Setting up foursquare for BlackBerry

Foursquare for BlackBerry
By Alicia Erlich on 16 Nov 2010 12:41 pm EST

Foursquare allows you to connect to and meet new friends while exploring your city using the GPS on your BlackBerry device. By exploring and finding new places, members are rewarded by earning points, badges and becoming mayor when they "check-in." Users can also share tips and their location with friends and followers by linking their account to Twitter and Facebook.

Foursquare can be downloaded through BlackBerry App World or OTA at Please note that it is mandatory to do a battery pull after installing even if the application does not prompt you to do so as per the company website. 

Setting Your BlackBerry's User Permissions

After your phone reboots, you must modify your BlackBerry's User Permissions so that foursquare can properly connect to the internet.
  1. On your BlackBerry, go to "Options" > "Advanced Options" > "Applications"
  2. Scroll through the list to find the "foursquare" app
  3. Hit the menu button and select "Edit Permissions" from context menu
  4. Change the permissions for "Connections", "Interactions" and "User Data" to "Allow"
  5. On exit, save the changes
  6. Start up foursquare!

Logging-in For The First Time

Now that you've changed the app permissions, locate the foursquare icon on your home screen or in the Downloads folder to begin.

Existing users can enter in their email address /phone number and their password. New users should click on the need an account link in the lower right hand corner. With the foursquare app, you can create an account from your phone without the need to visit their website.

Foursquare for BlackBerry

Creating A New Account

In the create account screen enter in a first name, last name, phone number (optional), email, password, birthday and gender. For gender you can select I'd rather not say. Then all you need to do is click the Create Account button and you're all set.

Foursquare for BlackBerry

To make the most of Foursquare you will want to upload a photo of yourself. To do this, click on the "Me" icon that resembles a face in the upper right corner. From there you can upload a photo as well as add more details to your profile.

Foursquare for BlackBerryFoursquare for BlackBerry

Please note: members can modify their name and privacy settings by accessing their account information on the foursquare website. In addition, if you decide to create an account via your home computer you have the option of joining by using your existing Facebook account.

Adding Friends to Foursquare

Now that you've created an account you can add your friends and be able to track their whereabouts wherever they go and vice versa. Simply scroll down in the welcome screen and select add friends on foursquare.

Foursquare for BlackBerryFoursquare for BlackBerry

Friends can be added four ways: scanning your address book, accessing your Twitter account (if applicable), searching by name, and by phone number. When a match(s) is found you will be presented with the list and can choose which ones to add to your account. Your friends will receive a notification asking them to approve your request.

Checking-in And Dominating Venues

Now that you're setup all you have to do is click on Check-in. In order to determine your location and create a list of nearby venues, Foursquare accesses the device's GPS. Once you have selected a venue you are on your way to collecting points, badges and even becoming mayor!

Foursquare for BlackBerryFoursquare for BlackBerry
Foursquare for BlackBerryFoursquare for BlackBerry
Foursquare for BlackBerryFoursquare for BlackBerry

Linking To Other Social Media Accounts

Finally, Foursquare can be linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing you to share the venues you've visited and the badges you've earned. Linking accounts is optional and not mandatory to participate. If you choose to do you, access your profile from their website at (device or computer), log in, and click on Settings. Then scroll down and find the section labeled Linked Accounts.

Once this is complete you can explore and share all the new places you visit with your friends and followers. Congratulations and have fun!

Foursquare for BlackBerryFoursquare for BlackBerry

Reader comments

Setting up foursquare for BlackBerry


Man I love foursquare.

I'm hoping this article gets a lot of attention because as much as I love this app and foursquare, I tried it on an iPhone the other day, and it works much better.

Either way, here's to hoping the development team will make this app even better!

foursquare was my favorite app on my n97, but now that i have a 8520 i can't use the app cause the 8520 lacks gps. hopefully will upgrade to a new blackberry with gps enabled so i can start checking in again

I have an 8520 and I use foursquare and it works great , it uses the location based on ur celltower , I think ..

don't a lot of apps work better on iPhone? I currently have both but only use BB until the 4.1 unlock is out then I'm 100% iPhone. Unless I need VOIP then I'll switch the SIM back to BB! :)

I got it because a friend told me "its so cool dude you gotta get it."
Um...its not bad. Works well on the Torch.

...wayyy better!! Many more functions. You can magnify user's pictures. Too bad I don't bring my iPad everywhere unlike my BlackBerry.

Like mines. My BB Storm 9530 was *relatively* stable, but it seems like after installing/using FourSquare for the last 6 weeks, I have to pull my battery 1-2x/DAY to restore my memory...used to only have to pull my battery 1-2x/WEEK.

Sounds like something is wrong with ur device. I had little to no problems on my 8900. And now with my Torch, foursquare still works like a charm.

I used to have both Storm 1 and Storm 2.
The main issue I had with Foursquare was that whenever I rebooted my berry, it took SIGNIFICANTLY longer to reboot. When I removed Foursquare, reboot / battery pull was lightspeed.

Because I have both iPhone and Blackberry now, I use Foursquare on my iPhone instead.

Kinda sucks that I had to resort to that though.

Facebook is not allowing me to share my foursquare check-ins! I have troubleshooted everything and I believe FB is blocking 4sq check-in updates. I think FB wants users to use FB's own Places app instead of the 4sq mobile app linked to FB. The 4sq site states FB only allows 10 posts from 4sq over a 48 hour period, but I was no where near 10 posts during this particular 48 hour period!