Selfridges draws a crowd for the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2013 11:21 am EDT

UK department store Selfridges brought in a huge crowd today as they were the first to offer up the newly-launched BlackBerry Q10 for sale. While the device doesn't go on sale in Canada until next week, Selfridges was the first off the line offering up the Q10 SIM free for £579.99. While it's a pretty hefty price to pay outright for a device, it didn't seem to stop crowds of BlackBerry fans from picking one up today. 

Michael was on scene and sent in some photos from this morning where he was told that Selfridges ran through 1,000 Q10s in a matter of hours and is on par to sell plenty more throughout the weekend. 

Check out the gallery above to see some of the action at Selfridges today. 

If you're still pondering a BlackBerry Q10, be sure to read over our full review for all the details.

Will you be picking up a Q10? Did you already? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Warren and Michael!

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Selfridges draws a crowd for the BlackBerry Q10


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Indeed, most impressive! Good that a lot of people are wanting the Q10, if this is any indication of the USA citizens wanting the Q10 this is a very good sign. This is exactly what BlackBerry needed, and what fans were hoping for!

Short analysts I hope you go broke!

Didn't really know what to expect for the q's release but this has to be a good start

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Great to see. I agree with Kevin's Q10 nickname... Cashcow. I'm betting the Q10 will outsell the Z10 fairly quickly. I love my Z10 and am not looking to the Q10 but if my employer wants to update my 9900, I'm all in.

Yes, I agree Q10 will outsell Z10 but in my opinion, Q10 might also help Z10 in getting more sales as BB10 gets more traction in general and developers start noticing more users for the new platform. The inertia will keep building for BB10 now.

you know what i think ? that since most people are waiting for the Q10, it will spread the BB OS10 experience, and that is gonna make even the Z10 to sell like hell afterwards. Both devices are going to do pretty well !!

In the UK what is meant by 'sim free'? Is it basically unlocked?

Yes, it means unlocked and you provide your own SIM. UK carriers often offer very good deals on SIM-only contracts. I carry a spare PAYG SIM on a different carrier from my main one in case of bad reception area.

Selfridges, by the way, is fairly up market. If they can shift over 1000 in a few hours, with a £40 markup over what others are quoting, this means that BlackBerry is retaining its status in the UK.

Great. Got a z10 but i'm tempted to just nip over to Selfridges in about 15 mins once i finish work and pick one up. After all.. it is payday today. Might as well spend my cash on something worthwhile. Go BlackBerry!

Yup Sell like hell. Z10 for now, then maybe switch to Aristo or a Phablet. Go Go Go........ Q10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is your day in U.K. U. S. is waiting for its day. Come soon. Don't we love BlackBerry.

Guys I'm here right now and I can say 2 things:

1. The Q10 is awesome! Very fluid and smooth!
2. The launch is a great success. A representative told me the have sold over 5000 and many people are definitely queuing to make their orders!

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I'm impressed. It's great to see people lining up for the Q10. Hopefully, some sales figures for today leak out and help the stock a bit. Just from the early reports, it sounds like they are off to a good start!

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What the frack are you talking about!?! Have you HEARD about the number of preorders Samsung received for the S4? "on top" is a bit of a stretch...wouldn't you say?

Samsung pre orders are doing well in the US. In the UK, BlackBerry is still King.
So no, I don't think he's stretching things with that comment.

Besides, a quick Lord Google search finds only Samsung stating pre orders are great and is the only one saying it'll be a week after launch before people will get their devices. What else are they going to say?

Just because there is no delay doesn't mean there is no demand. It just means that supply is greater than demand. I'm sure the s4 is selling a lot more but I thought I'd point that out.

Love the turn out. Can't wait to see the US launch. GO BlackBerry!

Sent from my looooong waited for Z10

Is this definitely a line up for the Q10? Remember the posts about line ups for Z10 at a Bestbuy and turns out it was a line up for a launch party/concert.

My gut reaction though was "cool, glad to see". Definitely think there is demand for the keyboard version. Lot of people frustrated with touch screens.

I think the Z10 paved the way nicely for the Q10. It changed people's perception of the company and its products. I hope the Q10 continues to do well and I hope these numbers encourages more app developers to come on board.

Damn lag lol. Anyway this is great to see. Yes I agree it's not what I'd sat us putting BBRY "On Top" but we're going to see a huge demand for these devices. My company is looking at them right now and I suspect it'll be green lighted shortly.

Can't wait.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

I wonder how long it will take for the stock to react to this. 5000 on a single store isn't to be taken lightly even if it is in the UK

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They probably buying it at this price cause they cant wait any longer lol.

But great news, i'll by switching my Z10 for a Q10 in the US !

Many of these phones are gonna land across the pond to other countries. I had an offer of 4000AED in Dubai. That's almost 1100$ or 710£. And they said available Saturday. I'd say at least half are gonna end up outside UK, but what the heck, sell like hell!!

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Huge crowd of 20 persons...I must be dreaming...Just look at the photos carefully enough to realize the people are the same. What a pitiful sight. A great success indeed...

It's upon us joy to the Q10 the iphone is dead!

Can't wait to pick me one up at full retail price at Verizon but maybe I will look into buying straight from BB so I can skip on the branding.

This line up is bigger than I remember seeing anywhere else for BB10. No doubt the "Q" is a winner. BlackBerry forward and onward. Go Sell like hell!

Just outside Selfridges and people are still going in for the Q10
It's Amazing!! I'm told from a lady tapping away at her Z10 lol I'm going to have a butchers..

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BBRY is the best and the best will always win. BBRY will be the king of mobile... and this time it will be the king of Mobile Computing... its a multi trillion dollar market.

Do you realize that they sold 1000 Q10s at £580 each! Or $900 each. That was nearly a million dollars in two hours!!

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Seeking Alpha reports sold out in 90 mins. Over 2000 units. Many still lined up to pre order for tomorrow's shipment.

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Ok now onto a more serious post. That is amazing to see. Looks like the article saying the Q10 might be BB's cash cow is ringing true. My wife is waiting for the Q10 to be released here in the states via T-Mobile as she is in dire need up an upgrade from her 9780. She just can't give up that keyboard. I can sympathize, as it took me a few weeks to get adjusted to the virtual keyboard coming from a 9900, prior to that the 8320.

Awesome on the Britt's. Good show. Can't wait to get mine in Canada. On another topic. Here's a thought. BB pay ACDC what ever they want to use the song Back in Black for their next round of commercials. I really want to see some marketing that has a global feel to it. Expand on the first round and show everyone just how the work hoarse of the world really works.

looking forward to testing it for work testing a z10 now and loving it i think the key board will get me going crazy..i think the q will win

Just landed in Canada, had a four hour lay over in Heathrow, on the way back from Nice.
Had I known the Q10 was on sale there today I would have went and bought one. Guess I'll have to wait a few more days :-(

Good news for BlackBerry. Those are some lucky Q10 owners right there. I love my Z10 but wouldn't mind picking up Q10 too -_-

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The Z10 has a great camera - if you have any doubts check the image pool of Z10 images on flickr. This is the link, but you have to copy and paste. For some reason links in Crackberry articles that contain the "@" symbol are truncated at the "@" sign - this same link will work fine in a forum post. Anyway here is the link:

What pleases me most about this is that the rest of the world no longer cares about how BB is selling or reviewed in the US. Of course the US is a huge and important market but the flow of information about technical products in the US generally is no longer reliable or credible because so much of that information is skewed by misinformation and propaganda from seemingly reliable sources (such as the recent misinformation about Z10 return rates). UK users have clearly not been swayed a bit by this flow of garbage information from the US and are lining up to buy what they know from other sources is a high quality device.

You're telling me. I have stock in BBRY and I'm from the US. I've been shocked at what is allowed to be reported as news. I'm sure it's not new, but it's the first time I've followed a product launch and stock as closely as the Z10 and BBRY, so it was an eye-opener. Anything and everything you read can and is influenced by people with many millions of dollars at stake.

There's no sim-free phones in Canada?

We use it more and more now in France too. We pay the full price for the smartphone, and we pay a lot less to the provider, and without engagement. As example, you can find here a 3G with unlimited calls to landlines for all Europe + US + Canada and mobiles for France, USA + Canada; unlimited SMS/MMS, unlimited data with 3Go fair use for 20€.

Same with a Z10 would coast about 50€, so 120€ more on the price of the Z10; with a 2 years permanency...