Senior Vice President of Marketing at BlackBerry: 'The No. 1 objective is making BlackBerry synonymous with work'

By Bla1ze on 17 Jul 2014 05:43 pm EDT

Back in November, BlackBerry announced the departure of Kristian Tear as Chief Operating Officer, and Frank Boulben as Chief Marketing Officer. Their exit left room for John Chen to make some new hires of his own and when it came to marketing, he opted to appoint Mark Wilson as Senior Vice President of Marketing. Wilson previously served as Senior Vice President, Corporate and Field Marketing at Sybase as well held position as Chief Marketing Officer at Avaya, so he came to BlackBerry prepared.

It's fair to say that when it comes to marketing, the feeling among the community is that BlackBerry could be doing better, but sitting down in a recent interview with AdAge, Wilson highlighted some of the changes he's put in place since his arrival at BlackBerry and his long-term marketing objectives for BlackBerry.

Advertising Age: What are your top marketing objectives for BlackBerry?

Mr. Wilson: The No. 1 objective is making BlackBerry synonymous with work, and that means professional mobility, enterprise mobility and really everything we do in terms of brand, defining our value proposition, defining our go-to-market tactics and ecosystem support. For people who are choosing a device or mobile platform to help them be productive and efficient -- while at the same time protecting their security and privacy -- we want them to choose Blackberry.

Advertising Age: You just introduced a new fact-checking site to correct misinformation about smartphones. What drove this?

Mr. Wilson: We found that certain competitors across all of our businesses, including software and services, were making claims that were just absolutely inaccurate. And we saw that sometimes the media were picking up on that. We really wanted to set the record straight. We call it 'Fighting FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) with facts.' We'll take documents that our competitors create and -- with a red marker -- will mark them up to show that what they're saying is clearly untrue. Overall, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback about it.

Advertising Age: Are you launching any new ad campaigns?

Wilson: We recently rolled out our "Endorsers" campaign. We have several endorsers, such as Arianna Huffington, who are just avid users -- she has four BlackBerry devices. So instead of having paid endorsers that you see from several brands, we're just using people who are die-hard fans. So we're doing more of that. We feel that it's very organic and very true to the brand. We also just launched the BlackBerry Z3 (touch screen) device in several emerging markets. We've launched this around the idea of connectedness and 'the power of connectedness.'

Advertising Age: How are you using social media to connect with business customers?

Mr. Wilson: We have invested in brand journalism to really drive a thought leadership program through social media. We've hired people with journalistic backgrounds and have seen a significant uptick in the number of people who are reading our blogs, citing our blogs in news articles and virally distributing them.

As highlighted in the interview, some of the most recent initiatives that people have noticed coming out of BlackBerry, have been a part of the work done by Wilson. Is there still work to be done by way of marketing? Sure. It can always improve.

But right now, BlackBerry is seemingly more involved than ever with very specific targeting of their marketing. Even if you're not seeing it in the ways you'd expect. Make sure you check out the full interview on AdAge or discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums.

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Senior Vice President of Marketing at BlackBerry: 'The No. 1 objective is making BlackBerry synonymous with work'


No, no.. this is not the attitude.. like nothing is happening and the classic cliche comments like "we have invested in brand"... that is nothing, is smoke!.. This guy has to say: “We made horsesh..t in the pass, it worked for its time but is time to let the world know, it was bulls.. now BlackBerry 10, oh man! that is the cream and butter of productivity!”

That is the motto these guys needs to have.. they need to acknowledge that a bunch of old people made bad decisions but now is different, because I hate I know a bunch of idiots claiming BB10 is garbage just because they think is the same as BB7

unfortunately I agree..

he needs to be saying they're going to actively differentiate BB10 (both from BBOS and other platforms) through a series of concentrated but well-placed ad campaigns...

the Endorsers thing is a good start but we need more, and we need to- actually see them without having to intentionally search for it on the internet when I read a blog about it.. in other words, I should already know about the campaign and you shouldn't have to tell us about it because we've already seen it.

Morpho - well said. This is the Tylenol, Dominoes approach I have been espousing since BB10 was announced. This was the failure of the Superbowl advertising campaign which had an oppurtunity to say - "sorry" "we f-ed up, we know we did" "this is how we fixed it".... Maybe now that the BB10 ecosystem is more evolved and stable...?

Mark Wilson is going to continue to be the man in the hot seat until BlackBerry is back to positive brand recognition. He seems to say just enough,but obviously he isn't saying much. Hopefully that doesn't mean he is being restricted in any way. Let him do what he does best!.
Obviously we all see the same 60 second Apple commercials that always seem to catch our attention 5x a day! I hate them, but I watch them.
I'm sure we would all love to see new BlackBerry commercials but
Wilson has to do what is right at the moment! Commercials might not be the "simple" solution that we all want. I'm sure we will see some in the near future , but don't expect BlackBerry to try and match Apple or Samsung in marketing anytime soon.

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You can't compare to Apple. Obviously tons of people either are thinking about the iPhone or have it and may switch so the investment Apple makes in TV commercials makes sense.

This same strategy makes no sense for BB. The reality is that even a ton of commercials is not going to convert many people to BlackBerry so the money would be wasted. They need to build back up and in that period they have to keep advertising focused and cheap.

Chen is doing the right thing for the time being.

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Really? I almost never see Apple advertising in mass media. At least not like I used to. The advertising that I do see is not that aggressive.

Usually, belief in the power of advertising to move units is the sign of a dying platform in a market with the characteristics of today's premium smartphone market. I like the idea of BlackBerry defining a niche with unique characteristics and building devices that are well-differentiated to the benefit of that niche. Then, sell like hell. And advertise to that niche, too. But, no more wasteful TV ads... at least not until BlackBerry is ready to offer a mass consumer device, again. Spend that money putting sales people on the phone with enterprise and building sales funnels to help existing BlackBerry users upgrade to the Passport more easily and directly (without carrier interference.)

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"Cage" Michalik in his lululemons could do a better job of marketing than Frank Boulben.

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they are marketing/promoting low price BB smart phones in the developing world where they do not have heavy competition from Samsung and Apple.

I find that I'm often trying to correct misinformation passed on to my friends and colleagues from whatever news they've read.

"Blackberry was bought and sold, didn't you know?"

"Didn't they go bankrupt? Oh, they're done."

Etc, etc. Glad they're fighting back on the rampant speculation and outright lies constantly presented as fact.

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True, many consumers do not have any identity for BB as a smart phone brand.
And, except for die hard BB users like CB readers, they are correct (BB had a 1% share of the market before the low price units came out).

Yes and I hope they realize even those who work also want to play and use Facebok, Twitter, etc. also, many young professionals want to have dating apps on their phones. I've found those are the apps young professionals want in addition to all the productivity tools.

Absolutely, I believe I would fit under that "young and professional" label. I use my phone get stuff done, but I do like to play and share with my friends. BlackBerry needs to maintain and elevate a hip edge to its software, even if it is targeting business people.

Posted via CB10 how come your boys aren't saying anything about the BB security Summit being held in NYC on July 29th,bb stockholders are taking a beating the last few days and an article on how this event could be interesting,after all the big JC will be there and watch how this mastermind will take BB to new heights.They have 12 days to regroup and you should be their MUSE,HAHA

We've been invited and have people attending. Not much to derive from it, since you know the event hasn't happened lol.

@Bla1ze,you should have mentioned it ,I read about it at ,You know ,n4bb,did I get that right?much prefer you guys.Anyway I have a suspicion that Apple is helping BB make their point about Security,they have given BB a golden opportunity to fight back,in NYC of all places...Media empire of the world.

Is it open or invite only? Could do with a push for general awareness of the event?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

@Puz_zled...That's what I'm talking about...And if they got an invite ,why not be super enthused about what could be achieved from the event.

I expected to see more of you after the initial flurry of articles after your bump up the ladder. What happened?

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Not even sure what you mean @Halifax Guy, considering everything you see on the site these days has been 'touched' by me one way or another.

Whether it be publishing articles, writing articles, coming up with articles, reading user feedback, answering emails, answering questions in the forums, handling site issues as they arise, handling the CB twitter account, and whatever else comes up in the run of a day.

Unless of course you think the only job I have is writing, though that would be a bit of odd logic. :P


Having an anti-FUD campaign coupled with Endorsers are the best (and most-needed) marketing strategies BlackBerry has had in awhile.

When people ask me why I use a BlackBerry, I always say "I get paid to answer emails, not crush candy." I rarely get any comebacks to that. :)

Did BlackBerry invite CNBC and Cramer to the NBC event?

Based on the big Apple/IBM merger security is important in the enterprise all of a sudden.....i would think that all the major news agencies who were touting Apple/IBM security for the enterprise would want to know what BlackBerry is doing...

Since they still are the leaders in security.

Cage, can get get on that? I sense a lot of slacking off by you for the summer. are Commander in Chief...get Cage on this

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Are they really the leaders in consumer security though? I don't believe so. As far as corporate accounts I would still say yes. However for the everyday user I don't believe they are, or ever have been. The secret has been out for a long time that you're no more secure on a Blackberry sold by a carrier then you are an iPhone.

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"Endorsers" campaign is great. And probably not too expensive.

Real users, instead of paid roosters and peacocks... sure they won't post nonsense from an iPhone...

Pasted via CB chen

You need a mix of real world users and "paid" user. Brand Ambassadors that are relevant and actively representing Blackberry are essential. Blackberry needs to unload a marketing campaign that forces people to notice them. They are in the back of the glass and they need to YELL to be noticed

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So Alicia Keys didn't quite hit the mark,
F1 team is great, Nico Rosberg is awesome...

Any suggestions?

Pasted via CB chen

I like these. Finally their endorsers are true die hard BlackBerry fans! I see some light here in there marketing! Keep it up BlackBerry! :D

Is there a list of BlackBerry Endorsers, aside from Ms. Huffington and Lewis Hamilton?

‎Q10 Rules!

Please revive that one commercial I saw floating around on YouTube a few years ago. Best commercial I've seen. It was never aired.

Show it on US networks.

Posted via CB10

Same here. I think that one was by far the best BlackBerry commercial I've seen.

Damn, I would have loved to have seen it. It doesn't come to mind and I'm a huge fan of good advertising.

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I cant tell if this is sarcasm... this is sarcasm right? That bike commerical was so entirely useless its not even funny...

Time will tell. If I saw as much as a commercial on tv about anything BlackBerry it would blow my mind.


Just because you don't see tv commercials, it doesn't mean BlackBerry isn't stepping up their marketing. It's very possible they've just decided the average TV viewer isn't the customer they're looking for.

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Very true. But these are the customers Blackberry needs to become a powerhouse again. Unless mediocre is their goal with the non-enterprise user they need to step up their game. With Apple and IBM pursuing enterprise now Blackberry could fade into obscurity in their prime market without aggressive action.

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Yup, no commercials and lack of presence in stores is causing self inflicted FUD. The average consumer thinks BlackBerry was sold last year by poor management or is basically bankrupt. The blog site is read by the hardcore fans or the odd technology junkie but it will never reach the average consumer or business customer.

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@playbook...You'd be surprised how these things work,I was reading an article on Zack's financial and there it was on the bottom, that BB Blogger Donny had repliled to my comment that I made on one of his articles,incredible!! Zack's of all places.

A friend came over to me today and told me that BlackBerrys next phone is going to run android software I told him to go check out the BlackBerry fact check he was very surprised that a company thought of doing such a idea and told me he'll go check it out

Loving my black Q10 and white Z10 and ordered the white Z30

I agree this is a start and I'd rather BlackBerry stay a niche player of course staying profitable.

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Absolutely correct in the "organic" approach instead of the (not really a user) paid celebrity endorser or straight up advertisement. It's really the only way you can market a tarnished brand back into relevance without seeming obviously desperate or grasping at straws.

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Well I am sure that you are a genius in the field. Have you any idea how much it costs to run mindless advertising on network tv? Like the man said, business is BlackBerry's mantra now. I have seen several spots in trades and technology mailers, and on social media, even some business apps. But maybe I've seen them because I read. Darn, no wonder BlackBerry isn't popular, they need to dumb it down.

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I understand what your saying, but at the same point it's not like IBM is selling to the majority of tv viewers, yet they have commercials

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@Zamboni...they don't have the money to do a sympathy campaing on major networks,that's what it boils down to .Apple certainly does so does Samsung

Canuck - typical bbry response. I read tech and business everything. And I do know what it costs to run spots on TV.

You aren't marketing a device at this point, but a brand. At the VERY least they need to appear relevant again. This "misconceptions about bbry" website junk they are spending money and time on is a prime example. They want people - who already think bbry is done or on their way out the door - to come to them. It's a waste of time and money. Obviously will have no way of knowing, but the majority of people to that site and pages will be bbry fans checking it out. It's more junk coming out of a waste and laugh of a marketing team.

Posted via CB10

Jojo - it's not about sympathy, nor is it about TV. If they were a creative marketing team worth a darn they would know how to TARGET. From network TV to ads on's all about targeting. but doing nothing is no solution. And in my opinion, acting like a "misconceptions" website is anything but a waste of money is quite telling...

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@Zamboni...Please,what better way to Combat misleading BS.Ask your potential client to browse thru the Fact Sheet and then, let's talk next week.

Lol, clueless. I doubt Mr. Chen would hire such employees? I believe he and the new crew know exactly how to play this. You can't just shove some advertising up without gradually changing the perception from the ground up. This is a logical approach for the period BlackBerry is in. Mr. Sims said the real push doesn't come until 10.3 anyways. Real life endorsements are a great appetizer so people accept what's ahead.


I love whenever I see BlackBerry talk about how they want to make the brand synonymous with work and productivity again - great to see them heading back in this direction.

(although it does seem a little ironic that the post immediately after this on CrackBerry is about the launch of another sticker pack :))

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That IS the massive conundrum. There really is no such thing as just a "work" phone any more. The brand can be "work first, play second" but play has to be in the mix somewhere. Is there a 10million per year sales market for people who will carry a BlackBerry for work AND a competitor's phone for play? That was the whole idea behind Balance. One phone for work AND play. "Play" has to be part of the formula.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Thank you for saying this, because this is exactly what BB is ignoring (or hoping no one point out). Very few people want a "work-only" phone anymore, and most companies have adopted BYOD or are issuing iPhone/Android phones for this very reason. Plus, even work phones need apps, and many very important business apps aren't in either BB World or the Amazon Marketplace.

Android-phone companies can afford to be small enough to be profitable with a small number of phones sold per year, because most of the OS and nearly all of the ecosystem work is done for them by Google. BB, by going it all alone, has to have the manpower to continue to develop the OS, design and engineer the hardware (at least some of it), manage (to some degree) the manufacture and distribution of the handsets, and so on. This means BB has to have a much larger headcount, which means they must make much higher margins or have much higher sales (or both) than an HTC or an LG to be competitive. If they reduce headcount, they won't be able to continue to develop and they'll fall further behind, but if they can't sell enough phones, or price them low enough to do so, they'll continue to lose money.

While I don't see them losing billions by over-producing inventory again, I still question whether BB can be profitable with handsets. They could definitely be profitable without them, but they'd need to be a much smaller company, and most folks here would no longer have any real reason to care about them if the no longer produced handsets.

But the BlackBerry security model is end to end. Starts with the handset through the servers and private network back to the handset. Encrypted at AES256 the whole way. Yes, they've opened it up to include a sandboxed secure workspace on competitors phones, but the MOST secure is BlackBerry at each end. Handsets are what provide the gold standard. Otherwise there is little to distinguish BES from competitors right now, although that will change too as eBBM suite gets going as an add on offering to support BES as the most feature rich MDM service.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

That's great (and I'm not arguing any of that), but clearly, outside of regulated enterprises, not many people care about that level of security, at least not enough to overcome all of the reasons NOT to buy BB, of which there are many. You may disagree with their reasoning, but companies are adopting iPhones and Android in huge numbers, along with competing MDM products, and seem to be satisfied with them.

BB has security to give, no doubt, but that's not what most people WANT, and BB doesn't seem to be able to give them what they WANT. If they could, their sales would almost certainly reflect that.

A good analogy is compact cars. They are small, fuel efficient, less cost but not safe. Repeated tests and analysis reveals that they are not safe but they sell like hot cakes. And big autos responded to that by making compacts.
But do enterprises, entertainers or hospitality industry embrace compact car? Probably won't? I hope BBRY knows this and that's where it will thrive. And yeah, there will be an individual who will prefer sedan over compact.

The threat right now is GOOG and AAPL are now vying THIS enterprise slice and that's where BBRY has to focus on marketing

Yet, BlackBerry was once on top when it was known as a business only device years ago. It's best to focus on one strength and run with it. All you need is a few so called BlackBerry "work only" phones in the home. It's impossible for other family members not to notice you playing around with 250,000 fun new Amazon Apps. BBM was discovered by millions of teenagers when BlackBerry was known as a "work only phone".

Forget all the Blurred Lined advertising. (look how well that did before) Get the BB10 phones in the house. The rest will take care of itself.


Good timely article. But this strategy is too academic. Too dufficult. I get the idea of brand development. BlackBerry is a work phone had immediate appeal. But. But. The enterprise market is limited. People prefer their personal device and they also use it for work. So people do not just want to buy a workphone.

Once the passport comes out, BlackBerry mist hit tv and media with 10.3 software which clearly shows how strong it is in both the work and personal market.

Posted via CB10

You need to connect with the business oriented youth market again to regain credibility as a cool product worth having.

This means your campaign cannot be stolid or stuffy, and keeping the old farts from the boardroom far far away from your marketing strategy.

Find a decent director & hire that kid who "hates" his BlackBerry for TV spots - show him as a young man entering the workforce for the first time with his trusty BlackBerry at his side ready to take on the realities of real world.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Indeed this reflects the shape of things to come in future. BlackBerry is rightly focusing to create Brand Evangelist for their products. They must get more and more opinion leaders on board to promote the brand.

Posted via CB10

I love that they investing in places that will stabilize them. It is a hope that they make it back to the US with a strong position. If BlackBerry endorsers comes to the US, I would be the first to try to be one of them regardless of monetary gain. It is always an interesting conversation when I pull out BlackBerry z30.

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I try to convince friends and family to try a BlackBerry, it is a struggle to even get them to consider it. A few have downloaded BBM and they are pleasantly surprised at its ease and functionality. One being a high school teacher, she stated "I have a new weapon now".

Surprised teachers are not aware of BBM.

Posted via CB10

It's all iPads and iPod touch at many schools here in Australia.

Some kids take the iPad/iPod class, the smarter kids get to take the PC class. Talk about "class" separation here.

No 'Berry kids, this curriculum must be written first, too smart for this world of average... ;-)

Pasted via CB chen

Marketing? BlackBerry has someone in charge of marketing? Sorry couldn't resist. The main problem I see above is his first point: "For people who are choosing a device or mobile platform to help them be productive and efficient -- while at the same time protecting their security and privacy -- we want them to choose Blackberry.". If people don't know the product or what it is capable of then they will not "choose BlackBerry". Especially if they have become comfortable with another device and can port it to their work system.

Posted via CB10

Wow. The story here is that BlackBerry pretty much admits that they are abandoning the consumer smartphone market. Thanks. For. Playing.

The consumer market is so intensely competitive, you can't do well unless it is your primary focus. By focusing primarily on enterprise, BlackBerry is signaling that nearly all that addressable consumer market cash will be enriching competitors. How very nice for the competition.

Z-30/STA 100-5/ USA

Mr. Wilson: The No. 1 objective is making BlackBerry synonymous with W-O-R-K.

ME: Yes, because I always look forward to work (facepalm). Seriously if your going to use synonyms. Use a proper one like productivity.

BlackBerry has a marketing objective???? I didn't even know they had a marketing Dept!!! LoL

Posted via CB10

Thank you CrackBerry. Finally I know who is responsible for BB marketing, particularly really noteworthy project called INSIDE BlackBerry.

Couldn't believed my eyes when I saw that BlackBerry is officially quoting ANONYMOUS comments on Passport articles to promote the device ( Even if I see Passport chances to succeed very low - BlackBerry, this is D E S P E R A TE.

I have also noticed that some INSIDE BlackBerry authors DON'T use their whole names. Do you think that articles written by person called Kerri B. (hi Bla1ze :-) can be perceived as trustworthy? Did you draw inspiration from Google friendly Phonearena?

Mr. Wilson has mentioned "Endorsers"campaign and Arianna Huffington. Is AOL CEO and ex Googler Tim Armstrong also "Endorser"? I'm asking because AOL controlled media (Engadget, TechCrunch..) bashed BlackBerry really a lot...

My real name isn't hard to find, nor do I really make an effort to hide it lol. When I started writing for CB, I was in a position where it was preferable I not use my real name.

As I'm no longer in that position, I could change it but when people more commonly know me as 'Bla1ze', it's easier to just stick with it.

That name has more authority than my real name. Seriously, I get called it more than my real name even when people do know it.

I just wait until they appoint Rupert Murdoch Endorser. His News Corporation has probably made billions$ on bashing/shorting BlackBerry.

Come on Chen. Give him some our (stockholders) money.

blackberry's marketing is a joke. I never see anything any where. Most people think BB is dead and are surprised when i show them my z30. Yet those same people can name 10 other phones no problem, BB needs to fire everyone in the marketing department and hire the guys who did the gap commercials. I could do a better job

I know you are probably jesting when you say you could do a better job, but the truth is, I reckon a bunch of first year marketing under-grads could do a better job.

It is almost as though Blackberry have set out to be invisible and have stuck to this plan rigidly since 2011.

I know what a joke. And I'm not kidding I could do a better job. I love my BB but they are making it hard to stay loyal.

Still would be nice to see a commercial on TV or at least on Hulu showing off passport

Posted via CB10

So the marketing plan is to continue to not market, and what little they do will be making themselves synonymous with WORK. Someone please explain to them they already are synonymous with WORK, and that is the issue!

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

Yawn....nothing to exciting..sorry. Every second commercial right now is for the iPhone 5c...and their good!!

Posted via CB10

People have to appreciate that righting the wrongs of Frank the tank and his predecessors take time. I've been very critical of their (lack of) marketing in the past, but I have to say this sounds and feels different. There's an air of professionalism to it, there's a stated objective and target audience. Interesting and you have my attention. Now don't blow it because there may not be another chance.

One note to the BlackBerry powers... this fact check site- there's a lot riding on it. It's a brilliant idea, but you may want to consider a dedicated site for it that people can remember and access ( and get traffic to) rather than a tag on a blog site. Just sayin...

Posted via CB10

Wonderful to see Arianna Huffington involved. She is definitely the kind of person we need to see promoting the Blackberry brand within the business world. A wonderful woman.

I just wish that she'd get her team to do a top class, designed for Blackberry version of the Huffington Post App so that I could ditch the flakey Android one.

Such an improvement over Boulbon. Good stuff so far. BlackBerry Assistant won't actually be called that!!

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Most people think BlackBerry is dead. I want some productivity apps like docusign and zipForm Plus for real estate.

Have you ever seen a Hermes, Ferrari, or Gucci advertisement on TV? They should totally fire their marketing people for not having ads on US TV. They're SO stupid!

Samsung and Apple need to advertise on TV because their bread and butter is accommodating the multitude. I hope to never see blackberry stoop that low.

Make blackberry the go to phone for traders, brokers, upper management, and the sheep will pay attention to that more than they pay attention to any television advert.

"Have you ever seen a Hermes, Ferrari, or Gucci advertisement on TV? They should totally fire their marketing people for not having ads on US TV. They're SO stupid!"

The difference is that those are boutique brands that can command a massive margin. BB10 smartphones are nothing of the sort, and do not sell even at the same prices as competing phones - they only sell when the price is lower than the competition. This analogy couldn't be more flawed.

The analogy certainly could be more flawed, so your reply is flawed as well.

What I mean is that I don't think BB needs to follow in the same marketing footsteps as Apple and Samsung. Making their phones desirable in certain fields is better for the brand than mass market advertising.

From what I have seen, and tell me if I am wrong, BB is re-focusing on enterprise customers. When CEO's and the people below and beside them are using BB, people will notice. That's just how it works these days. Trickle down trendonomics.

The whole BYOD movement happened because, in fact, that pressure works the other way: consumers demanding to use the devices they prefer rather than what the CEO uses. Before BYOD, BB was king by catering to businesses, yet BYOD decimated them. Why are companies now going to go back to BB (outside of regulated enterprises, who are only now being presented with a few real options to BB)? That's the dilemma for BB.

BYOD happened because BB6/7 really sucked the phat one.

Now that BB10 is out, can run android, and can be partitioned for work and play (forget what that's called right now), BB has a new phone to wow BYOD people with, and this deal with Amazon will only help with that.

At the time, BB phones were the tired device on the market. BB10 is the new kid now, and iphone and android are the tired devices.

I try to be an optimist, so I hope these new marketing moves will receive a good response.

Not the way I see it.

The BYOD movement took off because companies restricted their company phones to the point that it made sense to carry your own phone AND the company phone. No one liked that.

I was in a position to demand that my company phones, a series of BlackBerries, be unrestricted. Most people haven't the same privilege.

Don't forget the cost advantages of having your employees buy their phones either.

Posted via CB10

"The BYOD movement took off because companies restricted their company phones to the point that it made sense to carry your own phone AND the company phone. No one liked that."

True, but WHY did people also carry their own phone? Because they wanted features, services, and apps that they couldn't get on their work phones (before those things existed, people were satisfied [enough] with their work phone).

This guy is a very good hire - IMO. However from reading just a few of the comments here I can see there are many, many experts who obviously run Large companies, so I will just bite my tongue.

I'm a huge BlackBerry fan, but I really have to say, "What Marketing?"

I haven't seen a TV commercial, magazine ad, newspaper ad, billboard, etc in years.

I just finished living in Sri Lanka for two years, and despite BB not being all that popular, I did see ads for BBM on TV and BB phones shown in all print ads for Dialog, Etisalat, and SLT.

Now I'm living in Korea and won't be seeing ads again for a long time I suspect.

Here's the thing about marketing. You can spend tons of money on it and go nowhere or spend very little wisely and do well. Its one of those items that is hard to measure. Did advertising really sell the iPhone or was the majority word of mouth?. TV ads are known to be at best 5% effective and print media less then that. So you have to maximize what you spend. Just ask lulu lemon what they spend on advertising? Its basically a non item on their balance sheet. Its not always what you spend. Samsung just throws huge sums out and hopes one item hits the mark. Lots of ways to market and not all of them are successful. In fact very few of them are.

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Nice to read that Blackberry is even thinking about marketing. In the past few years I thought tgat they considered bad news as "marketing" since they seemed to create it all the time.

We all know that BlackBerry won't be able to take much market share from ios of android. However, staying in a niche market is best for BlackBerry as of now and waiting till they regain a bit of share in the market. I would love to see maybe more collaboration with android and actually being able to fully utilize android apps!

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Definitely a breath of fresh air that was.

John Chen is putting together a championship team right now.

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Marketing, they have a marketing department? You would never know by the total lack of advertising in the various forms of media. As I'm typing this there is a pop-up ad just below this box showing a S5. A BB site with ads for the competition! I doubt Samsung even thinks of BB as competition anymore.

The sleeping dragon better wake up quick. Apple is about to eats it lunch with the new deal with IBM. Blackberry needs to AGRESSIVELY market their brand and services. I hear nothing regard ing Blackberry Devices or services unless I am actively seeking the information.

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As BlackBerry does nothing, another tug at heartstrings iPhone commercial comes on TV in prime time.

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Marketing priority No.1shouldn't be making sure that BlackBerry is synonymous with business. They have driven that idea home already. That's what got them in trouble in the first place. Thinking mobile device consumers only care about business. It's 2014 and BlackBerry still has the same mind set from 2007. In my opinion, blackberry needs to make the marketing priority about being "cool" for the 16-35 demographic. No this isn't the corporate polished text book answer for a board of directors. But rather a common sense approach to sell units. Business being synonymous with BlackBerry is the strongest link in the what areas are the weakest links found????

Popularity and trend setting.

You can't sell something, someone has already said no to. You have to change the product or present the same product in a different way.

Consumers have already said no to "strictly business" for over half a decade. And is cost BlackBerry over 90% of its former market share.

Do something different!!!! "Business theme marketing" is not where it's at for the majority of general consumer population.

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Exactly my thoughts!!!! 1000%! This ignorance of the Zeitgeist 2014 is the continuation of the mistakes Lazaridis and his entourage made years ago... Are these Canadians soooo remote from every day life??? :-( My frustration about this obstination makes me angry and BB deserves to fail...

1% of the consumer market probably generates more profit than 50% of the Enterprise market, due to much larger volumes. Blackberry needs to learn this; it's what Apple figured out long ago.

Though I agree that they need to focus on the enterprise market and target them, I still feel that they need to release ads catered toward regular consumers just for the market to realize that they're not going down anytime soon and that they are still in business.

They can go all out with BBM ads since it has now gone cross platform. Maybe with windows phone bbm coming soon, I hope they can make use of that and spread news on bbm. Also, once passport and classic are released, they can go all out with the ads I think.

Would be pointless to spend on the Z10, Q10, and Z30 now unless they lower the price and promo it with something.

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Agreed! Marketing is really important and I think this is an awesome direction! My office is already online with all BlackBerry 10 devices and a couple of legacy devices....because when someone is hired, the first question they ask is "when do I get my BlackBerry device?"

-Dustin on his BlackBerry Q10

The only time I see any news about BlackBerry is on, or during the news on TV. There was the "Keep Moving" spots around the time of the SuperBowl 2013, but that was it. If BlackBerry wants to focus on the enterprise customer, that's fine, but the consumer market will continue to have misconceptions about BlackBerry.

This approach of using powerful people who have a history with BlackBerry is a way better approach. Not only is it cheaper, it's just more credible in my opinion. I'm sure this is just the very beginning of a smarter way to advertise. Gone are the days of flying carpets. Bring on the substance.


Dear MR Wilson, And mr John S Chen I just purchaced 10,000 Shares of your stock,
This is the first company I thought I would invest into, I must say I think there is more opertunitys here than
in most companys, But here is a good point if you want to do marketing to the public would it be a good Idea if somone has a substantial investment, to give them a free phone to demonstrate your funktions and give clearity to the new updated hard ware, After all just think we can all sell together and improve apone our marketing as investors.
Please let me know I have outher Ideas to have with in a program that could make this successful.

Unsatisfactory and dusty gibberish. Every nut could do a much more better job than the french roll Boulben. But I fear BB hasnt realize the recognition of the market. I know, that BB isnt interested in consumers anymore and they prefer to pickup the business-elite. But I´m sure, that all the alleged advantages of BB Enterprise Solutions will be complete compensated by the brutal efforts of apple, IBM, Google, Samsung, etc. to become also teammates. So BB will be forced to peer in the consumer deirection again to sell devices... But with this fu++ing marketing in three years anybody will know the name Blackberry in the consumer section... I dont want to see this elite marketing only which is out of the touch with the real world. I want to see also aggressive, fresh-faced, trend-oriented, sportive ads in ervery media to reach the consumer market. The business-section and the involved CEO´s are whores and will purchase the more awsome phone- and this is currently the damn iPhone.

He had me at: "For people who are choosing a device or mobile platform to help them be productive and efficient -- while at the same time protecting their security and privacy -- we want them to choose Blackberry."

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I guess BlackBerry and I are growing apart. All the talk about 'work' and 'productivity' makes my skin crawl. I don't want a worker-bee phone. I want something fun yet functional. I really don't care if it takes 15 seconds instead of 10 to type an email.

I understand where BB is coming from. I mean, they started out as an enterprise company that became popular with the masses. Good for them. But the world has moved on. Now it's BYOD and those devices also need to fun and useful in everyday life.

All of BB's phones can (and are) certainly be that. But here's the problem - BlackBerry marketing doesn't see that and will get it all wrong again. The Passport can be a great all around phone/phablet like the nokia 1520 or Galaxy Note, but BB marketing has decided it's a smartphone for "Professionals to get things done". well, good luck with that. It will be a few thousand Dr's, lawyers, and CEO's favorite device.

While I'm bashing BB marketing let me relate a current blown marketing opportunity a la BB:

The Z3 came to Vietnam about a month ago with a big launch event at the Intercontinental Asiana Hotel here in Saigon. It made the local press, then, nothing. It's not at the 4 biggest carrier stores. No banners in the window. No advertising. Nothing, and I have been actively seeking one out.

I finally found one store carrying it.-No advertising in their store window. No BlackBerry name anywhere. And I'm actually looking for it. just imagine how many z3's BB will sell to people not looking for a BB in particular but open to the idea. Zero.

So I don't hold any hope for Blackberry selling much through their marketing efforts, new VP or not.

Senior Vice President of Marketing at BlackBerry: 'The No. 1 objective is making BlackBerry synonymous with work'...

Then, let see what are the typical tasks in works... if you are working in an office, chances are, you are doing a lot of documentations, presentations, emails and reports - and the most common software you will be using (whether we like it or not), is the infamous Microsoft Office programs and/or any internal business made database that can generate statistics and reports... can BlackBerry devices, if cannot totally compete, at least, should be on level of the required productivity level with its native OS and supported apps?

Now, if you are working in fields, chances are, you need a robust mobile that rain or shine, it should be working as basic communication device... again, can BlackBerry devices stand that out those undesirable events?...

Once a device designed to be on that level and basically can work on those environments, then the possibility of their device to be synonymous with work is high...

I hope the new guy can get the BlackBerry name back into the mind of the consumer. I always say it's better to go down with your guns blazing then surrender to the enemy without firing a shot.

Sent from my lovely z30 on T Mobile USA

I agree BlackBerry...focus on your strengths and build on the brand there... then go from there...

Stay the course and stay focused and deliver!!!!

You've got the bright commander and chief Chen....

Success will follow.....

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One question for everyone. What made you buy your first BlackBerry?

BlackBerry does not have the budget to blanket the airwaves with commercials. Apple and Samsung spend more on commercials than BlackBerry earned in its best years.

The mistake that BlackBerry made was trying to be something it wasn't. BlackBerry makes business phones. When they tried to ramp up and make millions of consumer phones like Apple and Samsung they failed spectacularly.

What made me buy my first BlackBerry? Word of mouth. Never saw a BlackBerry commercial, family member had one. I liked it and bought mine sight unseen via firefly or whatever they called themselves.

I bought my first and only 2 BlackBerry phones this year because I don't like Google or android or iPhone due to the fact that they data mine you to death. If you don't know by now that all of them are bedfellows of the nsa you have a healthy case of denial. When Google execs start talking about wanting to make consumers swallow a micro chip just to able to use their phone I run. I run hard as I can the other way.

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Made me giggle a bit that in related new (posted here an hour earlier) Disney villains stickers are now available on BBM!

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Here is my issue and daily experience. I an an IT PM for a large air line in the Southeastern U.S. 80k employees and Manager and above always have had BlackBerry. Then came BYOD. The young folks who wanted corporate email were adding it to iPhone and Android via Active Sync since there was no Active Sync on BBRY. So know the only BBRYs are old managers with their corporate issued Bolds PLUS their personal phone. They took nearly a year to migrate to BB10 and I have yet to see one during the 2 month roll out. When I am in meetings my personal z10 is the only BB10 in the room. They are moving to a phablet for flight attendants to replace the paper printouts onboard. I have seen the test unit. It's a Windows 8 Phone phablet. Wouldn't a Passport be perfect?

We are having 3 international church conventions at church. Apps have been built for communications and management. You guessed it, Android and iPhone. The Android one uses Google Play services so I can't use it (here is where the idea of the Amazon deal breaks down for me.)

Local transit here has built a great mobile app. It tracks trains and buses in real time (if you're a big city commuter you realize how invaluable that is). Android version uses Google Play. Again useless.

As far as brand awareness in the U.S. It's non existent. If I am in a meeting everyone assumes my z10 is an Android of some sort. My entire family is either retired IT or current IT. There are none who would consider a BBRY.

Not exactly "Living the life of dreams"

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I still think they are missing a big group of people in their targeted market. The people I know who are diehard BlackBerry fans aren't necessarily business professionals. Their phone isn't about "getting things done" from a business perspective. They love the keyboard. They love BBM. They love the security. But they are also very social, some pretty young, using their phone for music, games, social apps. I work in the health sector but my phone has little to nothing to do with my job. I enjoy the aspects of easy communication, security etc but I simply love BlackBerry above all other brands. BlackBerry does have a lot to offer consumers, not just prosumers. I have several friends on legacy devices ready to switch to Apple or Android bc they think BlackBerry is dead or can't offer anything similar. It's a tragedy.

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If Blackberry is going to talk the "Work" talk, then walk the walk.

DocsToGo is a bad joke. Make it much more robust or admit you're blowing smoke.

I regularly need to read MS Word documents posted by a regulatory agency. If I had to rely on the DocsToGo on my Z10 or Playbook, I'd be out of luck. DocsToGo on either device can't open the footnotes in those Word documents.

I have a 4-year old Nokia phone running some version of Symbian. That phone's software can handle the audio on certain PowerPoint files I have. DocsToGo can't.

One can go on and on about the limitations of DocsToGo. Until BlackBerry addresses those limitations, all BlackBerry's yapping about a "work" product or "mobile computing" is smoke.

Have been touting BB for Business for years! No one under 40 is going to use a Q10; screen size just doesn't mesh with movies & games.
Greatest Smartphone EVER , for Email, text, & phone calls; plus Excellent battery life
Hope BB isn't too late, to the show
LOVE my Q10!

Good. Mr. BlackBerry, please make my Z10 synchronize with Outlook 13. 64 on windows 8.1. 64. --. The installed version using Link.

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Without Google Play Services, BBRY is just whistling Dixie. I love BBRY but right now we might as well be a black ops project for the NSA. Nobody knows we exist. And there is nothing to kick start word of mouth. I have spent the month of July dealing with folks from Japan, Australia, Russia,Ukraine, Croatia, England, Wales and Italy to name a few and not one of these visitors has had a BBRY. If BBRY is solely about the enterprise now then where is the value of my having a personal BBRY?

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You guys are talking about marketing. Funny thing, that some languages are not supported, so someone is expecting market growth? Would you guys buy a phone, which doesn't support your language or keyboard input? That's the blackberry. Middle age for sure.
So please consider adding Baltic States, that is more than 5 million of population. And start selling those wonderful phones in local providers. But looping back. What provider would sell a phone without local language support?
Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian...

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Another story from real life. I'm writing a lot of emails. I'm forced to write them with mistakes and add the sentence in the end of email, that "sorry for mistakes, my blackberry doesn't support national letters..."
How sad is that. And docs to go is a joke. Need to use Android ported office app to read most of the docs and sheets :-)

Long live bbry, but those silly mistakes makes people look for another solution.


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A couple of weeks ago saw a guy (don't know him) at work who had a BB holster on his belt. WOW, another BB person! No phone inside and couldn't tell if it was for the Z10 or for the larger Z30. Didn't want to stare too much. The other day I saw him again and he had the phone cradled in his hand as he was texting. Again couldn't tell which Z phone he had (large guy, large hands). I watched somewhat discreetly in anticipation of seeing a Z10 or 30. He went to put the phone back in the holster (Z10 size), but NO it was an iphone that he put in there. Obviously he had a Z10 and switched for the iphone. CRAP!! Almost my 1st BB10 siting.

There is a niche market for "work" devices. A market BB once dominated and chose to abandon. Their mistake, 3 yrs ago, wasn't in attempting to offer touch based, consumer oriented, devices. Their mistake was in offering those all glass devices while simultaneously choosing to abandon physical keys. BB needed to continue to offer BOTH! We're into our third year waiting for a BB10 tool belt. Still waiting.

Chevy's Corvette has never grabbed serious market share from Impala or truck sales. Never will. The Vette is a a niche product targeting a niche market. Ed Cole understood the power of image. The image of John Wayne behind the wheel of his 53 Vette arguably sold countless Impalas and pickups. The image of Donald Trump using a BlackBerry would be similarly invaluable, for example.

Give power users a work device to clamor for and the consumer crowd will start noticing the consumer devices offered by the same company. BBRY must learn to walk and chew gum, simultaneously.

SOME of us have WORK to do! It's well past time BBRY gets back to work!

This focus is great and something blackberry should have done years ago. Now the problem is that Microsoft is rallying around the same productivity-centric mission, and they definitely have more in their arsenal on which to execute it.

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Read just headline and let me tell you, it's gonna be pretty tough if you can't even sync with outlook via usb... you guys really have to work this one out...

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It would also help with a focus on business, productivity and work apps in the blackberry world. I've done research, looking for specific apps to aid in my business and either there are a small handful or non existent. There is a good assortment of personal to-do lists and some personal project apps, I' d rather see true native Microsoft Office apps, more apps with quickbooks import, export features, and a list of others I've jotted down incase I find a good developer that would partner up to help create some of this apps. Anyhow I do think more Business apps (native) would be a big help.

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I love my Blackberry's so I'm just waiting to see what they are up . But if they are going to totally ignore the consumers. I might have to just ship. but I hope I don't.

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This is a classic example of BB still not getting it (at lease in the US). Phones for people here in the US are personal little toys that everyone carries with them wherever they go. It's a device that will allow you to screw off anywhere at any time. It is also a "look at me" statement (ie; techno jewelry). I just came from Verizon where they are sporting a big banner that says "inspire envy in your friends". The last thing these narcissistic sociopaths want is a phone for work! Love them or hate them, Apple totally gets that and the other vendors are beggining to as well.

I can't done my job on BB 10 device without my language , IN BULGARIA WE CAN'T TYPE ON BLACKBERRY 10 DEVICES !!!!!!