September Availability of 4.5 for BlackBerry Smartphones?!

OS4.5 Coming in September
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2008 12:09 pm EDT

The BG just posted up some slides from a RIM BlackBerry BIS 2.5 presentation. It's mainly old hat for all the CrackBerrys reading this, but of real interest is the slide above. It looks like OS4.5 will be available for all BlackBerrys in September. I don't think this necessarily means we will all have to wait until September to get it (Vodafone already has it), more so that the OS4.5 carrier by carrier rollout should be complete (hopefully!) by then. When it comes to the BlackBerry Bold, it will of course be launching with OS4.6, and will support HTML email viewing at launch. Missing from the above list is the BlackBerry 8700. Previous reports showed that the 8700 series would get the 4.5 upgrade. I'm sure the 8700 will get 4.5, but this info seems to indicate otherwise (maybe just left off the list!).

** Actually... in looking at this info more closely, there's no mention of the 8320 or CDMA BlackBerry Models on these slides. Most likely this is from an AT&T carrier presentation (those model #'s all jive) and thus the info may not be 100% valid for all other carriers. Don't panic - OS4.5 will surely be coming your way.

Head on over to the BG's gallery for some other details on BIS 2.5. Of note is a 3MB max for attachment downloads in native format.

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September Availability of 4.5 for BlackBerry Smartphones?!


Nothing mentioned about the 8320 in the slides. It lists the 8100, 8800, 8820, 8300, 8310, 8120, and the 8110. The 8320 getting left out in the cold on this?

Thanks for the solid info! I am with Dredlockeddiva, I will wait until the official roll out through my carrier.

This WILL be coming to 8700s,I have the beta so there is one in development for them.

September is a long way away.

If your carrier has BIS 2.5 and you have OS 4.5 then you will have HTML email. T-Mobile upgraded to 2.5 last week and I've been running 4.5 for months so I have HTML email on here, very nice. I also have a rockin' browser.

So what does this really mean. In the forums here at someone posted that if unless you are running OS 4.5 or higher BIS 2.5 will NOT work with your OS 4.2 phone. Now I found this odd, but it was posted.'

So why the hell would we wait for OS 4.5 for 3 more months when it should be out quickly after the BIS 2.5 roll out.

Im running a 4.5 os better. look it up on google. i dont recommend it as it is a bit slow but its nice to have. and i plan to get the new iphone so i dont mind beating up my blackberry a bit now

I am noticing that it's not just the 8700 that is missing from the list. It looks like the CDMA 8330, 8830 and 8130 are also missing. Does anyone know the upgrade schedule for Sprint?

My carrier is releasing the 8330 on Monday running 4.5, so CDMA devices should be included in terms of new rollouts, however, I'm not so sure what the scoop is on CDMA upgrades.

If there is a beta 4.5 OS for unaccounted models, I believe they shall get an update of their own. It makes no sense to develop a beta OS for, say, a 8320 and then not roll it out.

The slide is probably applicable to one carrier, as stated in the article. Remember that some models are carrier-specific.

The question should probably be: Are there models for which a beta 4.5 OS is unavailable or unheard of?

My 2¢.

If I may borrow a phrase from The Rock, FINALLY...
But to be totally honest, I'll believe it when I'm recording a video on my phone.


So what about me and my baby .... i have a pearl 8130? Why hasnt anyone tell me anything? I heard because i have cdm what ever it is.


I know someone who has it and they say some applications are so different and he loves it.


Great. Go away then.

Hmm this is ATT... but as far as I know tmobile (was this on Viirgo in the BGR blog) is updating this weekend to BIS 2.5..

Cant I just download the beta 4.5.44 and use it? All features should work right?


This is really unbelievable!! Rim pumped people up into thinking they were getting the OS to no avail?? Rim really needs to keep in touch with their Berry customers via email as often as they can to tell them whats going on at least once a week. That's piss poor!!

I uninstalled Empower last night with hopes that I'd wake up to new service books and, as expected, HTML e-mail is now enabled. I'll be checking the other features and will report back.

Cellular South Beta

ATT and no change, emails still a mess, and downloading video attachments = a no go. No change for me

The reason the BlackBerry 8320 and CDMA BlackBerry devices aren't listed in the slide is because this is likely a slide from a carrier aligned rep from RIM. The traditional model for RIM field reps had them aligned with certain carriers. They are moving away from this model and into an industry vertical alignment, but if I had to guess, this slide came from someone aligned with a carrier who only had these devices (at this current time). If I had to take a guess, if this came from America, it'd be from AT&T (although the 8700 is not listed and their 8320, which Kevin had revealed would launch in July, will be released with OS 4.5).

i hope it just got left off the list there are plenty of people that still use the 8700 if the 8700 doesn't get the new software then i think i'm gonna upgrade but i will still hold on to my durable 8700.