset folders for Downloads, Instant Messaging, Applications, Games and Setup. Navigating to these folders you will find some presinstalled applications.


You may choose to leave them be in their respective folders, or move things around a bit. You can move or hide the icons inside the folder in the same manner as on the homescreen. If you want to move an icon out of the folder to the homescreen (or another folder), highlight it, press the Menu key and select Move To Folder. You will see a list of the current folders (including Home for the homescreen) and you may choose where to move the icon.


To create a folder of your own, from the homescreen press the Menu key and select Add Folder. You will be asked to name the folder and when completed the folder will appear on your homescreen.

Add Folder

Add Folder

Customizing The Wallpaper

The next thing you will most likely want to do is change your wallpaper. The easiet way to do this is by pressing the Menu key and selecting Options. From here you will be able to choose a new wallpaper (either one preinstalled on the device, or one downloaded to the device memory or media card). Press the Menu key and Save to exit.



Now that you're all set up, you should have something that looks like this:



What Next?

Your next step will be to decide what applications you want to download and install. Some apps have icons pre-installed, you'll just need to select the icon to download and install the application. Instant messaging clients like AIM and Google Talk as well as social networks like MySpace and Facebook are just one click away. If you want to delve in a bit deeper, a good starting point would be an RSS reader like Viigo, the launcher, a good Twitter client and maybe even a weather application. You can download the CrackBerry App Store client and be sure install App World. Visit from your BlackBerry's browser and you'll find a handy list of free apps as well. If you have any favorites, be sure to share them in the comments and we'll definitely follow up with some our favorite apps in future articles.

Before you put your new toy down for the night, you'll want to check over a few more things as well. A good one would be setting up all of your sound profiles. This can easily done by reading through our Customize Sound Profiles on the BlackBerry Tour tutorial. You may also want to edit your screen and keyboard settings (Options > Screen/Keyboard). Here you can change settings such as screen brightness (lower this to extend battery life), edit your Convenience Keys, change trackball sensitivity and choose a good font.

From here you should be feeling a bit more comfortable with the layout of your device (that'll change once themes become available for the Tour and you can really mess with the look of it), but there is a lot more potential to your new BlackBerry. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry 101 series where you can learn the in's and out's of BlackBerry Messenger, using a BIS or BES, downloading and installing ringtones and much more.

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Setting Up Your BlackBerry Tour 9630 - Homescreen Basics


Good post Adam. Love the image..which I put together for this.. hehehe. just had to take credit for that beauty. Team work baby!

This is my first blackberry ever so I have been waiting for an article like this. With that being said, if you don't know how to do the things this article goes over then you probably don't know how to use the internet or know what is, and you probably shouldn't be wasting your money on a smartphone and a data plan.

The last section had some useful suggestions and links though, thanks.

At the end of our last CrackBerry Podcast I put out a call to action asking BlackBerry users to make sure to show other BlackBerry owners how to hide icons/move icons on their homescreen. It actually floors me how many people have "messy homescreens". Take a look and you'll see. It's a simple thing - yet unknown/unaddressed by many. We're going to revisit a lot of our old how-tos and update them for the current generation of devices. If you have any article ideas...just let us know!

I loved the suggestion Kevin, I definitely enjoy helping others on their BB. Only problem I've found is that people have been using their messy BB home page's for so long that they scream when I try to change it for fear they may not remember where to go HAHAHA!

HAHA! This is exactly what we're doing tonight at our "Tour" Party! (suspicious I talked about this on twitter hours ago) It's sometimes a pain, but when you get a new berry it is pure delight to tweak it out! You forgot the convenience key though! (I firmly believe it should always load browser) Also you need to decide to combine sms and messages or keep seperate, use the messages inbox, or individual email icons! And the list goes on :)

How do you do this, my old blackberry did this (my old blackberry i got from a friend so he might have done it b4 he gave it to me). I thought that it was just a feature the got rid of to make it more organized for business people (i know that sounds dumb).

I just moved from a WinMo phone and really like the upcoming appointments feature of the Today screen. I can't find the equivalent on the Tour. What am I missing?

You need to wait for a theme that allows you to have those on the homescreen...usually called a today theme or something but because the tour is so new...theme developers have to wait till plazmic update the theme software to support the Tour. When that happens then you will see plenty of people who will conjure up different themes etc.

Hopefully wont be too long though.

You need to install a today theme. There might be one available on the BB Mobile site soon, or maybe one preloaded on the device. To check, go to Options>Themes>.

This is the dumbest post ever. Ppl who dont know how to customize their homescreen icons arent crackberry addicts and most likely dont even view and follow community sites such as crackberry.

Keep posting useful info.

Yeah I guess a free site should really only cater to a handful of elite BB snobs. We definitely want to close the doors on all newbs with new gen BBs.

Remind me, how does that make any sense? Crackberry nation. It's a nation! It caters to the people, not the snobs.

Good post. Thanks. Just curious what the weather app is (3rd icon) and what the last app on the first row is. Thanks again.

does anyone know the application that was talked about awhile ago that lets you automatically go start a new text message when you get past 160 characters?

How do I make a seperate icon on my homepage for my enterprise e-mail? Right now it goes in the messages folder along with everything else.

how do you get that gmail app I registered my gmail account through the blackberry email program but I would rather have that dedicated gmail app if possible.

This is a very useful post, there are a lot of newbs out there, thats exactly why they are called newbs. I recommend this website to every new BB owner out there, and I know a lot of other ppl that do too. I just read a post from a 13 yr old girl that wanted to know how BB's got internet, ON CRACKBERRY. So of course she isn't going to know how to customize her new BB.

If you don't like the post then don't comment. Simple.

You can get the dedicated GMail app by browsing to in your BB browser, then select GMail to download the app. I lso use Google Maps from there, awesome app!!

By the way, great article, for old and new BB users!!! Keep up the great work!!

I noticed the one pic that showed the BBSmart Alarms Pro app. One of my favorite apps that I had on my Curve 8330. This is particularly interesting since I tried buying from this site and it says it's not compatible with the Tour 9630.

Okay now what part of this can you not do with another Blackberry? Besides the trackball it's all the same. The screen is different and all but of course the process is the same.

Yea well I think it's awesome because some of us (like me) are you know, brand new to the world of blackberry, so I really appreciate the 101 approach, and it seems like others do as well.

So, i've been lurking on crackberry awaiting my arrival of the Tour, and ordered a skin from here (by recomm. from my Dad) loving this site, just received the Tour today having fun with it (for hours now!!) and customizing it, learning new things, etc. Great timing.

Just changed my homescreen to 'Jaws' one of my fave movies. Awesome! Looks great on my new bberry.

Thanks for all the info! I just got my Tour a few days ago, had a storm before this so I was very excited to see this post! It's been very helpful!!!
Keep up the good work!

Although, I am new to the BB world, I've been able to figure out quite a bit on my own. This post has helped me tweak o few things I didn't even think about doing to make life even easier on this phone. People complaining about the post but yet still posting are just trying to get their post numbers up. Stupid number fluffers

Thanks for the info. This is what I am looking for and why I am here on CB. Keep these types of threads going. I have been searching around the forum but even soemthing as simple as this thread is appreciated. I work in retail and when you show a customer how well their new device works they really appreciate it. I am enjoying the karma coming back to me.

@jonezed7 They say it's berry weather..

but it's not a free app.. is there a free weather app that ppl recommend?

I just started using the free Weather Bug App and it is good so far. I check the reviews before loading it. There is lots of info on the app even a map. Did you find one you liked yet?

I did all that but my icons didn't change as far as the colored envelope, clock, etc. How do you get those?
I love my new tour but liked the colored icons better on the Curve 8330.

this is prob a dumb question, but i cant figure out how to get my emails and my sms to all be in the same icon, like it used to be on my 8330. does anyone know how to combine them so i only have to have one icon for it?

so i just registered @ bcuz i know i'm now ready 2 get my 1st BB (thought about the storm, read all the reviews; & think the tour is rite 4 me)? have been researching smartfones 4 some time now (samsung omnia 4 instance), currently an LG envy (w/multiple VZ APPS) user. so now i'm trying 2 learn about the tour from multiple websites (, phonescoop, VZW reviews); etc.. nervous about the learning curve... well, anyway i hope that thru this site i'll maybe get it all 2gether, & figure it all out! thnx, s.

Hi, Went to themes to change and there are only 2 options. There are no options to download new themes either. Are those my only two options (one is the red screen and the other is the one with a bridge)?
Thanks as this is my first ever smart phone.'s what I did!

Trying to move my facebook icon from in the applications folder to the main screen bottom toolbar.

I highlighted icon, clicked to 'move to folder' and chose 'home' hoping it would put it there....but POOF!%$& It's gone!

Anybody know where I can find it again? LOL

Having couple other issues too, but 'one thing at a time'! :)

Oh...and by the way....I am LOVING this site! Thanks!

I am un able to delete the phone log-clear it- unless I go line by line-my Verizon guy says that is one of the errors of the Tour-Fundamental?I would say huge!

This post was very informative. I really like this site and its numerous tips and how tos. really helped me out.

This is my first blackberry and I'm concerned about the battery. I really appreciate the help because I am completely lost. I love it, but I ned to get used to it. If you put the phone in standby mode, does it save battery and can you still recieve calls and texts?

Help. Please.

I have 8 email accounts going to my BB Tour. How can I get more than 6 icons on the home screen?

I was able to do it on my Curve.

I'm going crazy............

Thanks, Chris