Setting up email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

BlackBerry PlayBook Account Setup
By Adam Zeis on 21 Feb 2012 10:46 am EST

Setting up your accounts on the BlackBerry PlayBook is one of the first things you'll want to do. This gets all your email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn messages into your inbox and it only takes a few steps. For the most part you just need to enter your account login and password, and the PlayBook does the rest. No messing with SMTP servers or crazy setup information - it's dead simple. Keep reading for a step-by-step of how to setup your accounts on the BlackBerry PlayBook

How to setup accounts on the BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook Account SetupHead to the Settings screen by tapping the gear icon on your home screen
BlackBerry PlayBook Account SetupTap Accounts to add, edit or remove and account
Choose which type of account you want to setup
BlackBerry PlayBook Account SetupEnter your login information (email address or account name depending on the service)
BlackBerry PlayBook Account SetupChoose any advanced options
BlackBerry PlayBook Account SetupSave and you're done!

That's that! Your accounts are setup and ready to roll. Head to your Messages app to view your inbox.

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Setting up email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0


It's easy to setup but, it is trying to download 4,000 messages. I set it up to download 1-day. Can anyone help?

Hello Adam, thanks for this.
Many (incl. me) are wondering how to push mails,contacts and agenda from a BB phone to native clients. Since there's the option to use a gmail or whatever account, it'll be against security rules for most of us (not talking about Exchange here, different topic).
Any view about that ?

Been there done that at 6:00am AST, but I can't figure out if and how you can sync your Outlook contacts/calendar with your Playbook.

Any suggestions???

After you set up your outlook account, it asks you if you want to sync the other items. I've gotten my work OWA working on it with my Calendar syncing and everything.

how do I set up my Outlook account? or how do I sync my contacts/calender with outlook. plz a detailed answer for dummies ^^

Uhhh, you need to have a Outlook Web Access account (your company must have an outlook exchange server). You can't just set up the playbook with Outlook.

You can get all the settings from your IT admin.

I'm with mokkassins on this one. My company doesn't have an exchange server, and what about all the average joe consumers out there that use Outlook? Seems like an easy fix to have the same option on DM when your PB is connected as when your BB is's hoping.

thx kinnonyee, but I am an average Joe. So I neither have web access nor an exchange Server.

Maybe to sync contacts/calender with PB is on of the changes in the DM 7 version. But without a working one we don't find out.

-> So I have to export a CVS file from outlook and import it into Google MAil, right? There is no other way? 'cause I'm not willing to give Google all of my contacts ....

Or.... if you've already set it up, go back into the settings -> accounts menu, select your OWA account, and turn on sync for Calendar and contacts

I hope in future update RIM will merge native & bridged messages apps. Or at least, make bridged messages has the same new UI as native apps.

Yes merge is a good idea.
But one thing is missing in the native message app.
I don't seam to be able to delete multiple email at a time (or am I missing some thing?)

+1 to unified UI for bridge messages.

GMail syncing issues with BBOS makes using PlayBook native email in parallel clumsy, if not outright useless. Too bad, I like the UI, and of course the rich text formatting.

Maybe (unlikely) RIM will allow for GMail users on BBOS to use Active Sync instead of toturing us further.

This was the first thing I did after the OS2 installation @ 5:50 am.

While setting up the accounts you can deide whether you want to sync everything (contacts, calendar, mail) or only soe of them..

I have not been able to keep my hands off from my playbook..

Only glitch I had after the installation today morning was with the bridge, but it seems to be working now....

By the way I believe the Adobe pdf viewer may need a upgrade. i am not able to view some of my pdf files. I can view them fine on my 9900 and computer.

Now all we need is some video chat and magazine apps..

I still have to use my Bridge email access for my account and I can't transfer my BB Torch calender to the Playbook calendar app - unless I'm missing something here. Maybe in the next update :)

Not sure on this.. but i believe its possible. May be fiddling with the advanced setting for email may help..

I can't set up my email account either. I'm frustrated because I was looking forward to having a seamless transition from PlayBook to BB and vice versa.. Now I can only get my emails on my BlackBerry, and I can't sync my phone book contacts to my PlayBook contacts.. ARGGHH...

Im trying to sync my iCloud mailbox and calendar to my playbook via imap server, im having a little bit of trouble if some one could help me out a little bbm me Pin:224EF71B

Maybe I missed it. Anyone figure out how to turn notifications off completely fir mail? I found that you can make it led or glow as well as a general notification volume. Liking alot in 2.0

I did not see any notification setting for individual accounts. May be not part of this release. Also, hopefully someone will come up with a app like bebuzz for playbook that may provide such functionality. colorful led lights on playbook will be totally awesome

*found* pulldown menu. Duh. It's not in the main system settings mail advanced area. Actually pull down in the mail app.

yup i forgot about the the trusty pulldown menu... thanks for that info..but need to see if helps to customize for each account.. need to test it out in the evening..

I would love to be able to sync my bb calendar with my pb as well. It's the only one I use. And I'm loving the keyboard!!

Auto download images? Anyone know how to turn that on? I can understand on old Berrys on old data plans etc..or thru bis but come on. Over wifi?? Probably missed that too.

I have tried to sync both facebook and Gmail. and it seems to stay on saving and verifying your settings forever. Anyone else have this?
Cellcom Empoloyee

well my new problem is it won't sync with my Gmail account anymore, i synced it this morning during the update now it keeps asking me to re enter my password and now its saying "Unable to find connection information. Please use advanced setup"

I have the same problem. At first I was able to set it up but I was not receiving my new emails. I deleted all my accounts and I'm unable to put them back, Facebook, twitter, Gmail and Hotmail. It stays on saving and verifying too.

Please help

I'm a bit of a power user on twitter with 8k followers and following, and with how Twitter integrates into playbook 2.0 contacts, it's made it almost unusable. I feel like I have to make a second twitter account for friends and family now. So disappointed with this issue and no settings to manage contact integration etc. or anything else for that matter.

I am to sync my current Torch 9810 Calendar, email and contacts, with the PB. I can get the email sync going via Add Account; but Im not sure how to get the Cal and Contatcs...perhaps addign a MS Xchange account? But Bell's address doest resolve (
Any tips?

I discovered the same seems that at this point syncing my BB contacts to the new native PB contacts app is not possible. I use outlook on my PC and sync it to my BB for my contacts and calendar, and the one thing I loved was how the bridge app was just a mirror of that and a change I made on the BB or PB was reflected on the other device and in turn was changed or added on my Outlook account. I am an individual contractor so I am my own IT department and do not have OWA.

My worry all along was that the new OS would add one more place to store email, contacts and Cal info which would mean one more place to delete and make sure everything is the same across my PC, BB and PB.

I would imagine though that a "merged" version of native and bridge email, contacts and calendar apps is something we can expect in a later upgrade.

In the mean time maybe RIM could change the Blackberry Desktop software to allow syncing of contacts and calendar for the PB to outlook just like it does with the BB.

All things considered though the new OS is a huge step forward and a great starting point for RIM to fine tune its operation.

Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to just set up email using your CrackBerry email address.

You have to enter your actual GMail account in the username. When you create emails and send them out, they go out as your gmail address and not your crackberry address.

The phones have this issue solved, too bad they didn't copy the same format over. Oh well, I'm sure they will add "reply to" options sometime soon.

Real shame that RIM seems to have left out support for subscribed iCal calendars. We use a shared, public Google calendar at our high school, and using the .ics link seems to be the easiest method of sharing with parents/students.

I can't set up the Yahoo account, anyone has any idea why? I just get a message that it is unable to find connection info. Use advanced setup...

Have exactly the same problem – can’t get my work yahoo account set up. Have tried POP3 /SMTP .... nothing works, nothing...

This is a big disappointment if there is no sync between BlackBerry phones and the PlayBook. I'm hoping that right now I'm just missing something. Going through third parties like Facebook and Gmail is not an acceptable substitute. I don't need every since person I know or "like" on Facebook and all of their events to get sucked into my calendar (which is exactly what happened when I made the mistake of allowing Facebook access to my calendar when I set up my phone). I also don't need Gmail to transfer the email address of every single person who has ever sent me an email (including address that are "do not reply"). I appreciate the functionality and I am sure that there are some people that these features are great for. Some of the rest of us, however, would like to maintain our calendars and contacts externally from social networking sites.

Many of you asked how to transfere the calender on your blackberry to you playbook. You offcource use Blackberry desktop software but the easiest way is to set your gmail (if you have one) as a default email for your calender on your BB and then set it up on your playbook. Make sure to set up your gmail as the default calender account on you BBPBook as well. (You can eaither use BIS synchronization option to sync your BB cal, and contacts to your gmail or use google syn for blackberry on your BB). This way you don't need to conect to the computer to sync your calendar. It will be real time update through tungle me integrated in the new Playbook os

You don't need thirdparty app to transfer cal or contacts. You just have to set up one of the email tbat you have on your BB on your playbook. (Make sure to set up the synchronizatkon option on you BIS setup screen for that specific email

Could you provide more specific instructions? I am not clear how to add my Sympatico email address (that is primary on my Torch) and have the Cal and Contacts sync wirelessly (and continuously) to the Playbook. Email seems to integrate, but not Cal

I used the Advanced setup, used these options and it worked.

To set up IMAP on your mobile device please use these settings:

Incoming Server -
Outgoing Server -
Incoming Port - 993 (requires SSL)
Outgoing Port - 465 (requires SSL/TLS)
Username: full email address (for example, or
Password: the password you login to Yahoo! with.

One issue I have with the email client (this goes for most platforms and not just BB) is let me save the settings anyway. I can't access my smtp outside of my home network and thus cannot setup my email account till I'm home again in 2 months!! When I want to manually configure something do NOT try and verify my entries, I can do that on my own when it doesn't work.

Note: This is a general rant about all platforms that verify information before letting you save and not just BB. Just so happens I was looking forward to this feature and it's a no go for me.

to setup yahoo account go to advanced on the play book
POP3 and SMTP Settings for Your Yahoo! Mail Account (To Access It From Another Email Program)

Want to use another email program to send and receive Yahoo! Mail messages? If so, you'll be asked to designate a new incoming (POP3) mail server and a new outgoing (SMTP) mail server.

Here are the basic server settings for Yahoo! Mail:

Incoming Mail (POP3) Server:

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: (use authentication, optionally use port 587)

Account Name/Login Name:

Your Yahoo! Mail ID (your email address without the "")

Email Address:

Your Yahoo! Mail address (e.g.,


Your Yahoo! Mail password

If you can't add new POP or SMTP servers, you'll need to change your current server settings to access your Yahoo! Mail account. Write down your current settings first—you might need to revert to them later if you decide to send and receive messages from your other email addresses.

Your other email program will give you the option of either deleting your Yahoo! messages from the Yahoo! server after downloading them, or leaving them on the Yahoo! server so you can see them online in your Yahoo! account, too.

I have added a gmail email account, a work email account and my FB account, but I can only view the gmail and FB calendars - don't have the option to look at the work one.

Have I done something wrong or can you not view more than one email calendar?

(Would be so much simpler if native contacts and calendar synced with BB one.)

Waiting to get home and do the upgrade, but this is a good time to ask something that has driven me crazy since my last Blackberry device OS upgrade: I own a domain, largely to have it as an @ email address. Everything is handled through the mail system on my satellite service. So, though I am, the actual account is Until recently, I was able to set up my mail on the Blackberry phone so that it knew to tell the world I was, even though the account the Blackberry service was checking was But now, I can enter only the latter, resulting in email that doesn't use my domain name. Anybody know how to fix this, or a good workaround?


Ditto Shawmail accounts. Am on Rogers network SMTP server is says "Not Responding" Mail works fine in and out on my Mac and on my BB Torch.

No idea how to even begin to sync calendar & contacts.

You seem to be having the same issue as me. My main email account is with Bell but I'm in the US right now on AT&T network. Bell doesn't allow you to access there SMTP servers from outside networks. Because mail setup is unable to reach the SMTP it fails, if there was a way to still save the configuration POP/IMAP would work fine you just can't send emails.

Is there any way to set up Facebook so it only synchs the contacts and the calendar but not messages? I use facebook chat A LOT and Facebook now has messages and chats as one unified thing. Which means that every IM I send and receive via Facebook appears on my Playbook which is very annoying. I do like that my Facebook calendar is there though so I don't want to unlink everything, just messages.... any ideas?

For my Gmail account, I have tried perhaps 6 times now to delete and re-add the account, but I never see the screen with the sliders for "Sync Email, Sync Calendar, Sync Contacts". Every time I try, the account gets set up as "email" only.

there's still no linkedin app for the 9900, yet they already have one for the playbook. i think that's crazy and somewhat backwards lol. odd.

Having issues setting up my Yahoo Mail, i don't think imap is supported yet. Anyone got any suggestions? I already tried rebooting.

I sure hope RIM makes things easier to import contacts from Outlook for those of us who are not tech savy. I don't work for a company with Exchange and I don't have a Gmail account. I am a small contractor with my email contacts saved on my BB and in Outlook on my laptop. Not sure why they didn't make it so guys like me can just use BB Desktop to sync contacts and calenders. Does anyone actually know if this is something we can expect? Or does a guy like me just get frustrated and instead of using this playbook as a tool, let my kids play with it??

I think the problem that a lot of the IP email users are facing is that the Playbook is assuming that your email accounts will use SSL encryption. Turns out they do not (keep in mind, I am no expert here, just looking at my email settings and see that SSL is turned off and if it is on, no messages come through. So please, be kind in any rebuttals if I turn out to be wrong), or at least Shaw does not. So head immediately to the Advanced setup and follow this (I see there are instructions for other providers in other posts, very similar steps) series of steps.

For Shawmail setup:

Username: your handle (email address less the

Email Address: your email address (I was really tempted to be snarky here and say "If you don't know this, give the Playbook to your neighbour because you and technology obviously don't get along, but then thought of my Grandmother who could use a Playbook, because it is that easy to use, but would be confused by anything tech sounding. But I digress)

Server Address: Shaw's site says to use shawmail.(insert city abbreviation here), but the good 'ol Bold 9700 has the pop server, so that's what I used. It works, I can only assume that the shawmail server name would work as well.

Port: leave it, it should go to 110 when you do the next step


If your SMTP Username and Password fields have anything in them, delete the contents of both fields. This is important as my setup would not proceed with anything in these fields.

SMTP Server Address: shawmail.(insert city code here)

SMTP Port should change to 25 when you do the next step.

SMTP Encryption: OFF

To find out which server name to use, use this link and select your city:

Yup those are the settings that I used to setup will bell aliant. you must leave you smtp name & password blank. Now I'm tryint to figure out the calendar setup for bell aliant. any feed back would be appreciated.

I feel duped by RIM- the Android player everybody thought we were gonna get- we DIDN'T get and what's more...there aren't ANY decent Android apps in app world they all suck! I thought we were gonna get the Android that ACTUALLY plays ANDROID and we can open and download Android apps from the Android Market but NOPE! There isn't ANY IM Apps still- Skype, Yahoo Messenger, OoVoO or anything just the sucky video app that belongs to RIM and which I can't use cause nobody I know has a PlayBook! Then there's the books, I'm going to college and Kobo doens't have crap of the ones I need so I figured with Android we would get Amazon, Kindle, etc... NOPE! Not even a decent Navigation App... we didn't get anything, as far as I can tell we got duped...again! I've been so caught up in the bridge remote that the more I've been thinking about it the more I get pissed. Another thing the email didn't work for me either, it won't let me setup Yahoo Mail! So still, what can I use my PlayBook for...surfing the web! TOTALLY USELESS!!!

O, my bad I finally got Yahoo Mail working but the rest I'm still upset about. I haven't been able to use my webcam since I got it and I thought I'd be able to use it for school and still can't because I can't access my eBooks.

you don't know anything about android player? please do research, it is behind the scene will only work when you run android apps

I hope I'm understanding this right, please jump in if not. I use outlook for my small business emails and have synced that account up with my gmail account and all is forwarding fine to my playbook. However, when I respond/send an email now from my playbook the "sent by" address is my gmail account and I don't want that. I want it to indicate my outlook email account, otherwise my contacts will think that my gmail account is my primary email account. Is there any way around this? Any way to sync up Outlook directly to the playbook without routing through gmail? I hope that made sense, many thanks to you tech savvy people for help!

OK, maybe it was just me but I download PB OS v 2 and found it was unbelievably easy to setup my Exchange email account, in two minutes it was working and gorgeous. I was happy.

This morning I picked up my Bold 9700 handset and to my horror, had no messages since about the time I setup the PB. Now I was not happy.

I disabled the exchange email account on the PB and spend the next couple of hours re-establishing the Bold 9700 on exchange email. Now happy but pissed at the PB.

I accept that I may have done something wrong with the PB (but it was so EASY!!!) but if in reality setting up exchange email on the PB does pooch your handset this really sucks.

Was it me or did RIM shoot themselves in the foot?

For those of you looking (or needing) to manually sync your Yahoo! contacts, I was able to do so using the following steps:

1). Ensure your Yahoo! contacts are up to date (import file (.csv) from Outlook, etc.))
2). On BBP device, goto Accounts, Add New Account.
3). Select E-Mail, Calander and Contacts.
4). At the prompt, enter your Yahoo! E-Mail Address and password.
5). Select Advanced Setup.
6). Select the CardDAV option
7). Enter Description, and Yahoo! Account settings.
8). For Server Address enter:
9). Save.

It worked for me, so hopefully it will work for you. Good Luck!!

I been trying to set up my Microsoft exchange server email account since Last Noght, but I am receiving an error Message,

Error Message:

Service account for ( is not
available. Access should be available soon.[Error code:

Easy to setup but not trouble shoot. I get the same email over and over that is deleted each time and I also get the wrong message body from a different email. Wiped, debricked always the same thing. Good for hung I don't count on it.

I have been trying to connect my playbook to os x lion server’s ical (caldav) but have not been successful. CardDav was just fine but not calDav. Anyone successful? If so, how…thanx...

Does anyone know how to set up the local PlayBook calendar? Everyone I make an appointment and try to invite an attendee it tells me no email account is associated with the calendar. Is there any way to associate my Gmail account with the native PlayBook calendar?

Thanks Cameron for the Shawmail steps !

Tried the steps for Hotmail with seemingly appropriate changes but their suggested "is not responding" Which is not surprising as their sys seems to be a little iffy for the past yr. imho will try again tomorrow ! nite, doug c

Hi, am pretty new here, and am looking for help with my blackberry playbook...

i recently updated to OS everything is swell with the update except for one... the messages app

prior to the update, i can view and reply to my facebook messages within Messages. but after the update, i don't see any of my facebook messages in Messages anymore... When an FB friend of mine sends me a message, I get the usual audio notification from my playbook, along with the flashing red notification in the upper left corner of the screen, but no message number notification. When I go to Messages, I see the FB message in the list of emails/messages on the left column (in landscape view) but it only stays for less than 5 seconds. Tried looking at the FB messages Inbox folder but it's not there. I have verified that the messages do exist in the FB app for the playbook. But it's really more convenient if I can see them in Messages like I did prior to the update.

Am using a Playbook 64 GB Wifi only model. Never had any problems with it until now. Did a restart, shutdown and security wipe, but to no avail. Tried looking for a setting that I might have overlooked but there's none I could find. Anybody has an idea as to what's going on and how I can get back my FB messages in the Messages app?

Thank you very much for your help.

Whatever I do, I cannot set up my gmail. When I try to set up my simply using the email and password, it says incorrect username or password. Please check and try again. When I use the IMAP route , it says your IMAP settings or username password may have changed. Ditto for using the Gmail option under account advance setup. This is pathetic. I am dead sure that my password and user id is right. BB sucks