A selection of QWERTY devices get a price cut in India

By James Richardson on 23 Jul 2014 09:07 am EDT

This is the kind of news I like to see, although it's just restricted to India at the moment. If you are in the country and are in the market for a new BlackBerry you may want to take advantage of the new lowered prices that have been introduced as from today.

The offer applies to three devices - the BlackBerry Curve 9320, 9720 and Q5 - so it seems that legacy devices are still very much in demand, if the price is right, in India.

Can BlackBerry tempt you to pick one up? Let us know in the comments which one you go for.

Press Release

Mumbai – Reiterating its commitment to the QWERTY keyboard loyalists, BlackBerry today announced a special offer on its range of QWERTY devices. Customers can now purchaseBlackBerry 9320, BlackBerry 9720 and BlackBerry Q5 at special price of Rs. 9900, Rs. 11990 and Rs. 13990 respectively. Additionally, BlackBerry is also introducing BlackBerry 9320 as their first 3G enabled device, under the sub Rs.10, 000 range.

Sameer Bhatia, Director, Distribution, BlackBerry, India, said, "The classic BlackBerry® Keyboard, re-engineered for the fast efficient navigation and one-handed use, has huge fan base who swear by the distinct typing experience that BlackBerry offers. These compelling price-points will enable QWERTY fans to experience the latest technology and ease of use in one device."

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A selection of QWERTY devices get a price cut in India


I purchased my Q5 in South Africa around October \ November Last year for R2,499 which is around $250 i think blackberry are selling these devices are very good prices and more people should buy :D

I could attest to that statement because my mom is using a Q5. It's very good. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I set it up for her.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

When do we get a price cut in the US. Oh I forgot, in the US we have to pay threw the nose, while everyone else gets a price cut. GO BlackBerry.

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It is only because they can't control BlackBerry like they do the other phone makers. Yeah BlackBerry is a pain in the a** for the carriers, for that reason. I just refuse to give up on my BlackBerry. I have strayed twice only to come back, in short order. It won't happen again, but BlackBerry throw us loyal BlackBerry junkies a bone. Loyal BlackBerry tmobile customer.

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I purchased the Q5 for $150 no contract and just paid $40 to unlock. Many family members did the same thing and bought one off Koodo.

I would buy all the BlackBerry Bold I can afford if it wasn't for Passport / Classic. It's still practical as employee company phone. They are legendary devices, powerful, efficient and productive for the core user- Working professionals. It did great with social network, and entertainment too.

BlackBerry was made for professionals or professionals just found BlackBerry. Either way it was meant to be!

Present day, with help of new CEO Mr Chen, he is bringing BlackBerry back to the core- working professionals with innovative next-generation revolutionary Phones such as Blackberry Passport / Classic. If everything works seamless on release date. The software /Hardware, marketing etc. This what leaders do, they lead. We don't want BlackBerry to look like Apple, we want BlackBerry to be BlackBerry.

Their will be opposition. Trolls working for the other guy in Internet, comments, to creating confusion warfare. If BlackBerry loses focus and listen, it's down hill from there.

For ex. This is comments I copied from another site.


Reply:"You can't compare os 10 to iphone....bb os 10 is way ahead"

Reply:"It's a Cryphone. Go sit in Starbuck with a crypad. Q10 is dope as fuck."

Troll again:" THIS IS HOW BLACKBERRY TREAT THEIR OWN. I wasn't trying to show math when i said 110%. I was showing faith. "I HAVE 110% FAITH IN BLACKBERRY." 

How the Hell Idiots like this born???

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

+1 Legacy devices are dragging people away from BlackBerry, they should have been discontinued when BB10 was released. People get sick of phones that can't do what other phones can do and associate it with the brand.

Exactly. Blackberry apps are too few to start with and out if those, all the new ones are written for BB10. So soneone buys a new BB7 phone, thinking they got a real deal, then finds most apps don't even work on it. Then they start bad-mouthing Bkackberry. Blackberry needs to discontinue all BB7 devices; add a few new Classic-type BB10 devices if necessary to fill the void.

Fully Agree, BBOS should have been discontinued or at least give a time frame for its dis continuation. BB10 is not only productive, it's technologically superior to anything in the industry to date. And the most easiest OS to learn and use.

Posted on my Q5

@Alex Keb, while I slightly agree, it is ALL about perspective. Think positively, please, for BBRY.

Perhaps they want to offload all old sku's to make way for new ones about to fly off shelves?

Legacy devices. Blackberry just has to get away from these. I read comments on a lot of sites and peoples' dissatisfaction with old legacy Blackberrys is really not doing Blackberry's reputation any good at all.

I am from INDIA, I have a thought to buy Q5 but I am using Z10..... i will buy it for my brother.... if you use BlackBerry you never ever look for other devices. It will give such extraordinary experience.... Proud to be fan of BlackBerry

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I have a 9900 bold left over from my bad experience with T-mobile.

I like the smallness of it.

Also, with a pretty fast processor, the phone has superior phone quality compared to all the touch phones.

Also, the classic buttons are much more intuitive. On the Q10 and Z10, the escape function, or stop, or go back are consistent.

The latest phones have those functions, but they are all situational, with a learning curve.

On one hand, I like the minimalist keyboard of Q and Z10, and passport... but the primary purpose of a blackberry is: a phone.

Classic buttons give the best performance for the primary function of the device.

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I am trying to sell my bold 9900. I can't even get 10,000 . I doubt if anyone wants to buy an legacy device where we have to pay for BBM services.

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BlackBerry used to have a good following in the Philippines. Like India, we used to have promotions that promote BlackBerry visibility. Nowadays, even BlackBerry dealers do not have BlackBerry products on display. I'm wondering what BlackBerry is doing about their current distributor. A pity. Now that BlackBerry is doing so much to revive their market. A pity also that I think BlackBerry is the best mobile phone for business people like me.

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I strongly object this move. This is really irritating for people who have bought those set for higher price. Same happened with Z10, I bought it for 44k.. then it was reduced drastically to 17k. BlackBerry should think of this and should have a competitive price while releasing then reducing it later. This will affect the reputation of BlackBerry as well.

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Sorry dude but that happens to every product. Think of buying a car, is it going to ever be worth what you paid for it? Or a TV, or a pair of shoes, or underwear... everything decreases in price over time.

Dude, he is talking about a new phone. Prices of new Z10s have fallen 60% since they were launched. To the OP I want to say, yes it's a bad move, but it better for newer phones, especially now that they have phones at all prices now from 35,000 to 16,000. Btw I just saw an iPhone 4S ad today for 31,000 brand new. Compared to that all blackberry phones seem like bargains, it's a 2011 vintage phone after all.

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I'm surprised that the Q5 has not sold well to businesses looking to replace legacy devices. The Q5 has awesome battery life and is qwerty, best of both worlds?

Perhaps people, those that live and work on their BlackBerry devices, will finally make the jump to BlackBerry 10 with the arrival of the Classic and its tool belt, particularly the track pad.

I really enjoyed my Q5 and would be tempted to get another because of its awesome battery life.

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In belgium you can now buy a white q10 at 199 euro on smartphoneshop
That's a pretty good deal i think...

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let me first say I am an unabashed admirer of BBRY and a happy owner of a white Q10 but, I fail to understand the BBRY strategy of reducing prices NOW though it is definitely welcome.Why not price them fairly when they are introduced and when there is some bit of traction for their sales?.Here in India people have migrated to full touch screens like elsewhere & QWERTY handsets only appeal to loyalists.I really wonder how much would they be selling... it would be interesting to know the numbers

The most important is to differentiate BBOS and BB10. People need to understand BB10 is far superior.

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They have inventory of Z10/Q5/Q10 that they need to purge so it is not sitting on shelves once Classic and Passport launch. They need to show increase in revenues to gain even more positive direction/credibility that they are now GROWING again, and taking less margin for more revenue should also help them break even cash flow. This will solidifyy the Brand (company is growing, not going bankrupt).

So their strategy is sound - reduce prices enough to clear out inventory, still have some margin/profit. They are not clearing out Z30 as this will remain their flagship all touch for another year at least (until Z50).

Classic * 9900 are awsome devices and 9720 is great Cell Phone All of them built For Editing copy, paste, Edit add or remove the words then send I am a classic guy I use my black berry devices for that purpose the 10 Th system need the go back, shift icons on the cell phone badly.

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I just hope that when BlackBerry classic gets launched they introduce upgrade offer or exchange offer in india

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