Seidio Innocase Rugged vs OtterBox Defender Series for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 - Round 2

By Adam Zeis on 19 May 2010 12:38 pm EDT

About a week back we posted up a video of the new Seidio Innocase Rugged for the Bold 9700. In the video I did a mini throwdown with an OtterBox Defender. Unfortunately all I had on hand was an old 8830 model, so it wasn't really a "true" comparison (as everyone let me know in the comments). So today we bring you round 2. I got my hands on a Defender series case for the Bold 9700, so here we have a true battle. The video runs a bit long since I covered both cases again, but it should give you a better idea of what's what when it comes to all-out protection for your 9700. In the end, I think that the OtterBox edges out the Rugged (but not by much) overall, but if you're planning on launching your device into the pavement, the Rugged may give you a better shot at survival.

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Seidio Innocase Rugged vs OtterBox Defender Series for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 - Round 2


i'm assuming this is for the crackberry case for Harry the HardHat working on the field. not for my pansy banker ass

Doesn't the defender have a separate keyboard cover? Mine does, you kinda have to wrap it around the phone, then put the case on, it isn't attached or anything.

I'm not a fan of the keyboard cover, but the Otterbox Defender DOES have a keyboard protector.

And does the Seidio one just have a flap for the camera? So everytime you want to use the camera you have to move the flap?

*edit* I hope this is okay, but I did a review of the commuter/defender cases for the 9700, and I showed the keyboard cover in mine, so here's the link.

Thanks for the review!

Yeah my otterbox defender for my 8330 has that wrap around screen/keyboard protector .The different models of blackberries have a litle different case, more so even with the newer berries that have the trackpad over the trackball too.

Yup my fault. It does have the keyboard cover in the package but I somehow missed it .. even though I knew it was there anyway. Maybe we need a Round 3 now and I can finally get this comaprison right :)

I'd have to go with the OtterBox Defender, the Rugged is just too "rugged", unless you're working on a construction site or something like where you and your things are always in a bit of danger.

c'mon.. seriously that seidio is a horrible design. the camera flap completely eliminates the ability to grab a quick snapshot. i really don't need a case that takes away one of my favorite features of the phone - being the great camera. it looks like garbage too. otterbox has figured out how to offer protection AND still be functional - thats good design. also, considering the amount of protection the defender offers its still rather sleek. BTW the otterbox does have a keyboard cover - i dont know what happened to yours ???

Hey Adam great side by side comparison, but I would like to caution everyone getting an Otterbox, especially with the design you showed. I have an Otterbox for my Storm2, actually I'm on my second one. The first one the clips on the side of the belt holster, one actually broke, and now on my second one the reverse happened the dimple where the clip goes somehow got chipped. In each situation, it renders the the case useless. Also as for it being in the clip itself, I have been in my car and had the seat belt hit it and it popped out and one time I almost lost it in the movie theater, because it got snagged and I didnt realize it until I got up and walked away. so now I use the case for the Storm2, but purchased the clip, for the Storm1 and filed the dimples inside the case down so that it fits inside without causing the case to ride up. I like the Otterbox cases, but I believe a drop in belt clip is better then these pop in/out ones.

I thought I was the only one that broke those little pieces on my storm2 defender case. I have used an otterbox on previous berries without an issue. I am glad that I'm not the only one...not glad you wasted money on 2 cases like I did.

Did you find the OtterBox case was wobbly coming out of the holster? I have the Defender for my Storm2 and switched back to my Seidio Innocase II because the Defender felt like it was coming apart every time it it came out of the holster.

You forget to mention keyboard cover for Otterbox, also forget mention one of the great features of Rugged.
One of the great features of Seidio rugged is that the case is "convertible", or 2-in-1. You can use the standalone innocase 360 without the outer shells for daily light to medium use and use everything for heavy duty when environment needs it.

In my house we have had an Otterbox for the 8300, 8900, Storm, and 9700. I never had any issues until the 9700. Within a month of having it the arm that holds the case in the holster cracked. The phone would just pop out anytime, and it was a little while before I realized the problem. Otterbox replaced the case at no charge to me. However within two months the 2nd holster did the exact same thing. Apparently the little arms just get too much pull on them to last very long.
I am currently on the hunt for the right case for me, in the mean time my 9700 is naked.

I have a 9700 eith the otterbox defender the only thing I don't like about it is the holster if u don't put it in exactly right or a piece of shirt get caught in between phone & holster the phone will pop out with out you knowing plus one of the retaining tab on the holster snapped off leaving the holster. In my opinion the otterbox cases are great, but their holsters are junk. I would like to know if one of the seido locking holsters will work withg my 9700 in its otterbox defender case

I have and love my otter box defender series for tour. took me some time to get use to the key pad cover but i still enjoy having it on there. i don't do a lot of heavy labor or tough work i just enjoy knowing that my $250 phone is protected. yes the case adds a little size and bulk to the phone but i like that, i have bigger hands and it allows me to hold on too the phone better.

Actually there is a keyboard cover with the OtterBox version for the 9700 I have it, but now it's only a Keyboard formed one that wraps around the back like three flaps ottom and one on each side not at all like the Seidio but still.

As others have reported I have experienced the same issue with the holster tabs breaking, thus causing the 9700 to fall onto the ground. Good thing the protection aspect of the case is decent in design or else my BB would be dead by now. Went through 4 replacement cases from Otterbox and have now given up. Went back to an OEM case from Blackberry.

Regarding the keypad protector on the Defender case vs. the Seidio... The Seidio is a flat panal protector where the Defender's protective skin is form fit around the individual keys! Not a big fan of the keypad protectors in general but a form fit one is always better!!

So I bought the Seidio rugged and couldn't even make it through 24 hrs with it on my phone. The key cover is so tight it requires a good bit of pressure to push a key. Because of the combination of tightness and pressure I find that multiple keys kept being engaged when pressing only one. I tried to get past this but it was way to frequent of a issue. Should've stuck to Otterbox. Used it with my 8130 without any issues. I may put the Rugged on my 9700 if going to the beach to keep sand out. Besides that it has a cozy spot in my night stand drawer.

Adam, have you tried to integrate the Innocase 360 with the Innocase Rugged in order to eliminate the screen cover on the keys, and utilize the silicone key covers as well? I know it seems a bit like overkill, but I would like to buy the Rugged case for the protection factor, and the 360 case for the preference of the key protection. It appears in both of your videos that Seidio made both hard cases about the same, but with differing key covers. Is there anyway you can check this out and let us know? I have to replace my 9700 with another, but if I can get a hold of Seidio to see if they would be willing to swap the inner shell of the Rugged with the 360, in order to avoid paying the extra $$$, I'd prefer to do that. If I can get any opinions or input from you it would be most helpful in trying to convince them to consider my request. Thanks for any help/input you might be able to provide.