Setting Up BlackBerry Desktop Manager with Bluetooth

By AllBlackBerry on 20 Mar 2007 05:13 pm EDT
Whenever possible, I always try to get rid of cables. I use a wireless 802.11G network and am happy not to have to wire every room. I was curious to find out if there was a way to avoid using my USB cable to connect my BlackBerry to my PC. In fact, if your PC supports Bluetooth, it is possible and not too hard to configure. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager is compatible with Bluetooth and will allow you to accomplish some simple tasks without a cable.
Bluetooth Option
Bluetooth Options Screen

Let’s go inside the configuration steps. First, you need to enable Bluetooth on your BlackBerry device. In options, select “Bluetooth” and go into the Option screen. Be sure to give it a name, and check YES for Discoverable. This is nice to have the LED connection Indicator on: your LED will turn BLUE when a Bluetooth connection takes place.
Manager Screen
Desktop Manager Connection Settings

Now, start the Desktop Manager and select Options/Connections Settings. Enable Bluetooth support and click the Configure button. This software will discover your BlackBerry device and add support for it. You can also setup the system to automatically switch to USB when your cable is connected.
Desktop Manager Connection Settings
Desktop Manager
Desktop Manager Main Functions

Unfortunately, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager has some limitations when operating in Bluetooth mode. You will be able to Backup and Restore your data but not load new applications. Maybe a future update will take care of this!

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Setting Up BlackBerry Desktop Manager with Bluetooth


On desk top manager connection settings the bluetooth options are unavailable to click on. Trying to synch my bb 8310 with my computer thru bluetooth then download info to new 8310 bb (the first one's usb port broke.) Aughh been working on this for 4 hours already (technologically challenged). Any help much appreciated.

I've been searching around for the last few days and nobody seems to have identified how to fix this yet.
I have the connections options open in BDM but the "Enable BT" check box is greyed out.

My 8110 is paired with the desktop, and shows as a valid connection, encrypted & trusted, and all the services I would expect are listed as available from the phone.

what have I missed, any help would be truly appreciated.


My BT setttings are also grayed out. Would be helpful if the resource link was complete. I'll try to wing it with a search on BB.

This seems very common, the reason being is that the bluetooth dongle connected to the computer is not supported by the windows operating system. As such, it comes with its own driver (probably Widcomm) which the Blackberry desktop manager will not partner with. The solution is to uninstall the driver/software of your dongle/computer and then edit the bluetooth windows install file (bth.inf)so that your adapter will now "qualify" to use the built in windows bluetooth stack. This link will explain what and how to do just that..

If successful, windows will install the Microsoft Bluetooth drivers and whamo...your in business with the BB Desktop software allowing you to now go in and check that greyed out box that will allow you to configure bluetooth for the software. If you cant or wont do this, then your going to have to find the very limited list of Microsoft XP approved bluetooth devices/dongles and buy one of them to get it to work. But this is super easy, and it worked the first time for me with no problems.

and yea...I spent a whole day on it until I found the link.

Good luck!

My problem is that it just won't find the device even though it's connected just fine to the computer outside of desktop manager. does anyone else have the same problem?

I have the same problem. I have a 7100T connected to my vista ultimate laptop and i can´t connect to the desktop manager. anybody found a solution?

I'm in the same boat. Were you ever able to figure that one out? Does anyone know why the computer connects to BT, but not to desktop manager?

It seems very common and I've had it happen on two totally different computers. Computer connects to BT but not desktop manager. Annoying.

I am pretty sure that I was having the exact same issue.
Now, on your computer, click on the BB Desktop Manager icon to open/start up the program! Once it has started, minimize it & then go to the Taskbar in the lower right where the clock is located & find the desktop manager icon. Right click the icon with your mouse & choose Properties. Then choose to allow Bluetooth & click apply & ok (there may be 2 different icons on the taskbar, you will figure out which one you need by trying either one til you find out which one will "pop up"). Then go back to the Desktop Manager program & click on Option>connection options & it should no longer be grey-ed out! This worked for me! Hope this helps someone out there anyway! =0)

I have problem when I try to connect my BB 8900 to my laptop via Bluetooth.. Can I connect via Bluetooth If i never used USB cable.. I mean my question is:
Do I need to connect first with USB cable, and then change Options "connect via Bluetooth" or ? ...

Because when i try to connect i have sign "Before you begin, verify that your current Blackberry device is connected to your computer" ..

it would be good if blackberry link worked over a wireless network and not just BT. i'd love to be able to access files on my pc from my blackberry over a wireless network too.