Service Pack 1 for BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 Released

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2009 01:40 pm EDT
Service Pack 1 

RIM doesn't often offer "service packs" for Desktop Manager (they usually just release updated versions) so we're not sure what this one entails. The software is listed as Service Pack 1 (5.0.1). Just some minor bug fixes and not a whole lot of upgrades in this release.

  • User interface for using your device as an IP modem
  • Support for new fields on the address book for your device
  • Enhancements to the synchronization process for organizer data
  • Support for Greek and Hebrew languages
  • Support for Windows(R) 7 

Head over to the BlackBerry Software Download page to update. Be sure to let us know if you find anything else new.

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Service Pack 1 for BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 Released


The new features are from the readme doc with it.

* User interface for using your device as an IP modem
* Support for new fields on the address book for your device
* Enhancements to the synchronization process for organizer data
* Support for Greek and Hebrew languages
* Support for Windows(R) 7

The whole package number has changed from the leaked to

None of the internal components have changed their version numbers.

Link leads to a message that the page I am looking for is not there ... wonder if it has been removed.

I had an error message the first time I tried. I just backed up one page, then clicked next again and it's downloading now as I type.

i would really like to be able to browse my email/sms via desktop manager, on average i receive upto 6000 emails daily.

So is the windows 7 support just saying it's now "officially" compatible (not like it was ever at all incompatible) or does it include any new functions like jumplists etc.

I'm at school right now and won't get to download it till later.

Here is a rapidshare link for those having problems DLing, just plain slow.

Why cant they get text wrapping to work on here Grrr.

I dont like posting shortened links as you never know what you are clicking on.

This link is useless, it says you have to have a premium rapidshare account to use. I hate that people are always trying to build their rapidshare points, UPLOAD IT TO SHAREBEE.COM OR MEGAUPLOAD!

And i hate people that CAN'T read a webpage. You DON'T need a premium membership, just to be patient 90 seconds.

You are indeed a moron, The 90 seconds is not the problem, when the free slots are all used up it tells you that you must have a premium account. Get a brain.

We must have crashed their servers. I tried to download DM and it would keep giving me a Proxy Error message.

This is ridiculous. I can't even get to the download page and the other posted in here is giving me a 45 eta to full download. This is crap

Is it just me or can RIM not manage their servers very well?

BIS outages and they can't even host a file without crashing the server(s)...

now where it used to show my pin at the bottom, it now shows the model and pin, i.e blackberry 9500 xxxxxxx
nice little touch

turns out the application won't even let me install once I finished downloading this crap on vista. Says it's not a valid Win32 application? wtf

More than likely your download didn't finish completely. Look at the file size and if this is the case, try the download again.

Is it worth using Desktop Manager 5.0 at all? I heard if you like to use Beta OS's on your BB, the best DM is 4.6. I once had problem upgrading the BB OS using DM 4.7, so downgraded to 4.6.

I had trouble installing OS using DM 5.0 so I went back to DM 4.6 which works perfectly for installing OS's on my BB 8900. I'll test the DM 5.0 SP1 after I read more reviews on it.

I have bb 8900 on T-mobile and i was wondering if this upgrade will work for me... im new to bb so help me seasoned bb vets.

If you're running Windows then this is for you, it doesn't matter what carrier. But if you have a Mac you don't get an update :P because I have a Mac and tried downloading it lol

Since bb download page is screwed for now and the rapidshare free slots are used anyone else going to throw it up on another file host?

Purty please?

Good thing I have both! ha ha, but i have another question, when i get to the linked site it gives me 4 options, multilanguage,w/ or w/o media manager ( which im pretty sure i dont need and english w/ or w/o media manager. Whick one should i use I have no idea what this media manger thing is...

Looks like RIM servers are overloading. I was gonna try later on. But now it seems to be downloading, but it is slow. 26 mins for 220MB on Broadband

Non media manager is fine. Drag and drop all your files instead of using the slow and buggy media manager.

Doesn't seem to have support for using the phone as a modem (must be Verizon blocked it), but there are several new options under the help tab,

1: Blackberry Desktop Manager Help
2: Blackberry Device Help
3: Device Properties
4: Check For Updates
5: About Blackberry Desktop Manager

I only downloaded the non media manager version. The media manager is rubbish in many peoples opinion. Just use drag and drop.

If you want the media manager, you will have to dl it from im afraid.

not a valid win32 app? WTH! after 15 tries to download and waiting forever for it to finally download!

Will i get the OS 5.0 on my BB when i sync it up? Is that how it works? I don't mean to sound like an idiot, but I really have no idea, Im just got my 1st BB a few days ago

No your phone has to be eligible for the 5.0 upgrade through RIM in order for the DM to offer an upgrade. IE, the Storm 9530 from Verizon will allow the upgrade to take place without installing a local OS on the PC and removing the vendor.xml file.

That is not totally true, maybe if you are on ATT or T-mobile, but on Verizon you will still have to pay for it, or use Tetherberry.

i think that is the option to use your phone as a modem to hook up to your laptop etc for mobile internet outside of a wi fi zone

i also got the 502 proxy server error message i went back an chose the english version with out media manager and its down loading now.....

Multilanguage without media player
Multilanguage with media player
English with media player
English without media player.

Now which one do I download?

I'm with AT&T. Should I still download the one you suggest? And excuse my ignorance, but why wouldn't I want Media Manager? Not that I know what it is? Sorry, a bit new to Blackberry.

hour then i get to go home from work and I will upgrade my DM ASAP. I am loving all these upgrades that out coming out lately.... Thanks

Big ball of nothing on my download when it comes to IP Modem optioning.

I'm on Verizon and I see a couple of others have had the same issue. Honestly, do they need to force their software in addition to banging us for the tether option?

I just downloaded the non-Media Manager version. Before installing, I followed the instructions to do a clean uninstall before installing 5.0.1.

I'm STILL getting that updating of core applications. It seems that it's BBM 4.6 and 5.0 somehow conflicting in some files.

Aside from that, the interface seems a lot smoother and tidier. I'm typing and entering this on the ISP option (I'm on Rogers). It gives you a data counter of how much data you've transmitted, which is good (I guess). Plus, there's a check mark to say to keep the connection active if you close Desktop Manager.

Overall, it's an evolutionary change versus revolutionary.

Has anyone else tried to connect their laptop with the berry, via this new feature? All I get is an error message when I change my Connection Manager to "T-mobile USA." I don't have the ability to fill out the other areas. It's all ghosted out.

I've had for a few days. The IP modem function sure looks cool. :D

You have to set up a custom profile, and I've gotten it as far as where it connects to the Internet, then authenticates the APN, etc. and then it comes back with a PPP error link. GRR...

It's a NON-U.S. version. T-Mobile is the only operator listed.

I just read this again, and downloaded the version dubbed "Service Pack 1". That's total BS. The icon "Use device as IP Modem" is missing.

I'll post pictures right now.

...Desktop Messenger for me. I was finally able to upgrade my OS. I used to upgrade all the time, but for some reason I hasnt worked for me lately. After downloading this it finally works again.

I installed this on my work pc and got modem option, then installed the same file at home and the modem option was not there? Windows XP at work, Vista at home if that makes a difference...

Worked first time no problems on Vodafone UK.

I think you have to have your phone connected in order to save the connection settings.

I downloaded last night and it deleted by Word To Go saying it's not compatible with device and my ad-ins no longer show up on DM. I already tried configuring it, but no go. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

i installed this new service. then my friend asked me to update his BB storm. I plug it in and it says no update available. I know for a fact he is running 4.7.x. Do i need to downgrade back to the regular DM 5.0? Has anyone else been able to upgrade their storm to OS 5.0 using DM 5.0.1?

I have all the options listed. I did not uninstall previous 5.0 DM first. Installed English (Non Media Manager) version. OS version Vista Home Prem x 64.

I just downloaded the auto zip file ran as admin and it installed perfect and I have the IP modem option.

Yes I am a Verizon user ..

I recently downloaded the 5.0 OS for my Storm1. Its great btw, and anyone with a Storm needs to download it before they throw their blackberry out of the window for freezing up! This service pack is a must for the Desktop Software if you use your Storm for Music and are trying to sync it with your itunes. After updating to the device 5.0 OS, i couldn't sync my music anymore. But after downloading this service pack, its smooth sailing. Although, for some reason I couldn't select all of my Playlists...Anyways, I hope this helps any frustrated people out there.

nothing that is noticeably different...other than the IP modem options, assuming that you have tethering enabled. Does move a little quicker though

Yeah. I just got an

"Error encountered. Error Code - 0x80040fb3.
Check Documentation."

Yippee. I have checked and can't figure it out.

This only happens when Syncing the Calender.

I like the new features like categories. I have been using .16 for awhile but .18 is where that new feature is. And SPEED is what I want.

Any ideas.


They also fixed the McAfee issue. I could not synchronize via bluetooth under 5.0.0 due to an incompatibility with McAfee (The device paired with my PC, the device manager showed that device connection via bluetooth as connected by the desktop manager persistently displayed that no device is connected).

With 5.0.1 everything works just fine. Thats really an improvement for me as you might imagine.

Is anybody else who has a Mac getting Uncaught Exception errors? My husband and I both have Mac's and I just downloaded the Service Pack. We are getting two error messages: Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
Uncaught exception:Java.lang.Error I tried restoring my phone and the service pack is still on it.