Send YouTube videos to XBMC using your BlackBerry 10 smartphone

By Bla1ze on 19 Aug 2013 07:06 pm EDT

Although I'm not sure why, because I never really watch TV, I do happen to have a television in my bedroom with a media center set up on it. The media center component is powered by XBMC and sometimes late at night while lying in bed I'll use my BlackBerry 10 device to dig through some websites. Most people do that right? The old joke states you go to bed and then spend another hour on your phone.

Sometimes though, while digging through those sites, I'll come across some video that would be better suited for viewing on the big screen and more often that not, those videos tend to be YouTube videos. Possibly channeling my inner laziness or relating to my situation, ShaoSoft has come up with 'Send to XBMC for YouTube', which is an app that allows you to send YouTube videos from your device to XBMC.

The app is simple to use and straightforward to set up. Simply fire it up, load up the IP address and port for your XBMC install and you're up and running. You can then use the sharing menu to send any YouTube videos you're watching directly to XBMC. Plus, you can also set up playlists if you wish so that if you have several YouTube videos you want to watch, you can have them play through easily. It's pretty great if what you want to watch is spanned across several uploads or for example, you want to run a playlist of music videos.

I realize not everyone is going to use an app like this, after all there is several XBMC remotes available that arguably do more but Send to XBMC for YouTube makes a great companion app to those remotes available as well. The app is available as a paid app and pricing is set at $.99, which is cheap enough to not really worry about not using it often though, given my laziness and terrible sleeping patterns, I use it a TON.

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Send YouTube videos to XBMC using your BlackBerry 10 smartphone


It doesn't but you're article says 'I realize not everyone is going to use an app like this.'
I'm just saying instead of having this app I'd much rather have an official YouTube app from Google.

Well since we are taking that approach... Instead of this app, I would like Angelina Jolie to leave Brad Pitt and move in with me. But perhaps I digress...

Since we're going there, I would just like to say that I'd gladly take Brad off her hands so she can be with you.

XBMC accepts "Play on" however, it's not integrated into everything like Apples Airplay unfortunately.

Posted via CB10

Are you saying you don't need the app? Xbmc is dlna ready? I tried several times to get an Xbmc system up and running and ran into a few headaches. Now I go lazy with the roku, but that doesn't work with the BlackBerry play on feature. If Xbmc would be able to allow me to fling video from the BlackBerry to the tv, then I might want to try it again

Posted via CB10

I use "Play On" with XBMC (running on an Apple TV 2) to stream videos recorded with my Z10 with no problems. When I read this article my first though was "Why ?", however I haven't actually tried to stream video from the browser - I just assumed the option would b there with any video playback. Now I need to go try it :-)

Nice little app but why don't we have trial...
It should be standard for every applications

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10

Now why would I do that when my beautiful Sony TV XBR55HX950 is Internet enabled and already has YouTube app built in? I'm actually not trying to be smart but trying to understand the purpose of this app and its relation to XBMC.? I may be tech savvy but doesn't mean I immerse myself so much I to it. I prefer to create music and spin to the masses. So someone would appreciate a better understanding here. Thanks :)

Posted via CB10

Because not everyone has an "beautiful Sony TV XBR55HX950 is Internet enabled and already has YouTube app built in?" You live on this world with 7 billion other people, can you stop thinking of yourself for once? So selfish. :P

Rotflmao. Hey Sony gave me the tv free :D. The many perks of life. But no I'm asking as in is this something that would make my experience better or is it redundant?

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I use a smart tv too and I find typing with a remote control is absolutely terrible. Unless yours is a keyboard?

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Will you able to send a YouTube you found on Blackberry to the TV?
How would you do that?

I don't have a smart TV, but friends do and I guess I cant use a trick when I'm over their place.

For anyone wondering, XBMC is dlna compatible, and you can use the built in play on function to send media files directly to Xbmc. The built in Dana though does not work for browser videos (e.g. YouTube) hence the usefulness of this app.

(that aside though, I can't seem to get this app to work, but that is the theory)

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Has anyone been able to get this to work? Do I need to put a username/password in the Xbmc webserver settings?

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I can stream any video from my Z10 to my XBMC (on a RaspberryPi). But this app just won't work. Question to the others:

- Which port do I have to use? My XBMCs Webfrontend is at 8080, but this won't help PlayOn to play anything :(

- Are the others that can't get it to work either also on 10.2?

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I've been sending YT vids to XBMC before that app why would I pay for the some thing I can already do

Can you please provide instructions on how you were doing this before?

In theory I like this app (which is why I bought it). In practice it doesn't seem to work...

(OS:, XBMC: Frodo 12.2 on Win7).

@enzetsu how were you doing that? I cannot get this app to work with my Frodo XBMC box.

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I can't get it to work either. It just says 'Not connected to XBMC'.

Would you mind walking us through it a bit blaze?

Posted via CB10

BUMP? I was too lazy to ask for my money back, but in 2 months have not been able to get this app to work. Wondering what kind of sorcery B1aze was doing to get it to work. (I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he wouldn't write a review of an app he couldn't actually get to work.)

This app doesn't work anymore, so that's a buck lost. If you want ti use this feature, you should start using Yatse. If you do, when on a YouTube page, you can share to Xbmc. It does need the YouTube plugin installed. I hope the author will update the article, so no more people waste their money.