Seinfeld on smartphones and texting: 'I could have called you and I chose not to.'

Seinfeld on smartphones and texting: "I could have called you and I chose not to."
By Derek Kessler on 20 Feb 2014 07:55 pm EST

Stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld's been back on the prowl recently with his oddball and descriptively-titled Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, though his eponymous "show about nothing" has never been far from the public consciousness (see: iToilet and Google Wallet). Seinfeld himself showed up on The Tonight Show this week and he, as he's prone to do, talked about how we use our smartphones and the way they've changed how we communicate.

"That's your life, because of the people, right? That you need to stay in touch with that are so important. The people in your life, they're so important, aren't they? Yes. Really? They don't seem very important, not the way you scroll through their names in your contact list like a gay French king. 'Who pleases me today? Who shall I favor? Who shall I delete?'

And we call it a phone, but we don't really use it much as a phone, do we? No, we don't, because they gave us the option. Some years ago you were given the option when you want to communicate to another person: you could talk or you could type. Well once you had that option, well that took half a second — talking lost. Talking's over!"

Seinfeld's not entirely wrong, as Facebook's recent $16 billion acquisition of WhatsApp indicated, text message-style communication is incredibly important to us these days. Have we lost something in the process, or, as Seinfeld pointed out, has texting just made things easier and more to-the-point?

"If you want, I could text you this whole thing and we could get the hell out of here."

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (YouTube), Thanks to Brent for the tip!



I'm lost.

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but you're first at being lost.


...and you are first at replying to the first one who was lost... (do i see a comment trend starting here?)


U R 1st --->+1st.--->1st.(?...¿)

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First at noticing

Better android than android. The future is black....

Eduardo S

Nice avatar, Gunners all the way!

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Actually this isn't his worst comic. I think it's close to being on point ... seeing female iPhone users here in Toronto ... like he said flicking through contact list like a gay-french-king ... 'who is important today ... who impresses me today, who shall I delete' LMAO ... so hilarious seeing iPhone users flick the screen.


You guys are funny!

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Appropriate comic relief, thanks. Hopefully some good news next. We want software, devices, and dollars.

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Had to go watch it on Youtube. Its not embedded properly. Black video


Runs fine on the app for me, but I know when on my laptop I get just a black box with audio too.

U r not alone!

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Works fine.

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For anyone that enjoys the old program, there is an episode from the later years (which were not as strong) where George's father or someone gets an electronic "personal organizer" or some such. They enthused that your could get your email on it. Very surreal to see the start of smart phones in the 1990s on Seinfeld.


I remember it a bit & the "best/coolest/probably only will be used" feature of the device...atleast for Jerry's dad...was the tip calculator.

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"It does other things!"

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Gotta love the Sein!

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I love it. Big Seinfeld fan. :)

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Yep me too. I would watch all the episodes again at the drop of a hat.

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He's so terrific, still has great timing and stays current and funny. :-D

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Good stuff.

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Very true and equally as funny! I would have called you all, but chose not to :-). Typed perfectly via Z30STA100-5/

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I can't argue with Jerry. That was a good episode. Got to give my props to hometown boy Jimmy Fallon from Saugerties, NY! I think he'll do well at the helm of the Tonight Show. I remember seeing him doing his song parodies on guitar at the high school talent shows. I'm happy for him.

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We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful - Moz

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Loved it, so true, that why it's funny....

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Seinfeld is right, unfortunately I never found him funny. My comedy heroes are George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Doug Stanhope, Greg Giraldo, Bill Maher, Chris Rock, Mitch Hedberg, Dave Atell, Lenny Bruce, Louis CK...Seinfeld's humour never appealed to me ...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


Rob ford is still better

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Yeah Rob Ford is funny when he is all cracked -up

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I discovered Mitch Hedburg on Slacker Radio on my custom George Carlin station on my z10....

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Greg Giraldo was hilarious

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Cat Williams is top dog imho.

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Agree, Seinfeld humor not my thing. The occasional good one, but kinda too crude or superficial. My words, and probably not a good description.

Prefer stuff like Black Adder (Rowan Atkinson), that is ridiculously hilarious. Brit humor, ouch... humour.

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Loius CK is the man

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I just saw Seinfeld in Seattle 2 weekends ago, and he did these jokes. Pretty spot on though. Seinfeld still has it.

Brian Persaud

Seinfeld was my favorite show but some how this was boring.

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I see Seinfeld got himself a Michael Richards haircut.

Lia Levin

If texting is bad, how about talking to the phone? :)

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omega supreme

Well this was a couple of nights ago but Arsenio had a comedian on last night and joked about still using a blackberry because he wanted to feel like an executive....seinfeld's bit was funnier though.

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I think his voice is annoying :|

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omega supreme

What's with the auto-play taking over the article?? I hate being forced to watch something (especially if I've already seen it. like those intrusive adds on some websites... this one even tries to play in the comments!

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And I though I was going nuts. Cause I hadn't clicked on anything and the video just appeared. Although it rendered very quickly which was impressive.

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I don't like it either. If I want to watch I'll click on it.

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BlackBerry users in control. Stuff like that doesn't sit well with us.

And we watch our data limits, not everyone's on wifi all the time or unlimited plan.

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Love Seinfeld,,,one one of the best standup comics ever.


Thank you Derek cb is a lot better place with you in it

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Yep, Derek. Earning some trust and some merits here slowly. Keep moving!

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Not related in the slightest, to BlackBerry products or new technology from the company. Another dud from

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loved this! super funny! 1630!!!! ahahahah


That is some funny shit, man does he look old

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This was the first HD video I watched on my spanking new Z30. All I can say is: "Wow"! This phone is a beast.

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james pisano

Ha ha. Hilarious. Seinfeld is a trip. I remember seeing him do standup when he was no one on the Rodney Dangerfield Special. Check Jerry out on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" on Crackle.

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I dont know if I'm the only one to have seen, but in a video removed from YouTube by BlackBerry ( I saw at 1:19 this photo! !

A BlackBerry phone with a big screen AND a keyboard!!



First time a video has ran through cb10 app for me

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Seinfeld sucks

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Great as always Jerry!!


funny but not far fetched.


It played really well. Seinfeld for the president



Bring back
Where's Kramer at???

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Love Seinfeld, he's always on point for my understanding.

Q10. #Omaha