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Service Pack 2 for BES 5.0 goes public today

By IsaacKendall on 7 Jul 2010 07:50 pm EDT

BES 5.0 released 

Today RIM released SP2 for BES 5.0, we've written up some of the new features and specs in a couple of previous posts (New BES 5.0 SP2 IT polices get OS specific with BlackBerry 6 & Service pack 2 for BES 5.0 specs leak out). Originally slated for a June or July release, we in the BES world have stopped believing any dates given by RIM.

Their history of making a scheduled release date has become quite comical. The Exchange 3.6 upgrade from 3.5 was 1/2 year late. 4.0 was a year late. 4.1 was almost a year late. The 5.0 launch was delayed for some time too and if you're a GroupWise show you're still waiting for 5.0.0 to launch. SP2 went out to select beta users earlier this year and we were told to expect a July release. Wow, they made their target you say, well actually about a month ago we were told they were now aiming for September. So although they made the original July target they missed their revised September target. Does this really matter? No not really, it's just side story to amuse the few of us that follow BES release dates - we aren't a very big group I'll admit, BES service packs aren't as sexy story telling as new BlackBerry devices.

BES 5.0.2 download

The upgrade for Microsoft Exchange weighs in at 637.3MB the math on this doesn't add up to me. *Disclaimer - I'm not a program code expert by any stretch in fact the last code I wrote was in Basic and Pascal* If you don't stay current with service packs and maintenance releases you can go ahead and jump to the latest release if you desire. For example if you're running 5.0.0 and never went down the SP1 path you can go ahead and jump right into SP2, which is where the numbers lose me. Here are the sizes of the install files for the SP1 family: 

  • SP1 - 657MB
  • SP1 MR1 - 24.3 MB
  • SP1 MR2 - 595 MB
  • SP1 MR3 - 595 MB 

If I installed SP1 and SP1 MR3 that would be 1.25 GB of install files plus the 637.3 MB for SP2. And If I went from 5.0.0 straight into SP2 it would only be 637.3 MB. Has RIM programming become that streamlined since the release of SP1? Where did all these megabytes of code go? What did they do and why don't I need them anymore?

BES 5.0 install

Anyway, I installed the file released today and it went in rather smoothly on my BES and all seems to be humming along quite nicely. If you're interested in the release notes they can be downloaded directly from RIM.

Tip of the day, if you're looking to do a BES upgrade but would like to install the latest full version of the BES files without doing a service pack, you can sign up for the 60 trial BES from RIM directly after completing the form RIM will email you a link where you can get the full 5.0 with Service Pack 2 download file which you can use for a clean install.  The email from RIM will also include a 60 day license key and SRP Identifier, don't use these in your production BES as they will stop working after the 60 day trial.

Reader comments

Service Pack 2 for BES 5.0 goes public today


It's odd that the image you have up of the filename is: "besx_upgrader_5.0.2.exe"... Thanks for the clarification though!

I spoke with RIM TS a while back. The x in the filename specifies that it's for Exchange.

They also told me that the BES service packs would work on BES Express. I havent tried it out tho.

The size of the service packs are not cumulative when installed. For example, you can download a 700MB service pack, but after the install it doesn't add 700MB of extra disk space since it is replacing files, etc. It might be easier to think about as going from SP1 to SP2 requires 637.3 MB of changes. While going from SP1 to SP1MR3 to SP2 required 1.25 GB of changes in total because the same files are being updated multiple times.

Downloading the Lotus Notes version now. It's 646 MB, and not going very speedily. I'm a little paranoid about installing it though, as the last time I did a MR update, the next day I got an email saying there was a problem with it and don't do it. Too late.

Edit: and as for the besx in the name of the file, I think that means BES eXchange. The one for Lotus is besn for I'm guessing BES Notes.