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Seidio accessories keep your smartphone protected, and keep you going!


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BlackBerry OS

Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from Rogers Wireless

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Keep your BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 safe and stylish with the Incipio PREDATOR case

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from Vodafone UK

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Seidio Surface case is the perfect surface protection for your BlackBerry

Seidio Surface Case
By Kerri Neill on 3 Apr 2012 03:15 pm EDT

"I am so in love with this case that I went back and bought it in every color available"

In Short:
"Easy on, easy off all while looking great and offering your BlackBerry the protection it deserves."

Should I Buy?
"Yes, especially if you change cases frequenty and use a charging cradle"
Seidio has always been a favorite brand of mine thanks to the quality and durability of their products. The Seidio Surface case for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 is no exception.

A case for your BlackBerry that protects, doesn’t attract pocket lint, allows you to remove the bottom piece to dock in a charging cradle and can be used in conjunction with the Seidio Surface holster? Seriously folks, what’s not to love about this one? This case is about as perfect as I have found so far. Keep reading for more details! 

The Review

Made up of a hard plastic material, the Seidio Surface case gives your BlackBerry protection without sacrificing the lightweight feel. At only 1 mm thick, the Surface case doesn’t add a whole lot of bulk to your device either. With the signature soft touch coating, your BlackBerry will have a smooth, silky feel that amazingly gives you a better grip on your device while feeling great in your hands.

Seidio Surface caseAll five color options (Black, Sapphire, Burgundy, Amethyst and White) have the soft touch coating.
Right sideThe right side of the case has large enough cutouts for the buttons that even Kevin’s fat fingers can easily access them.
Left sideThe left side is one large cutout.
InsideThe inside of the case has a piece of velvet like material to protect the back of your device.
TopThe top cutout is wide and allows you to press the button with ease.
BottomThe bottom charging ports are covered so you will have to remove the bottom piece if you use a BlackBerry charging cradle. Seidio has a charging cradle available here that allows you to dock the device without removing the case.

Surface case for BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930
by Seidio

The Good

The soft touch finish feels great in your hand as well as giving you a better grip on your device. Still gives your device protection while keeping a somewhat slim profile. 5 different color options gives you a variety to choose from.

The Bad

At a price tag of just under $30, it’s a bit more than some will want to pay. I personally would rather pay $30 versus replacing my device any day.



Solid construction, durable and easy to remove, this case is a must have for those using a charging cradle.

Three Other Great Case Options

Incipio duroShot DRX CaseMate Barely There Brushed PureGear 

Incipio duroSHOT DRX Case
"Snug fit and smooth feel."

Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case
"Very similar but again limited color options"

Puregear Hard Shell Case & Holster
"For $21.95 you get a hard case and a holster."

Reader comments

Seidio Surface case is the perfect surface protection for your BlackBerry


I still have my Style (although it's my 16 year old's now) and I've done a couple reviews on accessories when it first came out. I actually preferred my Style naked. With the flip form factor there really wasn't a need for a case.

why would you wanna cover the beautiful bezel and make the phone so chunky?

I say leave it as is or get a Barely There case.

The Bold is too beautiful to cover up! :)