The BlackBerry Z30 goes up for pre-order at Selfridges

By James Richardson on 18 Sep 2013 07:13 am EDT

Hot off of the heels of today's BlackBerry Z30 announcement, Selfridges in London already have the Z30 up for pre-order. Ready for the price.........£600! I'm pretty sure that this won't be the price at all SIM free retailers here in the UK but that's a lot of money for a smartphone. 

If you are going to order from Selfridges they are showing that the Z30 will be dispatched on the 26th of September, so only just over a week to wait. But at £600 I'm seriously wondering how many they will sell.

As the new flagship BlackBerry won't be available until next week I'd urge you to maybe wait and see what other prices crop up. 

Would you pay that amount for the Z30 SIM free? Sound off in the comments. 

Pre-order the BlackBerry Z30 from Selfridges

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What's up with these prices BB?!?

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Right, that's basically $1000 USD. I remember seeing someone joke about that on here before but it turns out that they weren't far off... way too much. glad I got my Z10.. for more than one reason.

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DJ Reyes

I think what people have to remember is that there is VAT in the U.K. I'm pretty sure the price will not be $1000 in the US.

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I'm guessing 699 off contract. :/

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That's still a sick price. BlackBerry us in NO position to charge that much for a phone, especially if it's mostly the same hardware as the Z10.

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The price will drop in time. The phone isbalwaysbmost expensive at launch, it's brand new. It hen over there me the. Price goes down. If you have to have it when it's available you'll pay that price if you can wait till the price is lower you will.

Bor Navas

No way! They've gone mad...

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Steve Marler

Insane price for a new BlackBerry. I'm going to hold tight for an extra couple of weeks.

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The price is such an incredibly bad joke.
Just wow...

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It's not a joke it's part of the plan to keep the stock down till they buy all our share back at the lowest possible price.


Anndd...they screwed the pricing again !

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You don't even know what carrier pricing is.. do you base all pricing on 'high-end' stores? lol.


Thank you blaze, same think I'm saying quick to bash BlackBerry

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Yo Bla1ze, it might be worthwhile to state that these prices are set by the retailer and not BlackBerry in the article. The mouth-breathers don't seem to understand how it all works...

Mmmm...CB10! Just the tip though...


Bla1ze, when you post prices like that even stating that people should wait for carrier pricing won't make a difference. People read!$1000 and get shocked and forget about the rest. It's called ignorance. And sadly it's a pandemic disease.

Marketing is everything


It's probably a bit higher than other retailers will sell it for but not that much probably 20/30£. Even at 530/550£ they will fail miserably - Thorsten will manage to sell 10 of them at this price but no more than 10.
Let's be honest they are screwing everything up to keep the stock down so they can buy it at discount price.


BlackBerry obviously doesn't have the same economies of scale as some other handset makers. It's not just the price of the components that your comparing. BlackBerry sells the phone es to this retaile. And they can slap whatever price they want on it. If the retailer design ides they need to move more they put them on sale to clear out for new stock. I don't know why people can't understand the concept of pricing.. Your probably right they won't sell as many at a higher price, but if they earn more money on what they sell isn't that what companies are all about profit.


You act as if BlackBerry has in the past had low prices. We all know it's going to be high.

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Yikes! I'm hoping Selfridges are trying to squeeze profit out of eager/loyal BBRY fans and perhaps some of their more affluent customers.


Nice to see someone actually read and understood if you're buying SIM free from a high end store, you're bound to get soaked a little.


The tech at selfridges is inline with other retails - so if they are charging £600, then it will be £600 in other places.


I dunno about that, sim-free the Q5 is about £90 higher, and the Q10 is £80 higher than Carphone Warehouse.


Get a grip BlackBerry . You'd think they would have learned something from the previous BlackBerry 10 phones.

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Yes, I'd pay that if I was assured that it would work on AT&T 4G LTE in the U.S. Since my understanding is that LTE in Europe uses a different frequency, I'm going to assume it won't work... although BlackBerry's new antenna system might support dual LTE? A little disappointing that there's always this mystery and ambiguity about whether the unlocked device will work. You'd think BB sales would want to make that abundantly clear and take away the objection... but who knows, right?

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varun wasan

Specs say: 4G LTE support for global roaming. So it should work in US ( if I understood it right ). What do u say bla1ze?



What the hell..
Are they crazy? 600£
Way too much! What's wrong with you BlackBerry?? This is not good

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Go home BlackBerry, you're drunk!

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Basically, they r killing them self and Still in their dreams.

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Holly "Justin Bieber", Batman... the price is out of proportion...

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Can't wait ? Pay the overpriced bill.
Can wait ? Expect something in the $620s.
That simple.


£600? The only question left is - where are the blackberry management team buying such strong dope from?


I want in on that dope ... that is some serious stuff they r getting !!


Price is probably going to be £550, justice the iPhone 5s.

Do you want a bigger phone, with awesome sound quality and communication management features or do you want a phone with all the apps you would ever want and which takes great pictures?

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Lol I think I found all the haters this morning. Someone forgot there tea and crumpets this morning

I'm actually happy to see such a high price tag. They actually believe in there product. Of course the price would be lower if they could.

Also bla1ze said to wait and chill to see what others a set their prices at so sit back and chill and sip your tea

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its actually afternoon in the UK lol ;)


Is it gold plated? It's way more than a Samsung Note 3 which is the best a phone can offer today...

Crazy, idiotic pricing...

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How much does Note 3 costs? Here in Netherlands it's 750 euro (~£630) ;)


They reckon the GN3 is gonna cost £675GBP, so the Z30 is likely a little cheaper. But looking at performance specs, the Note is the more capable...

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I don't understand... How can this be £600 when the Malaysian price for this phone is roughly USD$620?? Does not make sense... Did they make a mistake and forget to convert the currency? Hahaha


Like bla1ze said sit and chill

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Yeah I am sitting and chilling hahaha. From where I'm from, the price for this phone seems more reasonable. Poor Brits.


I'd rather ti get a galaxy note 3... too much money. why they are so expensive?

God damn it... eat little and live long

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The Q10 was £580 SIM free at Selfridges and it became their fastest ever selling consumer electronic product.

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Do that many people in Europe really buy BlackBerrys? Just curious cause i keep hearing about how popular bb10 is in Europe.

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Malaysia is selling 1998 MYR which is about 617.81 USD or 387.03£. The Z30 will be sold officially in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore starting 5th Oct


The pic above is taken from Z30 Malaysia Launch..


For that kind of money i could get an Asus Transformer T100 Baytrail with Full fucking Windows 8.1 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid AND a Samsung Galaxy S4 with 1080 fucking p display and a Quad fucking Core Processor and 13 fucking mp camera.


p.s excuse the offensive language, but a 600 fucking pound price tag is just as offensive if not fucking more


Except that BlackBerry had nothing to do with the pricing with this. It is the store that are charging the exorbitant price...It would be considerably cheaper to order a device from Malaysia and have it shipped over as it will cost about 380 pounds excl. shipping.

Mmmm...CB10! Just the tip though...


Other phone manufacturers, like Apple, establish set pricing that all retailers must follow. Price parity should be used at BlackBerry because it encourages sales. BlackBerry is making some weird decisions. Nothing new, though

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Yes selfridges are trying to make a profit but I wonder how much of a difference in price it will be from other retailers.

I think it's a bit pricey, but let's wait and see. It's very important to get the right price for this device.

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Don't worry the price will fall over time. They just want the extreme loyalists to buy the phone first for some nice margins and profit.


The Z10 was selling Sim free online at around 1,000US$ when it was not available from carriers and other vendors. Let's wait the regular price before screaming like you are all doing...

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Let me ask this for anyone that may know, I got screwed ( not doing my home work) I bought the same model # Q10 than I had for my Z10 and my Z10 was for AT&T but the Q10 had a different number meaning my Z10 is a model 3 for AT&T so I got a Q10 model 3 but no AT&T is a 1 for a Q10. So what will be the model # for this device for AT&T? I tried to search this for the Q10 after I seen I didn't get LTE but I had no luck other than going into AT&T see what they are selling. However if I want to buy a sim free instead of waiting for AT&T I need to know before hand.

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You're gonna have to hang tight while we sort that out, there is 6 different variations of the Z30 IIRC.


Well, with the Q10 model sqn100-5 you will get lte with att. I am saying this because I do.
And you will also get lte with t-mobile. And they have different lte bands. The version 5 of the q10 has more bands than any other versions.
When you buy an unlocked phone. It isn't for cdma, that's for sure. And I guarantee this version that is for sale. Will have all the bands to support lte on all non cdma network.
Even the z10 has two variants of that model 3, you had. Something like rpf91w and rpf121w. (I don't remember those numbers on top of my head) but the 121 was the official unlocked phone with more bands. Look on wikipedia, you might understand.

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BlackBerry needs to come down to earth with its pricing!

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It has nothing to do with BlackBerry. The retailer is setting this price.

Mmmm...CB10! Just the tip though...


Of course it has something to do with BlackBerry. The Store pays a price for the device from BlackBerry, and so they must make a profit, but obviously BlackBerry's charging close to that price point. The retailer can't be that dumb as to charge a price like that for a BlackBerry.

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Mmmmmmm here in Bolivia the z10 is at 550$, the q10 at 650$ & the q5 at 450$.

I think the message is clear, BlackBerry is a high brand.

You can have everything in a cheaper price, clothes, cars, food, etc and basically you are getting the same functionality the difference is in the brand.

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From my sweet black Q10 (Z10 standing by).


Carrier pricing should be BETTER then this by far. This has nothing to do with BBRY.

Darren Clark1

Not bad £600 SIM free I'll be interested to see how much that comes down by over the next 3 months. I bought my Z10 at the end of April and only paid £270 SIM free :D

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I will pay that with a smile! Darn why didn't I wait a bit with the upgrade. Haha

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£500 for the phone, £100 for the Selfridge bag...

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Certainly worth waiting. Happy with my Z10 anyway.
Until BlackBerry open up a store you will always get stores like Selfridge putting on a high cost at the start, BlackBerry simply have no control over that, pretty much like any other manufacturer. This price is bound to drop so why worry.

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600£ pretty high price... but don't want wait months for first price cuts... will probably get one in December..

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Hey that's about the same where the Z10 started here in Germany....

Okay now down to 300euros...

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Any idea for Canadian launches?

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Too much!! BlackBerry needs to relax margins and get phones into people's hands. They are playing chicken right now......and losing
They need apple to stumble. Could happen with iPhone launch or ios7 drop. Any issues not handled quickly by Apple could give BlackBerry a little opening. Guess we'll see but this is over the top price for this hardware!!!

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Pete The Penguin

They'll sell plenty to Middle-Eastern business men. It's Selfridge's... the price only matters to us mere mortals.


Who the heck would spend that type of money on a phone from a manufacturer who's looking for a buyer? Darn company could be sold and the BlackBerry could really be a dead duck, worst then it is already in the US. BlackBerry needs to come out with some positive financial news, before people switch from another platform. They see Samsung and Apple aren't going away anytime soon and BlackBerry is in trouble. For BlackBerry people the phone is great, I don't think it's going to draw much other attention unless they start doing a lot more marketing in the US at least.

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Think I'll hang for a few mths before I get one, no doubt it will drop in price like the z10 did. Was released at £500 then fell to about £300 a few mths later.

And for the people who think £600 is too much for a BlackBerry, how do u all feel about apple shafting people nearly £600 for their phones?? And don't give me crap that they are better phones because they aren't. I don't even think the build quality of iphones are worth that much and coupled with an outdated child looking OS as well.

Anyhow i do think personally it's too high but I imagine other places will sell them cheaper. I'll definitely be checking it out and if i feel it's better than the z10 then ill probably get one at some point.

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Well, the z10 was going for £480, before being bumped up to £530 for a bit so I think this pricing make sense.

Obviously this is pre-order prices from Selfridges what do you expect!

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Fired from my Z10



Another BlackBerry bestseller coming.

Keep up Thortein!

Vic Leong

Malaysia launched today at MYR 1,998 only

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That's 637 Canadian, 618 USD and 387£

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Kafka Bansal

That is expensive! I have a Q10 which I paid £500 for. Justified because it was different from the other smartphones out there. £600 seems really steep! But let's see when it is available.

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£500 at the most for me. So I will wait a few months before I get one

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The problem here, apart from the crazy Selfridges price, is the brand perception. We could spend the whole evening arguing about who's better, between Apple and BB, but the reality is that Apple is seen as a good reliable brand, while Blackberry is just seen as an old working tool. If you want to survive as a hardware company in the smartphone world, you need to have an active and growing user base. Apple did just that. First they created a huge consumer base, then they targeted the business users. This strategy works, as I see companies going from legacy BB devices straight to iOS. At this point I know that many will come and say BB's are communication devices, while iPhones are just toys, but the reality is that iPhones are, as a communication devices, just as good as a BB. I wonder why Blackberry didn't release a low cost full touch screen BB10, instead of focusing right away at the premium segment. That way they could have gained a wider user base, maybe. This means also attracting developers, another big problem for BB. People are not going to spend 600€ for a device that has no big name apps. Remember the Z10 presentation? They promised they would deliver also many region based apps. I'm from Italy, and all the apps that were named specifically for the italian market are not on the store, and doubt I will ever see them. As usual, they promised but never delivered (and, unfortunately, I'm getting used to this with Blackberry). What about banking apps? Productivity apps? Skype (the app right now is a joke)? Big name games (Real Racing 3 runs like s**t on my Z10)?
I'm really disappointed, because I see a company I really love fade to oblivion because of their arrogance and incompetence to follow a clear strategy. I still hope to see Blackberry successful again, but it's not an easy task to accomplish.


People are saying that BlackBerry has nothing to do with the price of the phones. But does anyone know how much BlackBerry charges the carriers? They sure as hell don't give them away.

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Holy sh*t guys can you not read? This is PRE-ORDER pricing from a HIGH-END store in LONDON!

This price is in no way representative of the price the regular stores will launch at.

Everyone calm down.

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Olha Zemts

What do you expect from the store that sells £7,900.00 nokia phone vertu- yeah thats almost 8 thousend euro for a phone! This store is ment to be overprice, Im surprised they didn't price z30 even higher on their website.


Hey Guys, the iPhone 5s is going to be retailing from £549 for the base model in the UK. The spec of the Z10 is (for me) better. Let's see what it is like on contract!

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I would pay for this 350 Eur max. I've paid 600 for my Z10, today it's 290. crazy...

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I remember before the z10 came out some retailers where selling it for 800 to 1000 usd so I don't think that this price is far fetched, as more places start selling you will see the price drop so people shouldn't over react at initial cost

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It's not going to be $1000 in the states.

BlackBerry since 8700c ....Sent from my Z10


Love my Q10 and at that price I'll be loving it a bit longer!

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biggest BlackBerry fan

When I saw this, I thought PREORDER... so if you want FIRST pay up... good strategy even if the pricing is from BlackBerry... it's not like you HAVE to per order the damn thing... if I was a carrier I would probably do the same thing


Crazy price. So glad I've got my Z10. Don't think the Z30 will fit in any of my pockets anyway!

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$1000!!!??? guess they gotta pay for thors' parachute somehow...


Just seen the Selfridges price is now 529 - I am very happy with that. Especially since 20% of that is sales tax so the price without is around 440.

Use that for your dollar conversions and add your sales tax as appropriate and you should be in the right ballpark.

If it arrives in Thailand at the 25,000THB mark I'll be first in line!

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Sometimes I get the impression people think BlackBerry should be giving their products & technology away by raffle ticket.

Would anyone in their right mind walk into a Lexus dealership & complain to the sales rep the Hyundai parked across the street is only a fraction of the price?

Welcome to the world of the premium smart phones. This is exactly what the Z30 is meant to be.

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