Seinfeld Dissing iPhones And BlackBerrys?!?

By Bla1ze on 8 Jun 2009 08:12 am EDT

Here's some food for thought.. it might help ya get over the case of the Mondays you may be having. Not exactly sure when the original airdate of this was, but Jerry Seinfeld was on with Conan O'Brien and the topic of iPhones and BlackBerrys came up, check out the video and see if you can relate to any of what Jerry says. I know I did.

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Seinfeld Dissing iPhones And BlackBerrys?!?


I don't ALWAYS have mine in my hand, it's in my pocket unless I'm actually using it. I've actually noticed more woman carrying their Blackberries in-hand than guys do but maybe that's just me.

I can't say that I disagree with him. I am always referring to my BB during conversations and we all know that is what RIM commands us to do...

As much as I love my bb, I agree with Seinfeld. It pisses me off when people start looking at their smartphone while you are talking to them. Nowadays, you'll get more attention to what you are saying if you say that by e-mail, sms, im than in person!

if someone is looking at their blackberry when you're talking to them - they're not interested in what you have to say, or they want to leave.

It's a simple fact.

And people without blackberries do it all the time too - they check the time on their watch or phone - they look around. Day dream.

People do it regardless of the blackberry.

I always have to remember my manners when using my blackberry. But sometimes other people are really that boring and they don't realize that you ended the conversation long ago. My husband (the iPhone owner) has never laughed harder at Jerry Seinfield in his life!

Didn't he use the same joke about cordless telephones? All he did was change the button-press motion to a swiping-motion but it is still the same joke. That was easily 10+ years ago and he is using the same joke.

The slow, head-down was funny though.

Funny,Sad,yet often true for many smartphone addicts! Ben Stiller also took a swipe at people being caught up with their smartphones(in his case a Moto Q) in Night at the Museum:Battle at the Smithsonian.Joey Motorola your mother's calling you..........

Not sure why but I just don't find Jerry funny any longer. His humor was great back on his tv show but this segment wasn't funny at all. I think his humor worked best on the tv show with the characters they created. On his own, he isn't funny to me any more.

I believe that's from Conan's last week on Late Night. Part of the set behind Jerry is missing, which Conan gave away that week.

Very funny stuff. Now if you excuse me, I have 3 BBIMs waiting for me.

that's just but in a way he got a point, i would love to see some1 try to slam their Iphone...lmao

I was playing on my phone while my friend is talking to me about girl problems and i did the slow head down lol and i love the iphone thing lol

100% correct! I do indeed find my BB more interesting than most people, mainly due to the fact that I just cant help but find a way to ignore people that no longer matter (ie: Jerry Sienfeld).

*dont get me wrong, that man is funny, he must not be busy enough anymore to require the kind of organization that a BB provides*

I'm quite sure that my husband can relate to Seinfeld! And no... all the cool people don't use Iphones.... they use Blackberries!! Lol!
That video brightened my morning! Thanks for posting! :)

A comedian doesn't have to own something to diss on it. He/she just has to be a keen observer of people doing something, etc and comment on what was happening and make it funny. It's what most successful comedians do. Jerry is definitely in the successful comedian category.

What he says is somewhat true regarding any smartphone user. Personally speaking if I'm using my Bold and someone begins to talk to me, I tend to do as Seinfeld describes. However, if I receive a message while in a conversation, I'll wait till its over before giving it attention. His point on the iPhone was more hilarious even though it was inaccurate. You don't slide a bar to hang up a phone conversation.

I had to watch this many time over when it aired and on here because of the I phone part. How true how true how true.

I had to watch this many time over when it aired and on here because of the I phone part. How true how true how true.

Seinfeld was never funny - his humor sucks,always has,and always will. He used the same cordless phone joke to relate to,because he can't come up with his own material. All his material was written for him,always. He's referring to the owners of the devices,and not the devices themselves in this clip - and he must be talking about when people turn to their devices while he's talking,because nobody wants to hear what he has to say. Poor excuse for a comedian. Period.

If anybody watches the tape above again, you can tell the audience was not finding seinfeld real funny. The problem, is conan went off script and threw seinfeld off.

Seinfeld is not that funny, and when he is, it is because someone wrote it for him. His show was funny mainly because of the characters, Kramer made that show, not seinfeld. and again, the show was scripted for seinfeld, making him funny.

Sorry, seinfeld can not be a huge hit without his writers, and this tape proves it, listen to the audience, nobody is breaking down with laughter, it was not that funny. If he was a huge hit with that tape, and so funny, most of us can make a career out of comedy. He is a insult to real comedians.

at least I am not the only one that find jerry a boring comedian. conan probably got his ass chewed for going off script. you can see jerry looking at the tele prompter wandering where this came

my girlfriend would get a kick out of this clip because i'm pretty sure i do the head nod thing to her constantly. and jerry's right, now that i think about it i rarely leave my blackberry in a pocket, that thing is ALWAYS in my hand.

That was a funny,funny clip! Just this past weekend my boyfriend took my BB Storm from me b/c he said I text too much while he is talking!! LMAO........sorry boo!

I have often caught myself looking to my bb when there is a lag in conversation or I am not that interested in what is going on around me. Damn my bb really does highlight my lack of social skills!

now that was hilarious !!

that iphone thing at the end was the best. its kinda like, trying to look tough while sipping from a straw ...

Sorry Jerry, thats probably because those people don't think you are funny or interesting! I dont behave like that with my BB but if you were in my face trying to be funny with your wore out observational humor i would be doing the same thing, or I'd yawn, or bash you in the face with a hammer.

my blackberry flashes at me (diff colors for diff things) and I HAVE to look at it LOL people will just have to "get over it" LOL