SendX 25% Off Through Wednesday

By Adam Zeis on 20 Oct 2009 08:46 am EDT

Since I wrote about SendX last week I have been using it on my Tour and I don't know how I did without it. This is a very handy application that should be built right into the OS (much like many other apps we've seen popping up lately). SendX lets you easily send information from various built in applications from one to the other. I frequently get emails that I need to follow up on and now I've been able to put them right into my calendar with just a few clicks. Other possibilities include creating tasks from your call log, SMS to a memo and much more. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you can pick it up in the CrackBerry App Store for 25% off through Wednesday.

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SendX 25% Off Through Wednesday


When I try using it from my call log nothing happens.
I can use it for tests and emails but nothing for my call log.
That's why I purchased this app was to send call logs to calendar or tasks.

Any one know how to fix this?


This looks slick, I down loaded the trial and will give it a shot. I like it so far. I think it will cut down on how much cut and paste that I need to do.

I was able to move an email to my calander really easy, which is nice because I used to just leave emails as unread as a reminder.