Seidio Surface case offers great protection for your BlackBerry Z10 with a kick(stand)

By Adam Zeis on 9 May 2013 12:28 pm EDT

In my pursuit for the perfect BlackBerry Z10 case, the next stop is the Seidio Surface case. The Seidio Surface case for the BlackBerry Z10 is a two-piece design that slides over your Z10 and snaps on for a secure fit. 

The case itself it made of hard plastic with "soft-touch" coating. The coating gives you just the right amount of grip but won't go crazy collection dust or lint like some silicone cases. The build quality on this case is awesome - right down to the interior lining. Where other cases are just plastic on the inside, the Seidio Surface case has a small felt layer to keep the back of your device free from scratches inside the case.

Seidio Surface Back

To use the case, you simply slide on the top portion then click in the bottom. It holds tight with no worry of accidentally falling off (even when dropped). If you want to remove it, just press down on the back where indicated and the case comes right off. It gives you full protection (sans screen) as it wraps around the entire device and will keep you safe from most drops.

The best part? As an added bonus the Surface case has a built-in kickstand. So if you're a big media user on your Z10 you can prop your device up and watch movies all day long. When you're done the stand folds right back into the case as if it were never there. 

Seidio Surface Kickstand

The Seidio Surface case for the BlackBerry Z10 is available in a variety of colors so you can show off your own style. 

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Reader comments

Seidio Surface case offers great protection for your BlackBerry Z10 with a kick(stand)


I have the INCIPIO case and I think it's by far the best. The inner silicone slip cover makes it really feel protected a lot more than many cases out there. Especially those with just a hard shell.this has dual protection. I highly recommend this case. I was a klutz and broke most of my phones but since i bought this I haven't dropped it once. Weird eh

Posted via CB10

Love mine, actually have 2, both from the CB store. Black and blue. Also, the Seidio holster that matches them is great. There is also another layer of protection available for use on top of the Surface case - the Seidio Convert Combo - a silicone layer over the Surface case then a hard plastic skeleton over that - and a larger, heavy duty holster with a locking clip to keep the phone ultra secure. (does it work over the kickstand version of the Surface or only the NON-kickstand version? I haven't ordered it yet, but plan to)

What I like best is EZ on / EZ off, so when I want to go nekkid Z and use my BB leather pocket pouch.

Used the same setup on my 9900. (Convert Combo, incl Surface case)

I have the blue one, and I love it! One thing that I'm a little annoyed with is that the kickstand goes the wrong way. In landscape mode you can't charge the phone. I also have the holster. I don't like putting the phone in my pocket. The holster works great. I've used only Seidio cases on my last 3 phones. Anyway, they look great, function great, feel great, and protect it enough for my liking. If you are on the fence about getting a case, I recommend this one.

Thanks for the comment on the landscape charging with the stand. I was thinking of getting this case, but that is going to make me think more before I buy.

Yes, thank you, that would make this case useless for me and I had been considering it versus the transform hard shell.

I've seen the Seido cases before at kiosks and they look really great, but I personally prefer my Z10 to be naked.

Just let first be first and don't reply to it. Getting mad about it looks worse than buddy writing first.

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These cases are great, I had a little trouble getting it off at first (you have to push the button really hard) but then after you get it down, it's not that hard. Great case, looks really good and protects well. Kick stand is cool although I don't use it much.

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When I first started to respond to you, I was typing that it was definitely thicker than most cases, but I wouldn't consider it "bulky"...I just took the case back apart and it really isn't thicker than any of the other cases I's just a bit bigger because it truly covers the corners better than any other case. I feel like it may add a little in weight, but the more I look at it, I have changed my mind. Regardless, I was going to tell you that I recommended it...

Hey Thanx for the help. It definitely cover the corners better than my poetic atmosphere. Plus the red one makes the phone look better than the LE Red Z10. Wish the blue was darker but still this may be my next case.

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Yeah, I actually bought it in blue to be a little different. You do see it coming :) Most cases like this have more of a rounded back, but this is flat, so it's nice.

I have this case in Amethyst and love it i didn't have the option for the kickstand which is not available for Canada. It's thin and light. Originally I was going to get the Active case but it looked too bulky.

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No, not at all. I just bought this when it was the deal of the day a couple of weeks ago. I had no problem putting it on with the screen protector.

I converted from an IPhone to a Z10 which was for me a great move. I had an Incipio hard case for my IPhone. I wish I could get the same for the Z10.

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I'm sticking with my Transform and Flip Shell cases. Mostly because they suit my needs, but also because it's much harder for someone to mistake it for some android phone.

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I have 2 of these cases - black without the kickstand + blue with the kickstand - and love them. The kickstand does bulge out a hair but overall the case is very thin.

I use it with the matching belt clip (black only) which works great and is very secure. Only issue I have with the belt clip is that it tends to slide a bit with my dress belt (but not with my slightly thicker jeans belt). I previously used the Ventev Colorclick Pro case/clip combo but found I always had to double and triple check to make sure the phone was locked into the clip.

Curious if anyone can comment how this case compares in size to the CrackBerry Crunk case? Wondering if I could use the Crunk with the Seidio Surface belt clip.

I have the Seidio Active case. It differs because there is a silicone cover with a hybrid thin plastic shell that covers the corners and back of the device. This case also has the kickstand as well. Check it out for yourself...

From my z10

Looks good, but I don't like the orientation of the kickstand. Sure, you can use your volume buttons, but if you wanted to put it in landscape the charge port is blocked. Great idea though and looks like a solid case. Very happy with my Incipio dual pro even without the stand feature.

I use a Seidio holster for my 9900, and the hinge keeps breaking. I'm on my 3rd one in about a year. Good thing they have a warranty and they replaced it for free both times it broke. I wonder why they don't make the hinge on the belt clip metal like they did for this kickstand??? Cheap plastic thing just keeps breaking.

Slagman5 - You must have bad luck (or I have good luck). I've used Seidio clips for my last 4 phones over the past 10 years and never had a problem with a single one of them. (Knock on wood) At least Seidio honored their warranty and sent you new clips.

Yah man, when they come out with one for the Q10, I'm still going to buy one from them. I'm going to wish they would improve that one thing about it, but at least I know they don't give me any trouble to replace it if it breaks.

This case looks nice! It has form and function with the kick stand stand and gel interior. Might pick one up for my Z10.

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What is missing on the video is how to remove this case. I bought a similar at Android Central for Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G, once installed had a hell of a time trying to remove it. Ended up scratching the case the felt in the case does not provide room for the clip to disengage. IMO, TPU cases all the way... Good luck to you all getting this type of case. My Z10 & nexus 4 are both in TPU cases. Peace.

I have this case and really like it. The plastic bezel around the screen sometimes makes a side swipe in an app like Angry Birds tough as you have to get right in the corner of the screen and the plastic bezel, but that is rare I run into an app that I have that issue.

Regarding the kickstand cause the device to lay on the side with the charging port - I thought this way as well initially and then realized that if it was the other way then my volume keys would be down. So either your volume keys are on top and the ports on the table, or vice versa, but you can't have it both ways in landscape mode. Personally I would rather have the volume keys accessible for when I am watching a video or something like that as that is the primary reason I use landscape mode outside of typing (which I don't use a kickstand for).

So... I think the kick stand is facing the direction it needs to be, the case is pretty nice even with the slight bezel issue I noted above.

AND... I can't believe the Adam Zeis didn't even mention this but if in the future you need a more rugged case like if you are going biking or something like that, you don't have to throw this one away, you can "upgrade" it with more protection by using the Convert conversion:

I did take into consideration that the kickstand position allows for use of the volume buttons, and honestly, I haven't used the kickstand yet, and most of the time, I would probably not have my charger or have anything to plug it into when using the kickstand, maybe. It is a great case though.

Thanks for the tip about the Convert conversion! That's really cool, and would be great for those people that are both in the office and out in the field.

Wish lifeproof would make one for the Z10. Their iPhone case is great. But they say they have no plans to make one. :(. The Seidio case is great for moderate use. I recommend it. Had one for my 9930, and got one for my Z10.

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This case appears to be the same split design as the Seidio best buy brand case that I have been using for weeks now. I really like the case and the holster, but the case started to loosen after a few weeks of high use. The two halves would separate on occasion, not a fatal flaw, but irksome. I "fixed" it with three small yellow sticks stacked on top of each other and made into a strip .5x 1.5 " that I stuck to the back of the phone. This pushed the bottom half of the case out just enough to latch the 2 halves securely.

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Just got the amethyst Seidio Surface Metal Kickstand case

It fits great and the feel is very nice (I know, a guy that likes textures). Kickstart does not get in the way and provides a nice angle. I won't be watching long movies in landscape but so far it's handy for youtube clips. Not a lot of the apps (Music, LinkedIn, Neatly/Twitter) seem to work in landscape and those that do (BBM, Text Messages) don't leave much room once soft keyboard is up to do anything useful.

Regardless, I like the case and no buyers remorse yet.