Separate BBM Group notifications coming to OS 10.2

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jul 2013 07:57 am EDT

One of the things I miss on BlackBerry 10 that we had on BlackBerry 7 is separate notifications for BBM Groups. I have a few groups on my Q10 and as of now the notifications are all lumped in with BBM, so there's not discerning one from the other when an alert sounds. In OS 10.2 however that won't be the case.

Michael Clewley has dropped another fun tidbit via his BBM channel and let us know that OS 10.2 will be brining along separate notifications for BBM Groups. This means that (hopefully) there will be two spots in the Hub as well as individual settings for both BBM and BBM Groups. This should be a welcome addition for anyone who uses BBM Groups and will help to keep things more organized.

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Separate BBM Group notifications coming to OS 10.2


What I want is a notification when something is added to a group calendar.

Right now I don't know there has been an event added until the reminder pops up.

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I believe it was reported in the forums yesterday that pictures added to groups will get hub notification in 10.2, maybe this includes calendar events as well....

Finally! Sometimes my phone is constantly going off bc of my bbm groups. I use to have bbm groups silent and bbms on vibrate with my 9900

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Looks like 10.2 is shaping up to be a serious upgrade. Happy to see they adding in bbos features as well as new things. Now to wait for it to be pushed!!!

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I had to unsubscribe from BBM groups as I couldn't silence the notifications. On my 9900 I shut off all alerts for BBM groups and just looked in BBM every now and then

Looking good!!

You can silence the notifications in group. Click on the group tab, pick the group, tap the 3 dots, select group setting and turn off or on notifications.

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I'm not sure what version of OS you're running but on mine Q10SQN100-3/ that is not an option nor has it been since I've owned a BB10 phone. :(

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Groups in BBM is a great start ; however, I would really like to see contact groups.

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This really should have been included when bb10 was first released. Goes to show it was not at all ready when it first arrived

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Please bring it to Whatsapp, I feel ignoring as this function appears on BB7.0
And the notification on BB10 are super sucks

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That is pretty sweet...but my question is what will we see released first. The BlackBerry A10, BBM channels, or OS 10.2?

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You bet they are because 10.2 will be on the A10. On top of that, the reviewers and bloggers are already all up in arms to find holes and blemishes. Drama sales unfortunately.

I think they are releasing a maintenance update before 10.2. I don't know timing but expect one for summer and the other later.

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Is there any word on whether or not we'll be able to add more than 9 speed dials to our phone app in any upcoming update?

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BlackBerry makes this look like a feature of 10.2 but meanwhile everyone is already pissed off about not having it from Legacy devices..this is the same thing for a lot of other bbm and email features

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I had a wishful dream last night and I'm not kidding: BlackBerry releases 10.2 across the board on all carriers.

Group: Two or more figures forming a complete unit in a composition. *Webster dictionary

If BB is dead, why wouldn't BBM be dead as well?! I, like most have no active BBM contacts so this article and addition of group notifications is pointless. No need for a group when you have no contacts to add to it. Not really feeling too strongly about BBM catching on whenever (forever and a day) it goes cross platform either. #SlowNewsDay

Interested as to why you would feel the need to add to this thread when it doesn't concern you. #pointless

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@Raxadollar: How many BBM contacts do you have? Do you have groups set up on BBM? If your answers are "0" and "None" as I have a strong inkling to believe then my post is warranted. #ProceedWithCaution

But what if one does have active BBM contacts, and the need for groups? What if your perception of "Most" is severely skewed by comments from a fraction of CB users, which is but a fraction of BBM users worldwide? What if millions of BBM users worldwide were compelled to upgrade to BB10 because of the upgrades to BBM? What if this migration resuscitates BlackBerry (which you've prematurely left for dead)? What if BlackBerry knows more about their strategy than you do?


@Genghis2k3: May I ask how many BBM contacts you have? My perception of "most" is supported by shipments of BB10 devices. With such lackluster sales it's not likely that you or anyone else on the BB10 platform has enough contacts to ever consider creating a group; for this reason I commented in the matter that I did. Your "what if" scenarios seem farfetched as well based on those sales. BBM alone is not a strong enough incentive to lure new/old customers to BB10, especially considering these users are all on other messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Skype, and GroupMe. I don't think anyone in their right mind picks a phone based of a messenger app; they do so based off a stable OS, design, and apps. All of which BB10 lacks. This resuscitation you speak of is also farfetched. Have you not been following the news with all the resigning and layoffs going on w/ in BB?! Not to mention the incompetent leader at the helm. It's time to WAKE UP and realize that the glory days are over, especially when you're relying on a messenger app to be your saving grace lol. #OldNewsContributer

…swings and misses!
I have enough for quite a few groups, per your Webster’s Dictionary definition – about 50 since the members would be interchangeable.
Your perception of most is NOT supported by shipments of BB10 devices because you have no idea to whom they were/will be sold.
Let’s not quibble over likelihood – let’s talk fact.  I have enough contacts for “quite a few” groups, especially if/when they’ve all migrated to BB10
The above is where I think you lost yourself.  I was referring to the millions of non BB10 users using BBM.  Do you have any market research figures on that BB10/non BB10 Blackberry user breakdown?  Pssst!  There are millions more of the latter.  Read again to ensure full comprehension
If you think enhancing a feature/features to up-sell (I believe this is the correct terminology – help me out marketing majors) a product is farfetched, someone better warn the gaming console industry, or auto industry, or appliance industry, or Smartphone makers.  To be clear, BBM groups and its enhancements would be “among” the enticement for the aforementioned migration.
Regarding the unstable OS, did you also pick that up from the “experts”, or did you more likely base that assessment on the statements of a tiny fraction of BB10 users.  It’s commonly recognized that those without complaints generally don’t voice their lack of complaints.  But let’s not generalize.  I’m quite pleased with the OS – and I’m with Verizon!
Your comments are likely driven by your anger and frustration with blackberry (let me guess – you own a Playbook and you feel wronged, right?), but I’m not looking for glory from my Smartphone - just a tool to help organize myself and provide some occasional amusement/entertainment.  With every BB upgrade, blackberry has kept me moving in that direction.  See what I did there?

You stated that you have Verizon, you also stated that you have approximately 50 BBM contacts. Based off shipments (since we don't know actual sales) how is that even logical?! Did you post your PIN in some forum or is this a company device?! In the glory days of BB that would've made more sense but it's hard to believe that you know at least 50 people on BB10. I don't know about you but I like to have personal relationships w/ those in my contact list.

My perception of "most" is supported as the number of sales is less than that of 2.7 shipments. To put in logical terms, there are more people in Chicago, IL than there are BB10 users.

To be frank, I never lost myself. The article and title (Separate BBM Group notifications coming to OS 10.2) are related to BB10; please stay on course here. "Read again to ensure full comprehension"

Your idea of enhancing a single feature (BBM) is to farfetched based on my reasoning above and I stand behind my theory that it's not enough. I'm more than certain that BBM isn't the reason people are not buying into BB10.

Regarding the unstable OS, I picked that up from personal usage as well as other USER reviews. Doesn't seem to happen as much on other OS'. On the contrary, it's good to hear that you all on Verizon finally got an update. Too bad it's only for 10.1 and the stupid title above references 10.2 which of course doesn't have a release date either.

My comments are driven by my dissatisfaction with BB as a whole. From delays in getting devices to the market, to delays with updates rolling out, and my darn phone randomly rebooting etc etc etc I've just about had it with BB. Above all, I'm unhappy with the lack of innovation. At the end of the day I don't ask for much, just a phone that is functional.

Lastly, by your use of #strawmen (which I had to research) I am led to believe you are from the UK where I hear BB has some sort of relevance. Everything I expressed is strictly related to the US market.

You, kind sir, seem to be overly verbose on a subject you admitted openly was of no concern to you. Why are you on this forum? Who are you? What do you contribute other than facts plucked for the air? I have an inkling that the answers to three of these questions is nothing or nobody. Good night.

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@Raxadollar: You are not capable of verbal sparring with me. I have no desire to go back forth with you as you have nothing to offer to defend your beloved BB. #AsYouWere

I look forward to these conversations when somebody ultimately shows their stupidity, does it by acting like they know me, from a few sentences. You are what is wrong with your world of hatred and poison. You have added nothing to this thread, other than using alternative words to explain yourself. However, as much as look forward to these moments, I neither feel the need to defend BlackBerry or enter into any format of verbal sparring with the likes of you. You are the worst kind of troll, there is. Your argument, much like you addition to this thread is ultimately baseless and therefore not really worth continuing. You should find a phone that better suits your needs and stop talking about how little faith you have in the company that made your phone. It utterly confounds me why you would ever have bought into it if it was as bad as you say, seeing as you are some sort of oracle, I would have thought you would have seen this coming.

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Wow! Just fucking wow!

Let's see. you put two and two together and got 7?

I would be remiss if I didn't thank you for alerting me to the verizon rollout. I didn't know that as I haven't received a notification yet. No hurry. I enjoy my phone. But thanks for that.

Now. I practically begged you to read for comprehension. Do you not understand that those on the old os have BBM? But I don't even have the patience to break that down for you.

More astounding is that you looked up strawmen (try strawman - I used the plural because of the ridiculous premises contained in your response), and equated it with UK residency? With verizon?

You have masqueraded as as someone with a bit of intelligence but your last submission has rendered you unworthy of further education at the expense of my time and patience.

Good day sir!

I remember the days when BBM was my number 1 method for messaging. Now, it's merely an icon on my phone. However, I do occasionally read the BBM Channels updates.

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For me the ability to fully shut down BBM would be much more welcome in 10.2. Can't believe I'm forced to constantly run a messaging application that in turn constantly forces a data connection regardless of whether I want it to or indeed use it in the first place. That kind of dumbed down lack of user option is Apple style control freakery for people without a mind of their own.

One more thing I can check off of my 10.2 wishlist.

I don't think people understand how mammoth the 10 can be if u grab key features like this one from BBOS and put it in the great-and-getting-better BB10...

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Is that possible to make a few chat room in 1 group, but only chosen contact by admin can access the room and read the message. If so, that would be awesome and don't need many group anymore on our list.
Ex: Canada group, have 30 contact, 2 chat room. 1 chat room has a limited contact, 10 contact only can access the chat room, 1 is general which is 30 contact in group can access.

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Getting better and better. This was a long awaited feature. Thanks guys!

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i hope they fix the ping for all the z10 as they do not vibrate.. thats very bad.. and when i put a dp resolution becomes too small its also bad.. new bbm is very bad compared to the old one as they should improve not give us something worse

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