Seidio Innocase Surface Case & Holster Reviewed!

Seidio Innocase Surface Case & Innocase Case Holster Reviewed!
By TLD1 on 27 Nov 2008 07:44 am EST

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I recently received a package from Seidio in Houston, TX containing both the new Innocase & matching holster for the BlackBerry 9000 Bold. I have personally used, tested and reviewed quite a few products from Seidio in the past and recognized their shipping methods: simple and efficient. Not much money is spent on fancy packaging and logos…which translates into no wasted money out of your pocket.

Innocase Surface Case
Seidio Innocase Surface Case

I immediately removed the Innocase from its packing envelope and within seconds, had my Bold completely incased between the two pieces of the case that snaps together easily and securely… just as I have experienced with their cases for my past Treo 680, iPhone and BlackBerry Curve. The case is absolutely the thinnest around, and adds no more than 1mm of bulk to an already large phone like the Bold. The case is covered by a rubberized paint that aids in securely gripping the phone while you use it. It is well shaped, and amazingly form fitting and well worth the purchase price for added protection, appearance, and "grippiness".

The only negative things that I found were that the case, no matter how thin and weightless it might be, seems to make the Bold "feel" thicker and heavier… which might be a turn off to some that think the Bold is too big and heavy as it is. Secondly, the Innocase is an absolute bear to take off!! The other cases like this I have used by Seidio in the past had a slight opening where a clip was not used that made for easy separation of the two pieces… but not so with the Bold Innocase. It requires a fingernail or knife blade to be inserted between the pieces to separate. Not the best method, but the only one that seems to work.

Overall though, a very successful product from a company that seems to be on the forefront of smartphone accessories. I would recommend it to anyone wanting the ultimate protection without adding bulk.

Innocase Cased Holster 

Innocase Case Holster

Seidio has been the most successful accessory manufacturer to offer custom easy-access holsters for smartphones, whether "naked" without any case, or incased in one of their form-fitting Innocase cases.

This holster for the cased BlackBerry Bold is another winner from Seidio. It's built from a sturdy, heavyweight plastic, and has both a very strong top clip to keep the Bold securely held in place while making it easy to retrieve, but a hefty belt-clip on the rear that fits a large array of belt widths and sizes and allows the holster to be racheted 360-degrees so it's accessible from any position favored by the user.

I happen to be in the car business, and am in and out of automobiles and trucks all day long. Many holsters have a tendency to spit a phone out of it's clip the first time it's bumped or raked against something… but not so with the Seidio product. It has taken quite a bit of abuse in the last few days of use, and I have yet to have my beloved BlackBerry drop to the ground because of a wimpy and poorly designed clip. This holster is a perfect fit and match for the Innocase Surface case, and I would recommend both products highly.

More Information & To Purchase

Both these products are available in the Shop CrackBerry Store and both are reasonably priced at $29.95 and give your Bold some nice protection.


Reader comments

Seidio Innocase Surface Case & Holster Reviewed!


I just received the case recently and I know in a few forum postings there was mention it didn't fit the Bold properly. Maybe they've fixed the issues, because mine fits perfectly.
I was also unsure of how the surface would feel. It's just 'rubbery' enough not to slide on a smooth surface, but not so much that you can't slide it in and out of a pocket without it gripping. Very happy with it so far.

I absolutely love this case! Mostly because of the sturdy belt clip.

In the past I have had terrible luck with flimsy belt clips and I have even had a few devices shatter on the asphalt or sidewalk due to cheaply designed belt clips. Because of this I have been very careful when picking out a case for my electronic devices. I even went through a brief stint when I refused to use anything with a belt clip.

This case has one of the snuggest fitting and sturdiest designed belt clips that I have seen. It has renewed my faith in the belt clip.

I like the protection that the surface case would offer, but I'm also thinking about getting a stand-in charger so I can simply place my Bold in it without plugging and unplugging the mini-USB cable. Will the Bold fit in the charger with the Innocase surface case on?

No...unfortunately, the Bold will not fit into the OEM charging pod with the Surface case installed...although I'm not sure about other aftermarket chargers.

if only they could make a case that would not feel rubbery. It would make putting in and taking the phone out of the pocket so much easier and more pleasant.

if anyone knows of such a case, feel free to let me know.

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I ordered this before I saw the review and it arrived today. Great review. The case fits well and seems like it will protect the Bold but the holster will take some getting used to to operate the spring latch with one hand. Overall I am happy with my purchase.

I got this case for my Curve after going through 3 Case-Mate holsters. I really liked the Case-Mate but the belt clip design was horrible and if you did not take it off before getting in the car the belt clip would breat. Out of the 3 holsters that I had 2 broke that way and one broke from my just trying to get it off my belt clip. The Seidio is great, not issues with it and I have had it for a month. Plus the case is a little slimmer than the Case-Mate one. All in all a good purchase and I would recomend it for anyone Blackberry device that you might have.

Are you kidding me? At least Case-Mate offers a leather case/holster combo pair that when combined cost only $49.99, and its LEATHER. Sorry, this is clearly a ripoff. Sorry Seidio, plastic should never cost this much.

great products, i have this combo for my bold, paid under $50.00 on ebay for it shipped and put it on, yea the cutouts for the shell could be slightly better and i wish the holster was rubberized like it was for the curve but overall its great, its saved my bold 2 times already! great product and i recommend it to all! hardly adds any bulk to the phone!