Selfridges sells out BlackBerry Q10 in 90 minutes

By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2013 04:32 pm EDT

Earlier today we saw the huge crowds that were drawn to Selfridges to pick up a new BlackBerry Q10 and as it turns out they were a bit bigger than we originally thought. 

According to Seeking Alpha, Selfridges completely sold out of Q10's today. They had 2,000 units at the start and ran through their entire supply in just 90 minutes -- that's about 22 phones per minute. We do have to factor in that there were multiple people buy more than one device at a time, but it's still a pretty impressive number. 

Even after the stock was depleted, there was still a lineup of people hoping to secure a device for tomorrow when stock is (hopefully) replenished. When a manager was asked how sales compared to the BlackBerry Z10, she said it was "leagues beyond anything they had seen."

I'd say that's a damn good start for the Q10. Of course we definitely hope to see more of this next week when the Q10 is released in Canada as well. 

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Selfridges sells out BlackBerry Q10 in 90 minutes


+2000 really!

Tadow! First the lineup - many sad BlackBerry would never draw lineups - they DID just that! Now selling out as Demand supercedes supply! Lets hope it doesn't take more than 48hrs for stock to replenish at double their original order as not to tick off waiting users!

Produce like Hell!!

I would say: generate a 10 days waiting time to increase excitement, perception of exclusivity and create hype. It has been done like that for ever and it usually works, if supply is too high demand will think there is nothing special about it.

I'm the next one who will get his new Q10 hopefully next week. My girlfriend wants her white one too. Hurry up BlackBerry we are all waiting!

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The sales of the Q10 appear to be phenomenal, but why wasn't anyone else selling the Q10 in the UK? When does it go on sale at other vendors? I can't believe U.S. has to wait till end of May.

That's what happens when a nation hates on a company via sales, now you gotta wait for this re-engineered, re-invented, re-newed promise ... like an old girlfriend you dumped, you want her back after she hit the gym, beauty salon and got lululemon gear you gotta try harder to win her back ;)

I kid ... but the previous sales and no love from the USA market is the reason to USA has to wait behind UK, and Canada.

BOOM!!!! Well, that confirms there at least some people left in this world with taste!!! Fantastic start to Q10 release... brilliant!

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Alright, now can we get a U.S. News station to cover this?

Wait, nevermind, they'll probably put some negative twist on it.

"BlackBerry sells 2,000 Q10s in 90 minutes... Why not 20 minutes?"

Very true. I'm off to hunt for some article and see what the negative reaction is (because we know that's what US coverage of BlackBerry is all about).

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LoL true. By the way, the recent update for Blackberry Bridge has brought with it a bigger typing box and "Hide Keyboard" box as well making it much more practical.

I'd rather less repeat a chant and more put money where their mouth is of this chant. I've purchased 4 BB10's in 30 days - only 1 of which was at $199 intro contract price, the other three where at full retail; of my girl friends better not drop/loose her second one - if she does she's going to wait the full 30 days for insurance to cover it.

Can't wait for the US release. My contract expires at the end of this month. And I can't wait to get my hands on this device

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And all that even with the "high" price of the Q10. Impressive! I'm curious to see how it does in the US, even though I won't be able to afford it :P

I'm VERY curious what this 2000 unit sold ration was contract:full retail price?!

Still a big shout out to the UK BB brethren whom lined up in full effect to buy what they KNOW is a superior product.

Great news. I expected this phone might be popular. There are still a lot of people that love the BB physical keyboard.

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Hell yeah!!! GO BLACKBERRY!!! I'd get a Q10 but I have the Z10 an I can't stay off it but I hope I win the Q10 giveaway. Hint. Hint. BlackBerry for life

White BlackBerry z10

So all you naysayers who earlier today were calling BlackBerry worse than mud for the strategy of letting one premium store chain sell the Q10 sim free in a few major cities a few days before the carriers start selling it, where are you now?

THAT was the effect BlackBerry wanted, those 'Q10 sold out in 90 minutes with queues out of the door' headlines. Can't buy that kind of good publicity, but you sure can stage it to happen if you play it smart.

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exactly, Blackberry is (although not as big as its competitors) still a massive company, they are not ediots. People just jumping to conclusions assuming they are right and smarter than those that run BB.

Excellent find! Stupid of me for selling my 5 shares - had to in order to double-up on another stock. Re-investing tomorrow!

It's resellers buying them. Wait for the figures after a few months and it will be back to low sales and diminishing market share.

And your proof is what exactly? Were you there in person? Send us pictures of all these resellers.

Oh, and what is it the resellers do with their phones? THEY SELL THEM TO USERS!!!!!

So what? Resellers are buying them because they see high demand. This in fact proves that people are willing to pay much higher for the device in some locations, after all they are buying at this price to resell to make some money. One more thing, stop trolling and get the $%$%$% out of here.

Resellers buying them at $850 USD and that's a problem? Are you f'n............. never mind.

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We all knew this was going to be big. Let's face it there is still a lot of folks who love the physical keyboard, add BlackBerry 10 and it's a win win. Now let's see what Q1 sales numbers are like. I'm still saying around 9 million units. Go Blackberry!

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I'm glad that my mobile carrier has a swapping program. I will just wait until the Q10 is available for the swapping program so that I could trade my torch. And I hope the price of Q10 will drop a little so I could afford it. Dreaming of z10 and q10 as my devices. Good luck BlackBerry....

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Some people fail to realize the power of the Blackberry keyboard. Not everyone likes dealing with touchscreens. I like both, but when it comes to typing(fast) I prefer a keyboard vs touch.

As much as I love my Z10 and wish this type of sellout was seen with it, go Q10! It's all BB10 and it's all BlackBerry so I hope this keeps it going! We need to push people onto both if these devices!

Via CB10 on At&t Z10

Until we see the fruition of this platform its STILL all about the smartphone currently.

It doesn't matter what QNX can do and what is there in BB10 ... until we have developers, BlackBerry, and business work in verticle advancements to leverage the BB10 platform then it means nothing. Trust me, I wrote the article QNX - Endgame, however the devices need to sell first and generate significant revenue streams before BlackBerry can make their next move = Machine to Machine Business (this is a HUGE revenue/profit stream for Blackberry). Once this begins there is no stopping BlackBerry.

I'm just glad their out of the red, and now with this early sign of major success ... we'll see many more to come.

CrackBerry keep it locked on these press releases and findings throughout this quarter PLEASE! I also expect to see an interview of both Thorstein and Vivek's reaction to this and other Q10 sales results. This would be so satisfying.

Totally agree, just making sure we keep our eyes on the prize. Part of getting people excited when talking to them about the new Smartphones is to paint them a pretty picture of the Future. And it also takes the conversation beyond their handset and into the Vision which adds value to the smartphone. We're living in Apple's Vision, we have to project our own just as Steve once did :)

Well said mon ami, well said!

On that note ... I've done my part back in January ...
(shameless self blog promoting but its directly related to your post). At the time RIM was called RIM, before the change to BlackBerry so don't shoot me. It's still relevant as it speaks directly to the Platform, and BlackBerry Vision! (I've done my research, which is more than I can say about some analysts only focusing on short selling).

However you're EXACTLY right and we all should be doing what you said here on CrackBerry.

the device is good. it will sell itself despite what appears to be some incredibly negative American bias toward BB

i guess they like their droids and itoys

The point is that I have in the last few weeks begun to believe that many more people than we think actually has grown tired of the virtual key board only option, and are willing to sacrifice screen estate for a physical key board without sacrificing the smart phone phenomena entirely.

Also beat in mind that in the UK customers are only permitted to purchase 2 or 3 phones at once so it's a good bet that a lot of those sales are from single consumers. Makes it even more impressive.

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Its just proof that giving up screen real estate is important to keyboard users and that not all smartphone users are media consumers.

Bet these folks could care less about Netflix.


The Seeking Alpha article appeared on the Yahoo news feed at 2:30PM EST and the stock immediately jumped up $0.30 but then stayed there even in afters hours trading. It will be interesting to see what Monday brings, especially if there are more reports over the weekend of sellouts in the UK. Maybe Monday will be short-squeeze day? Nothing like a weekend of fear-building to inspire some knee-jerk moves at Monday's open.

Go Q10!

We'll see. With SO much negativity on BBRY, it might take a while to scare the die-hard shorts. Or it might take another solid earnings report. I'm holding "long & strong" :) Love my Z10, looks like the Q10 will blow it out of the water!

I think the traction is starting to build...Z10 suffered from lack of courier support and product placement at retail stores, not to mention the demo mode is enough to turn away lots of potential buyers. At least thats my observation in montreal. I've only seen one other guy that carried a z10 besides me.... Q10 will lead to word of mouth advertising how awesome the phone and os is in the business and personal level. Skype is offered, the rest of the big apps will follow..... Before long, "Lack of apps" will no longer be an obstacle for buyers. I predict blackberry will be back to relevancy to the general masses in one year, competing with apple for #2 spot.

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We all downplay the need to see line-ups for the release of BB10, but you've gotta admit, it feels pretty good to read this article and see the pics!

Hmm, I just spent 20 minutes reading all the comments on the SA article. I have to admit, some points about the authenticity of these pics are valid. I don't see a single Q10 box in any of the pictures... And this is after I already posted about my joy at the article!

CB: were you able to verify the authenticity of this story?

Remember, there were two explosions at the White House yesterday, too...

The keyboard is the greatest app of all.
Playing tippy tappy with a glass slab is lame when someone is standing in front of you, in a rush, and you are trying to quickly input the appointment and notes.

Ahhhhhhhh, im so jelly right now. I'm thinking of selling my black z10 with the transformer case (white) to get this baby. Decisions decisions..

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 in Germany

To coin a phrase from Tron 2: Legacy ...

Detwiler Fenton, where are you now?!

punks! Eat that! How does it taste!!
(line patented by Hardened, aka Supa_Fly)!

The Q10 will sell well. Only a small percentage of the 76 million remaining BlackBerry users moved on the z10. The reason there are still 76 million users of Blackberries is largely due to the physical keyboard and the BlackBerry business uses. This shows that most users are waiting for the Q10.

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I also agree with you.....Playbook007, however I wonder how many people who left BlackBerry for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy products years ago.....will also come back to BBRY......maybe the 50%-ish of the people that brought the Z10 who were from ios and android might buy the Q10 as well. I just brought the Z10.....and I will buy the Q10.....just to try the keyboard other reason. I am long BBRY.....!

This is terrible news. Now I will live in a state of constant fear and anxiety that there will be a huge line at T-Mobile next month on launch day.

Guess I better plan on getting up early that day (that's the most terrible part!)

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Looks and sounds great! Hope that this beautiful "working horse" will arrive very soon here in Germany - and that the "normal" (non-CrackBerries) people finally will recognize the power and potential of this devices!!!

I was second to buy at Selfridges Birmingham, we had to wait ten minutes as the stock had got delayed en route from Coventry. Q10 is the best phone I have ever had, looks superb too, great to be back on a qwerty keyboard. I have used the Z10 and various android plus ex iphone5. Sticking with Q10 all the way!

^ This kind of garbage is still being spewed by illiterates, even three years after you geniuses predicted the BlackBerry demise. That card hanging off your rear view mirror surely is deserving of the handicap logo...

During the first 30 days after release only one BlackBerry 10 smartphone per person should be allowed. The only exception being corporate accounts with prearranged orders. The scalpers would be the ones getting scalped.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Is the BlackBerry Q10 the site of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 or the BlackBerry Bold 9900?

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

It feels about the same size as the 9900, its great build quality, feels very premium, but so easy to use too. I agree it should only be one per client. As for BB coming to an end, give me a break, its brilliant for us consumers that there is such variety with iOS/Android/Window and BB options. Horses for courses guys, use what you like best, ive tried them all recently and for me its BB Q10 all the way. For others it will be different, its cool. We don't all like the same music do we...

I'm going to randomly post this to you because I can't figure out how to click on the reply link.

Sarcasm. Just saying. :)

Well done! Blackberry! I'll get one absolutely! If I choose to use cellphone, mostly because of your amazing keyboard. No other brands will be optional, only if they get your patents...

Was awesome to see Lily Cole promote it. She is defo a good choice to help sell the Q10.
It is great news to see it sold really well.

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Ok so I just got one of the last Q10s, there's only 9 left. They told me they sold 8000 of them. Wow!!!!

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Michael Collins is the author of this Seeking Alpha article ,he has been a wonderful friend of BB over the pond in the UK .He has been doing a lot of foot work,all around London,keeping the naysayers from getting away with many false claims about the Z10 ever since it came out there.Hats off to him, and if u get a chance check out his stuff on Seeking alpha.Better still join up and comment on articles about BB,you would be surprised how much bullshit goes on there about BB and you cld make a difference ,just, as he does.

Who or where is Selfridge as that is awesome sales so far.

Go BlackBerry Go

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