The Seidio Surface Case and Holster make a great pair for the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2013 01:31 pm EDT

The Seidio Surface case for the Q10 is on par with its Z10 counterpart and for that reason I love it. It's just one of those cases that fits well, feels good and gets the job done. The two-piece design holds on strong with no worry of it coming off for any reason unless you need it to. Bundle it with the Seidio Surface Holster and you have yourself a great combo. 

The Seidio Surface case is a hard plastic shell that is very thin so you won't get much bulk, but at the same time you get a great deal of protection all around your Q10. The case keeps the corners, sides and back covered and there is a bit of a lip around the front so you can lay your device face down without hitting the screen. 

The ports, buttons and camera all are left uncovered for easy access. Due to the way the holster clip fits over the top of the case I'm not really a fan of the recessed lock button, but after a bit of use it was something I could easily overlook.

I love how strong this case holds on my Q10 and that it provides such solid protection with not a lot of bulk. It's super thin all around but even when just holding my Q10 I know that it will be safe from drops and the daily grind. 

The Seidio Surface Holster is an added bonus for this case as well. If you're a holster user then this is a sweet set, and you can even pick up both together to save some cash. 

Check out the video above for the full review.

Purchase the Seidio Surface Case for the BlackBerry Q10
Purchase the Seidio Surface Holster for the BlackBerry Q10

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The Seidio Surface Case and Holster make a great pair for the BlackBerry Q10


I've got the surface for the Z10. love Seidio's stuff (used to have an Active for my 9800).

It isn't cheap plastic like some out there, and grips really well.

Magnet I bet is a yes, as Seidio always does Built for BlackBerry.

Also, should be able to add the Convert Combo on top of the Surface Combo: two more protection layers that can go on top of the Surface Case (with the phone and all ports covered by soft rubber silicone skin, then a hard "Skeleton" on top if that) and it gives you a slightly larger holster with a much beefier belt clip that has a locking mechanism to hold the phone into the holster w/ very good security. Convert is great for construction, 1st responders, heavy outdoor use. Had that for my 9900 and now on my Z10. Sure the Q10 will have this too.

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Have the Seido for my Z10 and love it! Great quality, magnet, easy access, etc. After Otterbox, Roots, and then Incipio, Seido emerges as champion! Great to see it available for the Q10 as well!

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No idea why the holster for a naked device is still not available. You would think if they can make a case and holster for it that they would have the holster for a naked device too, but it still shows as "in development" on their website...

I have this case, The holster does have a sleep magnate and the case feels good. The volume keys a little hard to get to......

Seidio is working on a holster for the naked Q10... Its marked as coming soon on their website.

Hi there.

Was wandering around the Seidio website and saw they had a holster designed to hold a 'naked' Q10. Any idea if CB intends to review / endorse this product? This would fit many of my criteria - namely a holster that allowed my to show off the beauty of a naked Q10.

My only concern would be how secure the retention would be......thoughts?

I just got this in my mail from the crackberry store. Love how secure my Q10 feels in the hand and adds a certain weight to the phone.

Love the case so far. Cheers crackberry.

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How is the use of the keyboard on it? Any problems with the gesters or swiping up or down? Looks like there is a lip on the bottom that could change the way it feels. Thanks for any comments and please comment if you can.

Having used this case for two weeks now, I can say with absolute certainty that I dig it the most. Adds nearly no bulk to the phone and doesn't hinder the typing or gestures in the least. I really could not be happier with it.

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