Can't get that image to fit your BlackBerry PlayBook screen? The solution is here with 'Set as Wallpaper'

By James Richardson on 27 Oct 2012 01:47 pm EDT

Chances are that if you are a BlackBerry PlayBook owner you have more than likely found yourself in the position of wanting to set an image as a wallpaper on your tablet but after doing so it just doesn't look good due to the original size/shape of the image. I know I have been there many a time and it gets on your nerves (the polite way of putting it).  Good news - as 'Set As Wallpaper - Perfect Wallpaper Setter ' is now available to download from BlackBerry App World and it will relieve those frustrations.

Set as Wallpaper will allow you to use any image on your PlayBook and the reason you can do so is that the app allows you to pinch to zoom on the image so it fits the screen. Then just tap the set as wallpaper icon and you are done - simple. The app also allows for quick access to your PlayBooks camera if you fancy taking a photo of something pretty and setting it as the wallpaper. With a simplistic yet effective user interface the app essentially gives you freedom to use any image from your gallery and not have to worry about whether its size is PlayBook compatible.

Features of the app include:

  • Browse Gallery or Click a picture with camera
  • Click on Set as Wallpaper to set image as wallpaper.

Set As Wallpaper will cost you $0.99 and although I initially wasn't overly excited about checking out the app I can say that I am now glad I spent the money. It just gives you one less thing to worry about.

More information/Download Set As Wallpaper - Perfect Wallpaper Setter for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Reader comments

Can't get that image to fit your BlackBerry PlayBook screen? The solution is here with 'Set as Wallpaper'


Cool, But I always move the pic where I want on the screen and then take a screen shot and all done, its cheaper lol

Noit is not. Because for an unknown reason for me, the spicture is always stretched so the result is alway disappointing. Rim needs to fix this horrible issue. No need to go through a third party app just to fit a picture to the screen. It sounds like a microsoft job here...

I need an app like this but whats wrong with the devs who are writing from Blackberry? 99c for something that is free on any other platform...WTF?!?!? No wonder they are giving the Playbooks away for $129, they get you with the apps.

This app is running very poorly, I'm not stingy but it not worth the 99c. I'm starting get frustrated with these Android port overs. It's great for increasing App World quantity but quality is not really there. C'mon guys make native apps, don't be lazy!
And when you turn your PB upright wallpaper doesn't zoom in but it gives you black bars above and under the picture.
App like this should have 2 step wallpaper setting: 1. Set wallpaper in horizontal 2. Set wallpaper in vertical orientation so it switches as you use your device.

I don't think it's a matter of RIM being lazy. Its a matter of them getting off their butts and somehow working full Android into BB10 and getting devs to give CURRENT free Android apps in addition to every paid Android app. That being said I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus as a secondary tablet for Android games/apps. Got sick of the RIM BS of waiting for full Android and current Android games, and there's no way in hell I'm waiting for the RIM port of the upcoming release of Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars on November 8. On November 8 (my birthday) I WILL be playing this game with or without RIM.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Buddy I would prefer App World having 50000 native 4+ star apps than 500000 Port overs that work half a$$. As far as you buying Android tablet so you don't have to wait another month for it to be ported over to PB you are either not thinking clearly or just have little too much money. And at the end of the day it's not RIM responsibility to port Android apps over. RIM is supposed to try to convince devs to make native apps as well as give them an option to easily convert their apps from their current platform...which is what RIM is doing. It's devs responsibility to make sure that apps are running good when they port them over and this particular one could be better.

I love my Playbook for business and security, and for these 2 things it can't be touched. However Playbook is horrible for having current paid and free Android apps. But in addition to my business oriented Playbook I have my Samsung Tablet so I don't have to choose anymore between ported over apps vs native apps anymore like I used to, when Playbook was my only option. And seriously I wouldn't call spending an extra $199 on an secondary Android gaming tablet having to much money unless you're stuck working for minimum wage or on a fixed income. Just fed up with the RIM dev BS of waiting forever for full Android. On Android there's an ad supported free app for every paid app and they are of all equal quality, minus the ads of course. RIM needs to (as I said) convince devs to make free apps available.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

No, it's completely up to the developers if they want to have Ads in the app they make. If they don't want it, that's up to them. If they want to set a price, it's up to them, if they want to make it free, it's up to them.

If you don't like what I stated, it's your sorry self and fault you just can't appreciate any work they do.

If you really want that many apps, why not make them yourself?

It is still available for free right next to the paid app when i searched "wallpaper". Get it while it's free!

Dont waste your money for this less than half-hearted developed app! It's full of bugs! My playbook works with the newest OS and this annoying app doesnt show ALL my picture folder... Beside this the app closed unexpected when you open a pic-folder with more than around (few) hundred pics! Dont purchase yet.... ! :-(

The first version was aweful like said above... But also the upgrade to v.1.4 doesnt work correctly. First the installation was horrible (with a lot of problems I´ve described under my rating in BBAppworld). Now the app works...half! It intercept some folders with pics and closed itself unexpected near the same pics few times! I have stored around 3800 pics... Obviously to many for this app....:-(

Too late I brought it and now it doesn't work, keeps saying I've got the demo version and used up the amount of times I can use it.
What a poor and lazy port, don't buy or at least wait till the dev has fixed it.

Hi Playbook Users, this is the App Developer, I am currently working on the custom gallery for this app, and this has solved the issue of the app freezing while loading images from the Gallery folder of your PlayBook. This is an bug in the android runtime which not so good in pulling up large number of images from Gallery. As this bug is fixed and the updated version will be available on App World within 2-3 days from now. Rest assured this app is worth downloading....


Respect for replying buddy!
Please make sure to contact RIM about that bug to have it fixed. It will increase everyones satisfaction.

Tried the free version abd worked perfectly for me. No more stretched pictures as. It does with the native wallpaper setting.

Haters gonna hate.
Ignore them. Just enjoy the application and be patient for the update. Props to the developer for adding a feature.

Hi Playbook Users, this is the App Developer. The update of the App is now available on the App World.

Features of the update -

1.) The new customize gallery.
2.) No more exception & forced close while choosing the image/pics.
3.) Other bugs removed.


PK, The bugs seem to have gotten worse with the new update. Browse for image now opens in native PB Photo Gallery as you mention, but scrolls EXTREMELY slow thru ALL photos instead of individual folders and crashes 1/2 of the time! After reboot or power down, wallpaper is missing and needs to be setup all over again.

*Edit* Ended up requesting a refund from RIM. The developer does not respond to email support requests.

BlackBerry needs to get its act together. Why do we need an app to do this? This is a bug, not an issue that we need to pay 0.99 for. Imagine if we had to pay $1 for every bug here and there.

tip: i tried jonathank's method - pinch in or out and move up or down or left or right - play around with it and you should manage something

Hi PK, app is still freezing and force won't even scroll all my pics anymore either. It used to work for me but now it just won't do anything but freeze and close. I have the paid version and, although it was only .99, I'm not too happy with this at all, I hope it gets fixed so I can use it again. Thanx for listening.

Ok, I pinched the pic to fit the screen and it finally worked out for that part...but...the issue of the freezing and closing while TRYING to scroll through my pics still remains. Figure out how to fix that and I will give the app an A+! :)